June 25, 2013

icad 2013 :: index card no. 8

I really do love the Tim Holtz distress inks. Have you tried them?

I don't know why I never tried them when they first came out years ago. The last couple of years I had thought about trying them but never felt the NEED to have them. Thank goodness for the ICAD challenge. If it hadn't been for last year's challenge, I probably would just still be thinking about them and wouldn't have tried them as soon as I did. That is the only thing about this challenge, there are just too many things that I NEED to have.

Supplies: distress ink, stamps, rub-ons

June 24, 2013

icad 2013 :: index card no. 7

Index card no. 7 is just a plain old school doodle. No tangles here.

Supplies: marker, black Zig Writer

June 20, 2013

icad 2013 :: index card no. 6

I have been so anti-creativity for the past couple of weeks. I have no idea why. I haven't even turned on the computer since my last blog post 9-days ago. I have seriously felt like a bump on a log.

I can't believe it is already the 3rd week of June and also the 3rd week of the index-card-a-day challenge. I am still in the middle of sharing my index cards from week one. Actually, this sounds like the norm for me. I am always so late to the uploading and sharing party.

Supplies: distress ink

June 11, 2013

icad 2013 :: index card no. 5

Index card no. 5 is just a simple card using pen and ink. There really isn't much more to this card than that.

Supplies: pen and ink

June 10, 2013

icad 2013 :: index card nos. 3 and 4

Here it is day 10 of the index-card-a-day project and I still love it.

I can't believe that it is already day 10 and I have only posted my first 2 index cards. I figure it is about time that I get busy and share some more of them. These little guys are starting to pile up around here.

For these next 2 index cards I decided to use the ICAD weekly prompts over at Daisy Yellow.

When I used gesso to make index card no. 2, I ended up pouring out way too much. So that meant lots of blank index cards got prepped with the left over gesso. Here are 2 of them. I have to say I like the different results that I got from using gesso.

index card no. 3


I used markers to color in the stripes on this index card. Usually the index card just soaks up the marker but using the gesso really helped the colors to pop. This card is sparkly too. When it was finished I spritzed it with some glimmer mist. You can't see it in the photo but it's there.

icad 2013 :: card no. 3
Supplies: gesso, markers, acrylic paint, glimmer mist

index card no. 4


It was like this prompt was special made just for me. Since the meaning of my name is Crown, I just knew that I had to use it.

icad 2013 :: card no. 4
Supplies: gesso, distress ink, black Zig marker, glitter glue, rub-ons

June 9, 2013


Melting... it is now day 400 of over 100 degree temperatures with no end in sight. Actually, I think it is more like 10 days in a row, but it feels like it has been 400 days. It looks like this summer is going to be super hot and it is just getting started. Driving around town in my car with the broken A/C is definitely not going to be fun.

Watching... Games of Thrones. Tonight is the season finale and I cannot wait! Then next week it will be all about True Blood.

Listening... to 30 Seconds to Mars new album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS. On repeat and often. It helps that work has been strictly medical record review so there has been lots of music listening of late.

Creating... on index cards. It is now 9 days into this project and I still love it. So far I have managed to be creative on an index card every single day. I decided that this year I wasn't going to worry about taking pictures immediately and I think that has helped me not to be stressed about the whole thing. Plus, it takes over an hour for my computer to recognize my camera and download photos. So there's that. Thanks Canon. 


June 4, 2013

icad 2013 :: index card no. 2

Here it is day 4 of the ICAD index-card-a-day challenge and I am still having fun making them. Well, that is once I finally figure out what I want to do with the card. I have been working on my cards late at night and after working a full day my creativity is a little off.

I finished this card back on day 2 (June 2nd) of the challenge but am just now able to share it.

For such a simple card it was really hard to take a picture of it. I really wanted to show the sparkly of the glitter but then the texture got lost, but then when I tried to show the texture, the sparkly was gone.

This card was all about playing with gesso. I have very limited experience with using gesso and I am looking forward to experimenting more with it.

On this card I used red distress ink to cover the blank index card and then covered the entire card with gesso. I used a stamp to make the circles and then used Stickles glitter to define the circles. In real life the glitter circles are aqua and very very sparkly. 

icad 2013 :: index card no. 2 (closeup)

icad 2013 :: index card no. 2
Supplies: gesso, distress ink, Stickles glitter

June 2, 2013

icad 2013 :: index card no. 1

It's been so long since I have done anything crafty or creative.

Way too long.

I don't know why but I have been in such a funky blah mood lately that I have not found the energy to do anything.

So, with my first index card I decided to start off small and go simple. I decided to do something familiar. Since it has been a little while since my last doodle, I figured I would start there.

One card down, only 60 left to go!

icad 2013 :: index card no. 1
Supplies: marker & black Zig Writer

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