June 27, 2012

Index card a day Nos. 14 and 15

I have to say, I really do like this project. I may not finish an index card every day but I am doing my best to at least work on a card a day. But then once the cards are finished, I have to find the time to share them. Which means some things around here are not getting done.....like the dishes.

Index card No. 14

Here we have a few doodles inside some squares.

Doodling inside shapes is kind of new to me. I usually just fill up the entire page of what ever piece of paper I happen to be using. I think that is probably why I don't usually completely finish said doodles.

Index card a day No. 14

Index card No. 15

My markers sure are getting a work out with this project and this card is no exception. I keep expecting the ink to run out, but they just keep going.

For this card I drew some circles and filled them in with markers. I also used a marker to color in the background and then outlined the circles with a white Signo pen.

Index card a day No. 15

June 26, 2012

Of plants and flowers


Remember my plant?

Well here it is  4 months later and it's still alive.

Let me repeat that......the plant is still alive!

Not only is it still alive but it appears to be growing some flowers. See.....

Of plants and flowers

Speaking of plants and flowers....

How do you like this beauty?

The husband and I went out to shop for doors and came home with this gorgeous thing. Please say hi to our new addition. I pray it lives at least as long as the other.

blue rose

June 25, 2012

Index card a day No. 13

Okay here's the thing.

As this project progresses, it seems to take me longer than a day to create a card.

And not only that but it takes me even longer to post it online.

So now because of this I have ended up with multiple cards in various stages of completion. I start working on one, change my mind or maybe I have to wait for it to dry and so I move onto another.

Here's hoping that it doesn't take me almost 2 years (like my last project) to upload and post all my finished index cards online.

For example, I made this card back on June 17 (9 days ago). How is that for timely...

Index card a day No. 13

June 20, 2012

Index card a day Nos. 11 and 12

I have been playing with markers.

Markers are quick and easy for those days when my brain cannot function with much more. I wonder how well my brain will function once I start my next (and final) online course. Keeping my fingers crossed that the creativity (and index cards) will continue.

Index card No. 11

Index card a day No. 11
Supplies: markers, Prismacolor pencil

Index card No. 12

Index card a day No. 12
Supplies: markers

June 18, 2012

Index card a day Nos. 9 and 10

Just a quickie index card post for today.

Index card No. 9

Black and white.

Index card a day No. 9
Supplies: Zig writer

Index card No. 10

Shades of orange. Playing with crayons, again

Index card a day No. 10
Supplies: crayons

June 17, 2012

Index card a day No. 8

Wow! The response to my index card No. 7 is just overwhelming.

Thank you all so very much!

For my next index card I went with one of the optional prompts given for week 2:   Alphabet stamps.

Apparently, if you hoard crafting supplies, say for instance like....acrylic alphabet stamps and you never use them, they do become permanently adhered to the backing sheet.

I tried to emboss the letters but the embossing turned out grey instead of black. I guess that's what happens when one uses 15+ year old supplies. So, I went over the embossed letters with a black Zig writer, re-embossed and called it done.

Index card a day No. 8
Acrylic glaze, stamps, ink, embossing powder & Zig marker

June 13, 2012

Index card a day No. 7

It's 6 days into week 2 of the ICAD challenge and I finally took a photo of last Saturday's index card. Go me!

This was the perfect index card to work on while getting sucked into watching Sons of Anarchy.

I grabbed some Basic Grey patterned paper, punched some circles, inked the edges and glued them down. A very detailed card for actually very little work.

I have to say this is one of my favorite cards so far.

Index card a day No. 7
Supplies: scrapbook paper & black ink

June 12, 2012

Just an old doodle for you today

doodle 2009

There is a good chance I may have expended my creativity.

I think I may have done too much too soon, what with the creating of all those index cards or maybe it was the 5 days of blogging last week that did me in.

I do have an index card to share but it takes about an hour for my computer to acknowledge my camera (something about Vista64 and Canon not being compatible), so downloading photos is not as much fun as it used to be. So, in other words I have pretty much been procrastinating on the whole picture taking thing.

I don't think it has anything to do with the Sons of Anarchy television series that I got hooked on this past weekend. Yeah, I don't think it has anything to do with that at all.

June 9, 2012

Index card a day Nos. 5 and 6

My next two index cards are all about the crayons.

I decided to play with the neon/fluorescent colors first. When I was younger, I recall there only being one or two of these colors. Not so much the case now.

I found the neon/fluorescent crayons were quite waxy with very little color no matter how hard I pressed. Have the neon/fluorescent crayons always been this way? I seem to think maybe they were and maybe this is why they never lasted as long as the other crayons.

After I got my coloring on, I set the crayon with heat so that I could draw on it with a marker. Using heat melts the wax and only leaves the color behind on the paper. Makes it much easier to work with.

Tell me....How can you NOT love the crayons?

Index card a day No. 5
Supplies: crayons, Zig writer

Index card a day No. 6
Supplies: crayons, black ink, Stickles

June 7, 2012

Index card a day No. 4

The goal was to make a quick and easy card.

Easy meant choosing from the list of weekly prompts, I chose Dictionary.

Then I looked through my stash of dusty patterned paper for something that kind of looked like I could have made it myself, a short-cut if you will. Easy-peasy.

But, this short-cut wasn't very quick, it ended up taking a bit longer than I thought it would. Unlike paint, glue takes awhile dry. I always seem to forget that. Of course, working on it in between dinner and such didn't help, as that kind of stretches out the time a bit.

Things I learned while making this card:

  • It takes time for glue to dry.
  • Stamp pads will dry out and do not last forever....or even 15-years apparently.

Index card a day No. 4
Supplies: Patterned paper,  Black ink, Prismacolor pencil

June 6, 2012

Index card a day No. 3

I started working on this card way too late last night. I didn't want to spend too much time working on it so I kind of just sort of jumped in with the doodling.

I have to say, I really hated this card the entire time I worked on it. It was one big hot mess. I was not happy with the way it was turning out at all. That is until I added the glitter. Now I have to say, I love it! All the stuff I hated about it disappeared. Who knew that glitter fixes everything?

Index card a day No. 3
Supplies: Black Zig Writer, glitter

June 5, 2012

Index card a day No. 2

Another day, another index card. I can't believe I made a card, two days in a row.

I worked with yellow on my first index card and I knew I wanted to use the color blue for my second. I decided to use one of the weekly prompts, Fish. Thing is, I had nothing Fish related that I could use to quickly throw this card together.

So, I decided to draw something. The problem with that is I have no drawing ability what so ever. None. Drawing is TOTALLY way out of my comfort zone.

That is until I came across this:

 How to Draw a Goldfish in 4 easy steps.

And I did it! I drew a Fish!

I really impressed myself with how this Fish turned out and if you knew just how badly I really drew, you would be impressed too. It even got the "thumbs up" from the super talented artistic husband who can draw anything at the drop of a hat. Now that, totally made my day.

Index card a day No. 2
Supplies: Acrylic paint, white Signo pen, rub-ons, glitter and liquid pearls.

June 3, 2012

Index card a day No. 1

 I did something. I started another project.

As if I needed something else to add to my plate, right? What with scrapping (yeah, I scrap, really, I do), editing photos (I'll get right on those 2010 project photos, I promise), and playing with yarn (Saroyan anyone?). The last thing I need is another project.

But wait, this one is fun. Not that my other projects aren't fun. But this one lets me get all creative and stuff. It's a crafty type of challenge and one that I really think will be good for me.

Also, I figured since I already had a bajillion index cards, I might as well put them to good use. Plus, it's something that will let me play with all the goodies I have collected over the years. And so what if I am a couple of days late getting started. I can start right now and still have a great collection by the end of the challenge.

So what is this project you ask?

Well it's an Index card a day challenge.

What's that? Oh, it's where I get to decorate an index card in anyway that I wish. One index card, every day for the next 2 months.

Sounds like fun, right?

I came across the challenge over at The Daisy Yellow blog. All the info on the challenge is there. There are even weekly prompts if you need some help getting started.

That's what did me in, the weekly prompts.

I hadn't yet decided if I wanted to jump in and start the project, until I read one of the prompts......


That one little word is what did it. I got to thinking how I have yellow paint that has been sitting in a drawer (for years) waiting to be used for the first time. I could definitely create something yellow. So, I did.

Index card a day No. 1

It's not perfect, but it was fun.

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