March 7, 2006

I made it thru another day

The Devil car has been healed. Could we please have a moment of silence please.

This is both good and bad news. It is great news that I no longer have to fear that the car will just take off for a drive on it’s own but it is bad news that I don’t have that as an excuse anymore NOT to drive it. I think I need a new excuse.

Since B had been driving it more than I had it has turned into a very dirty and very pitiful car. It is literally falling apart. It needs to be washed so badly but we cannot take it anywhere or the car wash machinery will tear it up. The seat belts are broken and I don’t have the money to fix them. Why do cars even have electric seatbelts anyways? Poor B always gets choked because the seat belt always goes the wrong way. When it is supposed to open it closes on him. I refuse to be a passenger in that car since there is no passenger seat belt – it is broken. You would think that this would be something that would forever be under warranty.

I am just little Ms. Speedy here at work today. It is amazing how much work I can get done when I am feeling better. I still have this hacking cough that everyone in the building is getting tired of (it is worse today) but other than that I am doing fine. I think I may have over done it a bit yesterday though as I worked a full day (my first day back to work), went to Target, cooked dinner and then cleaned up. I even was in the mood to work on something crafty but could not decide what to work on so I did nothing. I then got stuck watching Medical Mysteries on the Discover channel. I think that was the channel. I don't watch them enough to know the names. I can only watch those channels when B is not awake and I just got hooked last night. I wanted to know what was wrong with everyone on the show so I just kept watching. It really is addictive. I really had a problem waking up this morning.

Tonight poor B has a company meeting and will not be home until 9pm. Poor guy left this morning at 7:30am so I am sure he will be in a not so good mood when he gets home. I sure do hope they feed him. Hopefully he will let me watch Amazing Race without too much complaining.

After work I am heading over to my Uncle’s salon to finally get my hair trimmed. I PLAN on just getting a trim. Notice I typed PLAN. I really don’t know what will happen as I never leave the salon with what I went in wanting to get. I hope that with me going so late he will not want to dye it or anything else. Of course I will not mind if he does but sometimes a gal just wants a TRIM.


  1. Be brave S! Get a cute short layered cut ;)


  2. Sorry but NOT WAY! I will never go short again. LOL! I had short hair all my life until I became an adult.

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