April 16, 2012

taxes. are. done.


Tonight I finished filling out our tax return. I know, not very timely of me, but they aren't due until tomorrow and I did need to buy printer ink in order to print them out. Oh, and stamps. I needed to buy stamps.

April 11, 2012

taxes smaxes

taxes smaxes

Can you guess what I'm doing tonight?

Yes, that's right, the time has come to do my taxes.

I'm even doing them early this year, 6 days BEFORE they are due. Hey, that's actually pretty good for me.

Well....that is if I can actually get them done. I have had more errors than ever with my tax program this year. Not the actual tax part but the being able to actually use the software part.

It is a bit frustrating since I decided to work on the taxes instead of working on my online course, which by the way, only has 19 days left until the final exam.

Seriously, I have no idea how I am going to get all of this done. So here I am doing the next best thing, blogging about how I am not getting anything done. Isn't that what everybody else does?

April 2, 2012

still alive

I'm still here.

I have been busy trying to finish up my current online class. And just like last time, panic is starting to set in.

I have 28 days left until I take my final and in the midst of all this studying, I also need to get my taxes done.

You know what else is alive? 

Yep, that's right folks! It's been 6 weeks and I have yet to replant/transfer it to a larger pot and still the plant lives. This is a personal record for me.

I found out from a friend that the plant is some sort of Nautilocalyx sp and if this is true then flowers may be in its future. I really really hope there are flowers in its future.

 green leaves of awesome

plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy

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