May 25, 2010

My little bluebird of happiness

While looking thru last year's 365 Days project (the photos I have yet to upload) I found that right around this same time of year (last time) I just happened to take a photo of the same exact thing.

This candle.

I have found quite a few things that I am taking photos of this year that I already took photos of last year. I guess I need to have more interesting things going on in my life so that I can take pictures of different things.

So back to the candle. I bought it many years ago at Bath & Body Works (back when they sold candles). I have yet to use it. It smells like yummy vanilla. I am sure it won't smell that way once I light it. There is just something about it that makes me smile when I see it.

Lots happening around here. I was just chosen for a 4-month jury duty stint. Just one more thing to add to my ever growing list of obstacles that will keep me from getting caught up on my 365 Days project.

March 19, 2010: My little bluebird of happiness

May 6, 2010

Introducing Herman

The baby blanket I was crocheting for my co-worker is finally complete and has made its way to its new home. It ended up being so soft and comfy. I hope the little one likes it.

March 12, 2010: Introducing Herman

If you are curious, all info on the pattern, yarn, etc are posted at Ravelry

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