March 31, 2006

The week is over

It's about freaking time!

I am so happy it is Friday.

I have so many things that are on my plate for this weekend and sadly they all involve NOT leaving the house. My to-do list just seems to be growing and growing. I just hope that I actually accomplish at least something on my list.

Can you tell by the picture the ONE thing that I hope to get accomplished this week? Well that is one thing other than the cleaning of the entire house and our taxes? Yep! I really do hope to get some scrapbooking done. I need to get out of this funk and just scrap tons. I need to stop worrying about what others will think of my pages because although I tell myself that I don’t worry about it, deep down inside I know that I do. I think that is what stops me from being creative at times.

I know exactly what I want to do this weekend but I think the hardest part is deciding what to start with first. I almost don’t even want to go home as that means I have to start on my list.

I think the first thing I will do is stop by Target on the way home. My list of stuff that we cannot live without is growing. I think I won’t tell B I am going though because for some reason lately he has been getting upset with me whenever I go to Target. Sheesh! Can’t a girl get some Target time? It is not like I spend any money on stuff other than toilet paper, cat food and sometimes something scrapbooky. He acts like I am having an affair with the darn store or something. Men! Typical.

Well my work day is over. Target, baby! Here I come!!!!


I am bored. Someone please talk to me.

March 30, 2006

Sometimes I am a raccoon

So far today has been a good day. Of course it is early so anything can happen to change that.

I am wearing my contacts today so that means that I probably will not get that much work done. For some reason I cannot concentrate when I am wearing them. It is harder to read the screen but I think that my glasses hold some of my brain. ;-) I get distracted very easily when wearing my contacts. Most of my time is spent cleaning up the raccoon eyes.

Yep. I am now the lucky wearer of raccoon eyes. I used to wear Mary Kay Flawless mascara which was smudge proof. Since all the mascaras have been redone I decided to try the waterproof since they no longer had the smudge proof. Well let me tell you….I. hate. it! It is clumpy and definitely NOT waterproof. Did I mention I. hate. it? I have raccoon eyes right after applying. I keep looking in the mirror all day and that is so NOT me. This mascara thing is making me look very vain. I usually put the stuff on in the morning and then when I am ready to go to bed I wash it off (if there is any left). Also, why is it I always seem to wear more makeup than usual when I do wear my contacts? Is it because I can actually see my face? I sure do end up touching my face a lot more when I wear them though.

So last night after LOST (boy was that a weird episode or what – it sure makes you think) we watched “Flightplan” with Jodie Foster. B kept griping at the screen that she was a psycho. I kind of figured out what was happening from pretty much the beginning. I still liked the movie though.

Here is something weird. I just called home to check on B who had to go to Urgent Care today. The phone picked up after one ring but no one said anything. I could hear the TV in the background but very lightly which is weird as the phone is downstairs with the TV. I just stayed on the line and then it just went to static. Now when I call it is busy. Should I worry?

Update: Well I don't know if this just creeps me out or what. By the way DH is fine. But when I called him he was still at urgent care and not at home. So what freaks me out is.....who answered the phone?

March 29, 2006

Do I really need PINK shoes?

I finally returned the tennis shoes I bought back in December or January or February (whenever it was I bought them - I can't remember). But as is typical Stefani fashion I waited until the last possible day to return them. The receipt said March 28th and that is when I took them back. Yep. That’s me. Little Ms. Procrastinator. I don’t think I will ever change.

Since I had used a gift certificate to purchase the shoes they did not give me any money back so I HAD to find another pair to purchase while I was there. Do they not make cross-trainers anymore? Has it really been that long since I have been shopping for tennis shoes? I bought running shoes (which is what I had planned) but since I may be joining a gym soon (GASP!) I was thinking that cross-trainers would be good.

I fell in love while looking for tennis shoes. With shoes that is. PINK shoes. I found some pink/silver Nikes that I just needed to bring home with me. I tried them on and they felt oh so nice but sadly…they had to stay at the store.

I found this pair (no pink anywhere on the darn things - but they do have purple) that had a bit more stability. Considering I am famous for tripping over my own feet I need all the stability I can get! So this is what I came home with cause I really don't want to be falling down no matter how cute my shoes are. Well I think the shoes in that picture is what I bought. I cannot remember now. LOL! I guess these are Trail Running Shoes. Go figure. The box did not say this. Interesting stuff you find while searching on the Internet. Plus with these I am not really limited in what I can wear with them. I just hope they fit with my regular socks as I was not prepared to shop for tennis shoes last night and was wearing thinner socks. I have a feeling that the shoes may end up being too small as they were a perfect fit in the store.

SIGH…I sure did LOVE those pink shoes. I am almost tempted to go back and get them as I cannot find them any where online and I bet once they are gone they will not return (I can always buy inserts right?)…..but sadly, I don’t have an extra $50.00 sitting around. Plus does a girl really need two pairs of pink shoes? I mean I already have these. Not completely pink but just enough. Do you likey? I guess it is good to start off slowly in the pink shoe department. I mean I would not want to go overboard and end up with a closet full of shoes I will not wear. I am not used to the colored shoe conspiracy as all my shoes are black!

LO: Papa's Girl

This is my most recently finished layout and I am actually using products that JUST came out! Am I with it or what??? I did not really think I would like the new BG "Oh Baby" line but I find that I am LOVING it! Now if I can just stop myself from buying it all.

Supplies used:

Patterned Paper - Basic Grey "Oh Baby - Girl"
Ric Rak, brads, eyelet letters that I painted - Making Memories
Heidi Swapp chipboard letters that I painted
Prima flowers
Colorbok - creamy brown fluid ink chalk

Thanks for looking.

LO: Like Father, Like Son

Here is another layout I did in January. Thanks for looking.

Supplies used:

Patterned Paper - Provo Craft Slab
I painted the chipboard tags (Making Memories) and used rub-on letters and brads
ric-rak (brown ric-rak is my all time favorite)
The title is a sticker.

March 28, 2006

That’s Donate!

Well nothing much has changed since my last post. I stayed home yesterday due to a sinus headache that I woke up with on Sunday. I am so done with these sinus headaches. Can they please just go away now?

On Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of watching my best friend from college on the television. I was so excited! I finally got to see her little girls and their personalities just shined thru. I so love these little girls that I have never met except thru photos and small videos. Even B watched the taped copy and cannot wait to meet everyone. So I think a trip to Chicago is in our future. Did you hear that Marya? Marya? Do you read my blog? Hmmm maybe I should share the link. LOL!

We had dinner on Sunday night with B’s co-workers. It was nice but the conversation was basically taken over by one girl the entire night and it was mostly about her drinking & party-ing & such. But the dinner was free and we still had a nice time.

We got home in time for B to watch Desperate Housewives. I swear! That man enjoys the show way much more than I do!

March 24, 2006

Guess what I did last night

No! Not that. Now get your mind out of the gutter.

What's this? A layout? And an almost completed one at that. In fact everything is already stuck down on the page (that is a big thing for me to do when I don't have all the elements). I just need to add some journaling on the bottom left and then it will be all finished. It has been forever since I have had a layout where journaling was needed. Oh and can you see???? Look at the paper I used! I finally used my Blitzen! Good times. Good times.

LOL! I guess I must have talked about this paper alot. A co-worker just saw this picture and said 'YAY! You finally used that paper!'

March 23, 2006

I like punk and I wear pink

Last night I got my copy of the My Chemical Romance DVD “Life on the Murder Scene” in the mail. Yep. I am a geek. I pre-ordered the thing. B saw the box but did not ask me what it was (that is a good thing as it bugs him that I like this band). I watched one of the disks last night while B was asleep. Well I guess B looked in the box this morning cause the disk was sitting out on the table when I walked downstairs. Of course he asked me why I would buy such a thing. I said "Honey, it is porn." He did not look amused. LOL! I am sure I will hear about it later tonight when he gets home or when I get home. I think he is jealous. I made some comment that included the word ‘cute’ in the past and he has never forgotten it. It is all about the music though. The main guitar player is awesome! I am loving "Desert Song" (it has become a new favorite) and I am glad to finally own a copy of "Bury Me in Black". However, the live songs are definitely NOT work safe (not that I expected them to be) and so my co-workers will have to do without. I am looking forward to the new album that will be made this year.

Speaking of getting home at different times. If you have been reading my blog lately you would know that the Devil car has been out of commission for about 2 weeks now. Finally yesterday B checked out the battery and determined that it needed to be looked at. I called a tow truck to get the car to the garage. Here is where the cool part comes in. B tells me that the tow truck driver fiddled with a few things and now that car is working! I love it! That tow truck driver was awesome! So now we are back to being a 2-car family and I love it!

I am not up to par today and was debating about staying home. I decided that it would be boring to be miserable at home so I came in to work to be miserable with friends (plus I need to update my iPod). See if I did not have my own car to drive I would not have been able to do that. I am so excited about being able to work my own schedule again and not B’s schedule. I am NOT so excited that I will have to drive the Devil car tomorrow and not the nice cool Honda car.

March 21, 2006

Too funny

I am so there when this film comes out. The promos have me rolling on the floor. I bet B would even like it. I got the link from a popular scrapping website and I have to say I do not see why people are taking this so seriously that they are offended. Maybe because it is done from a man's point of view?

Watch the promos and tell me what you think.

"Scrapped" the movie

March 19, 2006

I feel icky

One of the prescriptions I got when I was sick a couple of weeks ago was Flonase. This was to help with the sinus infection. Since this past year, I have been having tons of sinus headaches I was happy to get the RX thinking it would help. Well…..I really don’t think that it has. In fact, I seem to have had more sinus headaches since I have started using it. Before this prescription, I would get probably one sinus headache a month. Now I have been getting them every weekend and a couple on the weekdays. I have all these plans for my days off (weekend) and each day I have woken up with a sinus headache. Let me tell you I am definitely not in the mood to do anything. I don't want to cook, clean the kitchen, do laundry (which needed to be done weeks ago) or even scrap. It makes me grumpy too and I don’t like that. Since I am taking the Flonase, I am worried to take any other type of medication.

Since I am new to the whole sinus headache thing, I will ask all of you. What helps with your sinus headache? How do you cope?

Hmmm….now this headache seems to be turning into a regular (not sinus headache) as it is spreading all over my head. Ouch! my head hurts.

March 18, 2006

Where did the time go?

I totally missed posting on St. Patrick's Day. I had planned to post but got so busy with work and then I got to leave work early so Blog writing just was put to the side.

On Friday, we had another "motivational activity" (you know the thing I said I would never do?). Well the activity was to search for shamrocks that were placed all over the building (well around our area). The person with the most shamrocks wins. Well…..I won! I even found the 'special' shamrock so I got both prizes. I won the "Pot of Gold" box of candy and a cute little hopping bunny that I hope will drive the kitties crazy. Don't I look like the happy winner? I saved the candy to open here at home to share with B. I think there are 2 candies left. He actually ate more pieces than I did. I cannot believe he ate my prize!

Today is my nephew's birthday. He turned 14 today. He was home sick so I did not get to see him. I feel so old when I think of him now being 14 and starting high school in the fall. They sure do grow up fast!

I have been on the go all day today. First thing I had to do was drive B to work. Then I met my Mom at the bank to sign some papers. Then it was off to get ready for my cousin's baby shower. It was a really nice shower. I am surprised that I did not take more pictures than I did. At least I do have some that I can scrap.

At the shower, there was only one game that we played. I have heard of it before but never played it myself. You take newborn diapers and melt half a chocolate bar inside. Then you have the guests guess what kind of candy bar it was. There were 7 diapers total. The person that got the most right won a prize. Well….I was that person. I was excited to win but then I found out that I got ALL 7 of them correct and I was the ONLY one to get them all correct! Sheesh! I feel like a pig now. To get all of them right is kind of embarrassing. I don't even know if I should tell B. LOL!

So I guess….So far it has been my lucky weekend. Now I wonder what I will win tomorrow.

My cousin got a little scrapbook and some stickers/papers from her nephew as a gift. I thought that was pretty cool. I hope she will scrap with me now. I think it is funny as my cousin (that bought the gift) says he called the store on Friday night at 10:30 to find out that they were still open so they went shopping. He was just shocked that ladies scrapped until midnight on Friday nights.

After the shower, I stopped by the scrapbook store since it was not even a block away. This is the store where the Scrappay Divas get together and crop. I have not really been impressed with the store lately. That did not stop me from buying $16 worth of paper though. I bought some cardstock and some icky Chatterbox. I say icky because I LOVE Chatterbox but can never figured out how to use it. I even went out of my comfort zone and only bought one sheet of each instead of my normal 2 sheets.

Okay….now a gripe. A gripe about the idiots that work at Sonic. I love Sonic but I don't think I will go there anymore. I stopped to buy a soda. I am used to having to wait at least 15 minutes at this Sonic. It was no different today. Instead of just a soda, I decided since I was hungry that I would get a combo. Now in my experience when you order a combo that means you get a sandwich, a side and a drink. This was the info that was posted on the menu too. I guess no one told the people that actually work at Sonic this. I ordered a #4 combo and told them what I wanted to drink (this after waiting over 5 min). The total the kid told me was a lot less than what was on the menu. So when I got to the window and I asked him, "the price does not sound right. You got my order for a combo right?" He says "yes". I told him the price he quoted me was too little for a sandwich, tater tots and a soda. His answer "you wanted tater tots"? I told him "Don't a combo come with fries?" Hi answer, " Yes but you did not tell me you wanted fries". Now please tell me if I am wrong but if the menu says it comes with fries do I really need to confirm that I want fries? I talked to the manager and he did not get it. They are all idiots. So I did not get any Sonic. I just drove away. I wasted too much time waiting.

Another gripe? Stupid Blogger photo upload. All week I have been trying to upload and it won't work. Today I only got to upload the one photo. So please pretend this post has a pretty picture from the shower and one of the diaper game because Blogger sucks all the fun out of posting (I have tried for 5 hours to post photos - I give up!)

As for tonight, I think we will watch 40-Year-Old Virgin as it FINALLY came from Netflix today. We only had to wait a few months but it is finally here. It better be darn good too!!

So what did you do today?

March 16, 2006

Thursday Thursday

I sure wish it were Friday Friday.

Today has been a weird day. Got up and rushed to get ready for work. Since I have to drop B off at a certain time we have to leave at a certain time. I CANNOT wait until we are back to 2 cars so I can leave for work when I want. So I dropped him off and then headed myself to my job. I was here about 1 ½ hours when I had my first meeting. That meeting lasted a little over 30 minutes. Not too bad. Then I got to work for 30 minutes until my next meeting. That one last 2 ½ hours! At least lunch was provided and from my favorite sandwich place too so I cannot complain. B got off of work at 3pm so at 2:30 I had to leave to pick him up. Since I have been working B’s schedule and not my schedule I have to make up my missing hours somehow. A lot of my hours are wasted driving back and forth. So I picked up B and drove him to the darn comic book store (oh yay! – yes that is a sarcastic yay!) and then to the store to get him a beer. Then I dropped him off at home and headed back to work where I am right now. Talk about getting nothing done today. I sure hope that the 2 hours or so that I am here tonight I get a bunch of stuff done. Especially since I found out that tomorrow I will be busy with yet another meeting and then doing different work that is for that meeting. Since I am not allowed overtime right now I am trying not to stress about getting behind.

March 15, 2006

Wednesday Wednesday

Today I had planned to get back on Program and watch what I ate. Want to know how long that lasted? Not even to my first meal. I am such a schmuck. I brought my oatmeal and my diet soda and my Lean Cuisine. I got to work and even before I logged in my co-workers wanted to head to Circle K. No problem. I can do that. So we took a walk to the store and that is where all Hell broke loose. I ended up with a hot dog (nothing on it), a super large diet coke and a couple of candies. Then after kicking myself another co-worker brought me some carrot cake (cause it is another co-workers birthday). This cake is huge! It is 3 layers. Am I eating it? You bet your buns I am eating it. It should take me all day though since I am not a big cake eater. I usually can turn down cake but when said cake has cream cheese frosting I seem to have problems. It is the frosting I love.

Last night I watched the Amazing Race. I so love this show. It is the only reality show that I watch. It looks like we may end up with some characters this season. I still don’t have a favorite to win though although there are a few that are already getting on my nerves. While watching the show I knitted a few rows on my shrug. I think maybe that is why my hand is killing me today.

Today will be my long day. I had B drop me off since it is his day off and we are still down to one car. He will be back at 6:30 pm. I sure do hope I can last that long.

Oh my gosh! Here is a funny. We got a return package from a customer today. She included her receipt. On the receipt were 2 purchases of Clortimazole. I don’t know what the heck this stuff is and neither did the guy that received the package. He tells me “well let’s find out’ and he Googled it. I only had time to quickly scan the first result to know what it was. I have never seen him close a screen so fast and he pushed his chair away from his computer screen like it was on fire. It was the funniest thing and we both could not stop laughing. I have never seen him get so red. Talk about embarrassed. Of course that has not stopped us from joking about it the rest of the morning.

March 14, 2006

LO: My Family

Here is a layout I did back in January but it took me about a month to get some more ink to finish it.

I don't have any names on the layout. I think maybe that is okay since there will be names on individual pages in the album? I guess I could always just write the names on the back of the pages. I seem to do that alot lately.

The page is 2 12x12 layouts stitched together. It is a very simple layout and in fact has had 25 views so far in the KC gallery and it was just uploaded yesterday but not many comments.

Supplies used:

Patterned paper, title, burgundy ribbon and words - Wild Asparagus
brown ric rack
Creamy brown fluid ink chalk - the best ink ever!!!!!
Rub-ons - Making Memories
Family tag - 7 Gypsies

Thanks for looking.

LO: Play it again, Sam

Considering his name is Sam, I thought the title appropriate.

Layout is 12x12 and has been viewed 23 times in the KC gallery since I posted it on 02/05/06. It has gotten 5 comments so I guess people like it.


Patterned Paper - Karen Foster
Rub-ons, paint - Making Memories
Button - SEI
Foam Stamps - Lil Davis "Cleveland"
Ink - Bazzinks

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday Tuesday

Today I am tired. I don’t know why I always seem to be tired all the time. I. Do. Not. Like. It. Having only one car again is contributing to it I think. I have to get up earlier to drive B to work and my schedule is all wonky. I have to figure out how I will get in all my hours too. I think tomorrow may be super over time day just to catch up. I cannot complain though. If I follow his schedule I get to leave here at 2:30 on Thursday and Friday.

I have to go presents shopping for this weekend. On Saturday my cousin is having a baby shower and my nephew will be turning 14. Usually I make baby presents but not this time. I just have not had the time (or money) to do so. Now I just need to find something to buy. As for my nephew….who knows what he wants. He does not let on what he likes so he is hard to shop for. I think his favorite thing to get is money so that may be what he gets. The kid has more money than me. Do any of you have any ideas of what to buy a 14 year old boy for a birthday present?

So……maybe I am tired because he is turning 14. I never feel old but when I think about how old he is it makes me feel ancient. I remember bringing him home from the hospital. He was only 1 day old and it was only my brother and I to take care of him for the weekend. Time sure does pass quickly.

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March 13, 2006

LO: Twins 2005 (2 are more fun)

I finished this layout in January. I never shared it since it was a bear to scan. The scan looks terrible, sorry. It is all because of that lumpy tag. The babies really are not that fuzzy but the pictures I took of the layout also did not work out very well. The layout is really a pretty new Bazzill color called Angel and is a light pink/mauvey color. I may rethink this whole 12x12 thing since it is so much harder to scan these suckers. :-)

Supplies used:

  • Making Memories paint, stamps, chipboard tag, rub-on letters and Bazzinks
  • SEI buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Cardstock

    Thanks for looking.

LO: Rascal 2005

Here is a layout I did back in January but never posted. This page is 12x12 and was part of a sketch challenge I posted at KC.

This is the second layout I have done of Sammy where the title ended up being Rascal. Do you sense a theme here? :-)

Supplies used:

  • Patterned Paper - Provo Craft 'Stone Washed Denim-Suede'
  • Cardstock Stickers - Bo Bunny PressCardstock

    Thanks for looking.

Monday Monday

Monday is always a busy day. Today is no exception.

In addition to my regular work I have reports to run that usually take up my entire morning. I guess the team here at work wanted to do some motivational activities. I did not go, one other person on the team did not go and our boss did not go. I was asked before why I would not go and I told them that Monday was not a good day for me. Boy did everyone get upset. After their ‘activity’ I was approached by the person I like the least on this team. She kept harping and even yelling about us not attending the motivational activity. She said that if Monday was not good for me then I should have told everyone. That is what Outlook calendar is for. If the time is blocked off then they should not plan anything. Since they don’t use this calendar then it is not my fault that I did not read their emails or attend. I told her that being yelled at did not make me want to attend at anytime and sure does not help for motivation or team building. I really felt like they all ganged up on me. There was no reason for me to be yelled at because I did not stop my work to go and run around an empty room. The other co-worker and my boss just ignored it – well they got busy staring at the wall and cell phones. I guess since the gal was only saying my name they did not have to listen. At least we got a laugh about it afterwards. Needless to say I will NOT be attending any ‘motivational’ activities in the near future.

Because it is Monday, it always takes me longer to get my butt in gear. I was just getting started when they wanted me to stop. Being from the tech support group I am used to working. These gals are from a group that would stop daily for about ½ hour -1 hour just to play games and fool around. It is fun to do that once in awhile but I don’t like being pressured into doing it. Plus I like to get my work finished. Give me my iTunes and headset and I have all the motivation I need! In fact my boss just had to kick my cube to get my attention to tell me he was leaving. I guess I have the ‘tunes up a bit too loud. Now if I can just keep these ear buds from falling out of my ears as I bop around in my chair.

It has been awhile since I updated my scrapbook pages. Expect to have tons of new pages (and some old pages from the sidebar) to look at soon.

March 12, 2006


I got my hair trimmed last Thursday. It is much shorter than I had planned. I got rid of all the icky ends though so I am happy. It was either trim just a tiny bit and still have split ends or chop it off. I did not think that much was cut off until I got home. It is short! It is now just to and a little below my shoulders. Considering it was to my back bra strap that is a lot of hair that is now gone. At least it is now healthy. Now I just need to dye it some super punk color to make up for the shortness.

Today was a nice Sunday. B and I (well B fell asleep so just I) watched The Brothers Grimm (kind of boring) and I knitted away. It is so nice that it is chilly outside because it sure did put me in a knitting mood. I worked quite a bit on my rectangle shrug. One of these days I will finish it for sure. As usual skinny cat had to be right on me when I was knitting. It does not even matter if I am knitting or not. She always has to sit right on me or next to me. See the lavender pillow? That is where I was sitting. I got up to get some tea and looked back at the sofa and there she was. I am so used to it that I did not even notice that she was there.

B and I then went grocery shopping. It has been so long since we have shopped for food (and had money for food) that it was fun to get out and plan on what we will eat this week. Is that silly or what?

Oh and B took the battery for the Devil car in to get checked......diagnosis? The battery is just fine. So now we have to figure out if it is the starter or a fuse. I am still putting all my money on the alternator. That car has been thru more alternators than oil changes.

March 9, 2006

I want a blue one

All I want is a balloon. I think if I had a balloon I would be happy. Well I do have a balloon but it is an old balloon my co-workers got me for my birthday and it is on its last legs and looking pretty wimpy. I want a pretty blue balloon.

I am tired today. I coughed so much yesterday that I ache all over. Even the backs of my legs ache. How can that happen? I am still coughing today but it is much more productive and I can actually breathe. Breathing is good. Now if I can just get rid of being dizzy the day would be perfect.

March 8, 2006

…and now for the daily gripe

I left work a bit early yesterday to make it over to my Uncle’s salon in time for him to do my hair. I got there early but it did not matter as he totally forgot about my appointment and thought it was supposed to be on Thursday. I am lucky that I live only one mile away so it was not an inconvenience. I got home and was happy to be home early. I was looking forward to having the place to myself. Well that sure did not last long as B came home before his meeting. Then of course as is typical B fashion he was not happy that I was already home.

Since I knew B would want to take the Honda to his meeting I waited until after he left to run a couple of errands. Well I did not end up going anywhere. I guess I will be trying to run all my errands tonight after I get home, after I eat dinner and before LOST.

I guess the Devil car did not like that she is not longer getting anymore negative attention because she decided to die last night. I sure do hope it is just the battery and nothing more serious. It is a good thing that I had gotten home early for B to take the good car or else he would have not made it to his meeting. Of course he does not look at it that way. It really bugs me that I cannot come home when I want to come home.

I did sit down to scrap a bit last night. B came home in the middle of Amazing Race and I did not get to watch it as we were out fiddling with the car. So between that and waiting for the paint to dry the layout did not get finished. I hope to finish it up tonight. Then I have to pack up all my scrap stuff since B does not like it on the table. So who knows when I will scrap again, maybe sometime next month. I really do need to get my taxes finished before I do much of anything else.

So this morning, B has to drive me to work. He is all grumpy that he has to do this on his day off. It does not matter that I had to do the same thing for him this past Saturday. He is grumpy that we left the house a bit before 8:30am. He thinks that is too late. I usually leave between 8:00am and 8:30am. I told him that he has no right to be mean to me because he is jealous of my job. He just does not understand that as long as I get my 40 hours I am good to go. Of course since I sit at a desk all day he does not think that I have a ‘real’ job.

But even with all of this going on, my day has been pretty good so far (knock on wood). If only I could get rid of this cough though. It seems to be a lot worse now and actually hurts again. :(

Today seems to be going very slowly. Only 3 more hours and then I get to go home.

March 7, 2006

I made it thru another day

The Devil car has been healed. Could we please have a moment of silence please.

This is both good and bad news. It is great news that I no longer have to fear that the car will just take off for a drive on it’s own but it is bad news that I don’t have that as an excuse anymore NOT to drive it. I think I need a new excuse.

Since B had been driving it more than I had it has turned into a very dirty and very pitiful car. It is literally falling apart. It needs to be washed so badly but we cannot take it anywhere or the car wash machinery will tear it up. The seat belts are broken and I don’t have the money to fix them. Why do cars even have electric seatbelts anyways? Poor B always gets choked because the seat belt always goes the wrong way. When it is supposed to open it closes on him. I refuse to be a passenger in that car since there is no passenger seat belt – it is broken. You would think that this would be something that would forever be under warranty.

I am just little Ms. Speedy here at work today. It is amazing how much work I can get done when I am feeling better. I still have this hacking cough that everyone in the building is getting tired of (it is worse today) but other than that I am doing fine. I think I may have over done it a bit yesterday though as I worked a full day (my first day back to work), went to Target, cooked dinner and then cleaned up. I even was in the mood to work on something crafty but could not decide what to work on so I did nothing. I then got stuck watching Medical Mysteries on the Discover channel. I think that was the channel. I don't watch them enough to know the names. I can only watch those channels when B is not awake and I just got hooked last night. I wanted to know what was wrong with everyone on the show so I just kept watching. It really is addictive. I really had a problem waking up this morning.

Tonight poor B has a company meeting and will not be home until 9pm. Poor guy left this morning at 7:30am so I am sure he will be in a not so good mood when he gets home. I sure do hope they feed him. Hopefully he will let me watch Amazing Race without too much complaining.

After work I am heading over to my Uncle’s salon to finally get my hair trimmed. I PLAN on just getting a trim. Notice I typed PLAN. I really don’t know what will happen as I never leave the salon with what I went in wanting to get. I hope that with me going so late he will not want to dye it or anything else. Of course I will not mind if he does but sometimes a gal just wants a TRIM.

March 6, 2006

Do I really need a title?

Well here I am. I am on the mend. I still have this terrible cough that will just not end but it is not as bad as it was.

Last Thursday, I finally went to the doctor. It appears that I have a serious sinus infection and asthma. Since I am not one that has allergies I was really surprised. But now I have bookoos of drugs to make me feel all better.

Friday, I stayed home. I did some sleeping and that is all I remember. I feel really bad that I did not get to go scrapping with the girls. I sure hope you girls did not have too much fun with out me. I hope you missed me lots and lots!

Saturday, I cannot remember what I did Saturday. Oh yeah. I actually got out of the house on Saturday. We are only down to one car right now. I had to take B to work and then I drove back home where I got to call the mechanic and the tow truck for the Devil Car. Then I went to my nephew’s violin recital. Talk about quick. The entire performance was less than 30 minutes. It took longer to drive and locate a parking space at the University than it did to sit and listen.

Sunday, I slept some more (well the whole day actually) but got really productive in the evening. I even did some cleaning which is a big shocking thing for me to do. I even baked cookies!!!! Go me!

So as I mentioned we are currently down to one car. Devil car is in the garage. This time she decided to take off when B was driving. I am SO glad that I was not driving it this time. I guess she really is not evil. She must just be really bored with being a Nissan and wants to be a race car instead. I guess the accelerator is Super stuck this time around. I am trying not to stress over how much it will cost as right now we have NOTHING to pay to get the car out of the shop.

UPDATE: The cost is $236.00. I don’t have $236.00. :-(

Now if I can just keep from peeing my pants from all this coughing I will be good to go.

March 2, 2006

What am I doing here?

Well here I am. I don’t know what I was thinking coming into work. I probably should have stayed home but the only thing I am having a problem with now is basically being able to breathe and this darn cough that will not let up. That is not so bad right?

I am so looking forward to this cough going away. I ache all over from the coughing. When I breathe out I get a gurgling in my chest. I do feel that I am getting better though. I just have to be. My fever is really low too.

Last night was a killer and I just did not know what to do. All I wanted to do was sleep and I could not even lie down. I got dressed to go to Urgent Care but could not find my medical id card. I did not want to drive myself and I did not know where to go. I lost it right about then, but I guess I did not lose it too bad as I did not even wake up B. I fell asleep sitting up on the sofa and then made it upstairs to sit up in bed. My goal for the night was not to sleep but to try not to cough. I did okay. I only coughed a few times. I think all that crying really helped.

I have not been hungry this whole last week and I have not really eaten anything. I better lose some weight this week or I will be ticked. LOL! Some good has to come out of being sick right?

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