February 23, 2012

Not a joiner

It looks like knitting on the Saroyan has stopped. 

You see, I came across a knot. I have spent over a week trying to join together the yarn so that I could continue knitting. So far nothing works.

Malabrigo Silky Merino is a single ply yarn so I am unable to use a braided join.

I tried a Russian join but could not get it to secure. It just slips apart. This yarn is like taking a cotton ball, pulling it apart, and then trying to stick a needle through the middle. Add in a bit of silk and you have quite a slippery combination. There really isn't a "center" in this yarn.

Knotting the yarn will be my next try but I am not too confident that it will work. Plus, there is the whole idea of having a knot right in the middle of my knitting.

I have never been so disappointed in a project before. Actually, I am not so much disappointed in the actual project but more disappointed in myself.  Mom's birthday is tomorrow and there is no way this will be done by then.

I can't be the only one that has had trouble with this yarn. People use it every day and I know the Russian join has worked great for them. I have watched every video and read every online tutorial I could find and I still cannot complete what is considered a simple join with this particular yarn.

So here I am.....whining. Big time!

I hope that as soon as I post this complaint, I will magically come up with a join that will work with this yarn. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?


February 14, 2012

I started something...

I know the plan is to FINISH things, but I just couldn't resist starting on a new yarny project. 

I have wanted to knit Saroyan for quite awhile. I figured since I bought myself some super awesome knitting needles, I needed to work on a super awesome pattern using super awesome yarn. Let me tell you, this pattern really is super awesome. I had no idea that I could make something as pretty as a leaf with just a simple decrease/increase stitch. I get giddy each time I see a new leaf form.

This one will be going to my Mom for her birthday, hopefully I can FINISH it in time.


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