June 9, 2013


Melting... it is now day 400 of over 100 degree temperatures with no end in sight. Actually, I think it is more like 10 days in a row, but it feels like it has been 400 days. It looks like this summer is going to be super hot and it is just getting started. Driving around town in my car with the broken A/C is definitely not going to be fun.

Watching... Games of Thrones. Tonight is the season finale and I cannot wait! Then next week it will be all about True Blood.

Listening... to 30 Seconds to Mars new album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS. On repeat and often. It helps that work has been strictly medical record review so there has been lots of music listening of late.

Creating... on index cards. It is now 9 days into this project and I still love it. So far I have managed to be creative on an index card every single day. I decided that this year I wasn't going to worry about taking pictures immediately and I think that has helped me not to be stressed about the whole thing. Plus, it takes over an hour for my computer to recognize my camera and download photos. So there's that. Thanks Canon. 



  1. Stefani - where do you live, it looks like Arizona. I am headed there in a few months, right in the hottest part of summer. did I make a bad choice?

    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes.com

  2. Hi Rhonda, Yes, I am in Arizona. It is hot here depending on when you come and where you go. The northern part of the state, where the Grand Canyon is has nice cooler weather. The further south you go (like Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma) is where the heat is. However, even though it may be hot but we do have awesome monsoons during the summer.

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