March 8, 2006

…and now for the daily gripe

I left work a bit early yesterday to make it over to my Uncle’s salon in time for him to do my hair. I got there early but it did not matter as he totally forgot about my appointment and thought it was supposed to be on Thursday. I am lucky that I live only one mile away so it was not an inconvenience. I got home and was happy to be home early. I was looking forward to having the place to myself. Well that sure did not last long as B came home before his meeting. Then of course as is typical B fashion he was not happy that I was already home.

Since I knew B would want to take the Honda to his meeting I waited until after he left to run a couple of errands. Well I did not end up going anywhere. I guess I will be trying to run all my errands tonight after I get home, after I eat dinner and before LOST.

I guess the Devil car did not like that she is not longer getting anymore negative attention because she decided to die last night. I sure do hope it is just the battery and nothing more serious. It is a good thing that I had gotten home early for B to take the good car or else he would have not made it to his meeting. Of course he does not look at it that way. It really bugs me that I cannot come home when I want to come home.

I did sit down to scrap a bit last night. B came home in the middle of Amazing Race and I did not get to watch it as we were out fiddling with the car. So between that and waiting for the paint to dry the layout did not get finished. I hope to finish it up tonight. Then I have to pack up all my scrap stuff since B does not like it on the table. So who knows when I will scrap again, maybe sometime next month. I really do need to get my taxes finished before I do much of anything else.

So this morning, B has to drive me to work. He is all grumpy that he has to do this on his day off. It does not matter that I had to do the same thing for him this past Saturday. He is grumpy that we left the house a bit before 8:30am. He thinks that is too late. I usually leave between 8:00am and 8:30am. I told him that he has no right to be mean to me because he is jealous of my job. He just does not understand that as long as I get my 40 hours I am good to go. Of course since I sit at a desk all day he does not think that I have a ‘real’ job.

But even with all of this going on, my day has been pretty good so far (knock on wood). If only I could get rid of this cough though. It seems to be a lot worse now and actually hurts again. :(

Today seems to be going very slowly. Only 3 more hours and then I get to go home.


  1. (((((((S)))))))) Get better soon okay? We'll talk more later.

  2. Thanks A. I cannot WAIT until this cough goes away.

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