December 29, 2011

The sock attempt

I really have enjoyed this past week. No classes, a 4-day Christmas weekend, and since the husband is off of work until next year, I don't have to spend time driving back and forth picking up and dropping off. It's days like this that I find myself thinking...

"Hey, I should totally knit a sock!"

Never having knit a sock before, I figured it couldn't be all that bad. I mean lots and lots of people knit socks. That means it's easy and fun, right?


Things I have learned so far about knitting a sock:

1) I have learned that I don't have enough fingers to use 4 needles and the fingers that I do have, hurt. Like, A lot.

2) Starting over from the beginning is not so bad, but only when you are 4-rows in.

3) Mistakes happen, learning how to hide them will keep me from having to repeat lesson #2. 

I really really really  hope I love knitting socks. 

Sock yarn is gorgeous. Have you seen this stuff? There are so many pretty yarn colors available, I just want to play with them all!

sock yarn

December 26, 2011

Brownie {ripple}

I am happy to say that the Brownie {ripple} has been completed and is now in the hands of Nephew 1.0. 

He really does like it and I think he appreciated it more than I thought he would. He told me he bought a girl some knitting needles in exchange for some fingerless gloves and he is now awaiting a scarf and a hat. I have a feeling that anything I make for him in the future will be gladly accepted.

As for the Brownie {ripple}........

I started with a chain of 171 using a 6.0 mm (J) hook. A smaller hook size would have been ideal but I couldn't find one in my stash at the time. With the larger hook, this blanket worked up pretty quickly and the drape of the entire blanket is really nice. If I ever make another ripple blanket though, I will probably go with a smaller hook size.

Hook size: 6.0 mm (J)
Chained: 171
Finished Measurements: 55 x 54 inches

And just in case you are on Ravelry and are interested in more details, here's the link:

Brownie {ripple}

December 14, 2011

I knit a hat

What's a person to do when they run out of yarn in the middle of a project? They start a new one, of course.

This past weekend, I ran out of yarn and had to put Brownie {ripple} on hold. I was just too comfy at home to go out and buy some more. 

The yarn was purchased a year before with the intention of making a hat or two, but instead found itself sitting in a bag in the closet. I searched online to find a pattern that used the yarn and needle size that I already had. Pressed play to watch Charmed on Netflix and a few episodes later.....Viola! A hat!

chunky knit beanie
Click to view larger sizze
Yarn: Lion Brand, Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, Grey Marble
Pattern: Chunky Knit Beanie (knit flat)
Needles: size US 13 circular

I cast on 44 stitches and then followed the steps for the large size pattern. I knitted 10 rows of garter before changing to stockinette and then knitted the entire piece for about 6 1/2 inches before starting the decrease rows. 

I knit the hat flat and seamed it up at the end. I totally learned how to do the mattress stitch and now know that there is nothing to fear from seaming. I actually kind of liked it, although I would still prefer not to have to do it.


December 9, 2011

Finally Friday

I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is Friday. This past week has been so exhausting.

At work, I began what I thought would be an easy peasy software conversion update. I started on Wednesday and had hoped to complete the conversion that same day. I had to run an error check on all entries from 2004 to 2010. I ended up with 8592 errors that needed fixing before any converting could be done. I am fixing errors that people made that worked there before I did. Some are really dumb, others are because of new fields that the software program created in 2010. Some entries require just a zero to be entered into an empty field. Others are much more involved. Needless to say, I still have not run the conversion.

Every night this week, I have barely been able to keep my eyes open. Last night was the worst. I even fell asleep while crocheting. Like right in the middle of a stitch. That has never happened before.

Speaking of crocheting.....Brownie is almost finished "cooking". Only a couple of rows left to go.

Isn't it pretty?


ripples up close

December 4, 2011

Meet Brownie {ripple}

I think it's about time you all met Brownie. 

I started working on Brownie back in September, but had to put him aside in order to concentrate more on studying for my final exam (I think I may have mentioned something about said final exam, maybe once or twice). Now that all that stressful study time is over and done with (at least for now), I can finally get back to spending my evenings on something much more creative and fun. This really is good thing since I do plan on giving Brownie as a Christmas present. 

So, here we go again, the pressure is on and the countdown begins. 20 days and counting.....

Brownie {ripple}

December 3, 2011


Do you know what happens when you poke a praying mantis with a stick? Well now you do.

This picture isn't mine, but I would have totally taken a picture of my own if the thing hadn't scared the heck out of me!

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