August 30, 2007

Access made me do it!

Yesterday, I was so tired and distracted. I was not very productive in the learning department but I did get a lot accomplished in the doodling department! LOL!

I just could not concentrate at all and I was so happy when it was time to go home.

So far today has been spent washing dishes and stalking my neighbor for the washing machine.

August 28, 2007

plas/o: formation, development

Don't you hate when you take a test and you write down an answer and you are sure that the answer is correct but you decide to change it anyway? Then you get your test back and find out that your original answer was correct? I think this is the only time that getting 99% is not good thing. LOL! Man! I could have got 100%!!!!

August 26, 2007


It feels great when you can spend time doing something you love to do.

I decided not to do any cleaning this weekend and starting digging thru my scrapping supplies. I am a bit rusty but it felt good starting to scrap again.


I was distracted by the installation of my Silhouette.

Which then...

Got interrupted because B wanted to put some more boxes in storage and I had to go rescue some things before they got put away forever.

Once, he was done being fussy, I got back to playing with my Silhouette…..and that is about it. I think all my scrapping mojo left me at that point. It must have been poking out all the little holes that did it. Hopefully, since I left out all my supplies, I will be forced to finish this page sometime this week.

August 21, 2007

"You do good work!"

That is what my instructor said to me while grading one of my last assignments. It made me all giddy inside. :)

School is going well. I am doing extremely well (so far) on my tests. To the point that I think I made another student cry. I felt really bad. Today, the teacher came into the class to hand me my last medical terminology test and made a big deal about me getting 99% on it. Go ME! A bit later she came back in and gave the other gal her test. After that I heard sniffles. When I came back from the restroom, the other students in the room were talking about it but hushed up when I walked back in the room. A bit later she mentioned her test and that she had to re-take part of it. Hopefully next time the teacher will just put the test into my folder instead of making an announcement. Especially if the others did not do so well.

I also got to test out of another course. One of the required courses is Business English. I had wanted to test out of it but was told that no one is allowed to. I took the pre-test and received an email stating that I did so well the instructor wanted me to come in and just take the post-test. I did that today and officially tested out of Business English. Just one less course for me to worry about. :)

August 12, 2007


Time sure does pass quickly when you have a reason to leave the house for the day. I cannot believe it has been a week since I last updated.

School is going well so far. The courses I am taking are not like traditional courses. They are all self-paced. I work off of packets. When I finish a packet, I take a post-test. Then I think there is a final test for each course. I am not sure yet. It is all pass/fail. This week, I worked on MS Word and Medical Terminology. I already completed one Word packet and took the post-test. I got 100%!! I should be finished with the 2nd Word packet on Monday. I also finished the first packet (chapter) for Medical Terminology. I took the post-test for that on Friday. I think I did okay but there were some terms that I am sure I did not answer correctly. I am worried that I did not do too well. I hope to find out on Monday (tomorrow).

On top of being busy with class-work, I have spent my days off this week, (Thurs & Sat) getting this house in order. I have finally found a place for all the toiletries (the new place does not have as much storage) so that cleared out a couple of boxes. I can officially say that the bathroom is finally all unpacked! It is such a nice large bathroom (compared to the old one where you could not even close the door, it was so small). It is nice to have the counter all cleared. The only boxes left to unpack are my scrapping supplies and my sweaters (which will stay in the box for quite awhile).

Saturday, my brother and sister came by to visit and check out the new place. I was SO excited! I have not seen them since my sis came for a visit (she was living in France) back in March. It is so awesome being able to have people over. At the old place, I hated to have people see how icky it was. I am looking forward to having lots of visitors now that we are living in such a nice place.

Today was a lazy day. B and I basically did nothing. We watched a couple of movies; The Hills Have Eyes 2 (which sucked) and Shooter (which was actually pretty good). B went out to get us some take out for dinner from Mimi’s CafĂ©. It is so nice to have one close by to our new place. Time to go – 4400 is on!

August 6, 2007

...and it is only Monday

Today was a long day and I sure am tired. I woke up to hear B telling me that it was pouring outside. Our new place is constructed so much better than our old place that I cannot even hear when it is raining outside. Today was the day I started training so B had to walk to work in the pouring rain while I got to take the car. I felt so bad. We don’t even own an umbrella. He said it was okay though and since he has not complained about it this evening, I guess I have to believe him.

This morning, I opened up a fresh pair of contacts for the occasion and they ended up bothering me the entire day. I think wearing contacts makes me even more tired than I should be, especially when I have to stare at a computer screen all day. Tomorrow may just be an eye- glasses kind of day. I hope that it won’t rain.

Each day we have to take a typing test. Only 5 mistakes allowed. No problem, I tell myself. This is the same test I took (and passed) to test out of the course. The only difference is we are NOT allowed to backspace at all! I did not realize how much I backspace and how much my fingers hit multiple keys (I did not realize just how fat my fingers were, I guess – LOL!). I think I may have been nervous but also the keyboard is much higher than I am used to. No matter what the reason, it took many many attempts (I lost count) to even get a decent page to turn in. I think tomorrow I may be more at ease and it should not be so difficult for me.

I have my work cut out for me that is for sure. Do you SEE the size of that medical terms textbook? That thing is HUGE!! I need to read the first chapter but I am afraid I am going to fall asleep. I don’t think I will have any problem falling asleep tonight. I am almost tempted to just go to bed right now. Actually now would be a good time to have a slice of that cherry pie I just baked. :)

August 5, 2007

C is for Coasters

We bought coasters. We are pretty excited about buying coasters. How sad is that? LOL~

Tomorrow is the day.

My training starts tomorrow and I am so excited. I am even looking forward to getting up early. Well I say that now but I will get back to you tomorrow and let you know how it went. I am SO not a morning person. LOL! I have a feeling that B and I might be fighting over the bathroom in the morning. I just unpacked the alarm clock. Good thing I remembered. I hope that I am able to get to sleep tonight. Maybe I should cover up the clock so that I don’t keep waking up to check the time.

My only fear at the moment is that the numbness in my fingers will keep me up like it has been all week and that I won’t be able to type tomorrow. :(

I think that the babies are fitting very nicely into the new place. I sure wish the highlight of my day was how long I could take a nap. I have to admit though…the new furniture sure is comfy, no wonder all they do is lay all over it.

August 4, 2007

The Move ~ The final chapter

Wednesday, B went to the walk-thru of the old apartment. I felt so much better about the way I left the place when she told him that our Apartment was cleaner than some that have lived there a year and we were there 7. I guess I may have over cleaned a bit. We may even get some deposit money back.

While B was gone, the cable man came to hook-up the cable. We were told since this place had not had cable in over 10-years we needed a technician to come out. Well we found out that the people who lived here before had cable but they just were not paying for it. Darn! I wonder what cool channels they had. LOL!

Within the same hour, our new bed and new couches arrived. I really do like how the couches look and B was right that they would not look so yellow once we got them home. I was so looking forward to sleeping on the new bed but after only a couple of hours I woke up in pain. I have had problems in the past with my hands/fingers and feet going numb. This night both my arms were numb and it hurt so much it woke me up. The numbness went down on one arm but persisted in my right arm and hand. In fact, the fingers on my right arm are still numb today. It feels like my fingers are going to explode!

We are getting used to the new place and I know that B loves it as much as I do. I even don’t mind that the dial-up speed is ½ of what it was at the old place.

August 3, 2007

The Move ~ Part II

...and the story continues...

One of my biggest gripes with this entire move is that B kept changing his mind as to when he wanted us all moved into the new place. No problem but he would not tell me and so I would be working on my schedule of getting us all packed and out of the old place by a certain date and come to find out he wants to move a day or two earlier. My schedule got all out of whack!

Monday, B’s friend came over to “help.” He was supposed to help move all the left over boxes. Everything was packed up except for the bathroom and some of the kitchen. I was in the process of cleaning out the fridge and needed to wash all the Tupperware etc that I took out of the fridge. I was working in the bathroom upstairs when I heard packing going on in the kitchen. B’s friend had started “packing” the kitchen. I had no idea what was going on downstairs. I did not even go down to look. I did find out later that his friend packed up all the dirty dishes and his idea of “packing was to put a glass inside a Tupperware bowl and then wrap it in saran wrap (or kleenix or paper towels). At least we had a good laugh when we were unpacking the stuff but now I am out of paper towels and plastic wrap.

B was a little touchy (and super tired) and ended up leaving in a huff. Yeah Monday was just not our day. I took the cats over to the new place and went back to finish up. We did end up staying the night at the new place, which was nice. I don’t know if it was tiredness, achey bones or just being old but it sure is hard getting up off of the floor when you sleep on those air mattresses.

Tuesday, was the last day to be out of our old place. B packed up the truck with the last of the boxes and I was cleaning the place from top to bottom. Right in the middle of loading the truck, we were hit with a huge storm. B decided to drive the boxes over to see if he could beat the storm but no such luck. I guess it was one of the worst storms so far to hit this season. Everything got soaked! The boxes literally disintegrated! They fell apart when he was bringing them into the house. A lot of the boxes held foodstuffs and made a mess, some also held dishes and scrapping stuff. As you can see, it all ended up in a pile in the kitchen.

It took me ALL day to clean the old apartment. I didn’t want the management to have any complaints. We had lived there about 7-years and did not plan on cleaning the carpet so I just vacuumed it. But, I did end up wiping down ALL the walls. Those Magic Erasers are awesome! The only other thing I did not clean was the oven but I was SO ready to get out of that place! I was bothered though that we were told we HAD to finish the cleaning before the office closed for the day since the walk thru HAD to be on the last day of the month. Come to find out the manager took the day off to spend at the spa.

After cleaning, B loaded the one sofa on the truck that was going to my parents and we drove over to deliver it and return the truck. I have NEVER been so tired! My mom made enchiladas which I am so thankful for as I had not eaten all day.

I am covered in bruises and my ankles were SO swollen. But, it was worth it to be in our new place.

August 1, 2007

The Move ~ Part I

I think I am finally starting to catch my breath!

I have NEVER done so much before in so little time. We were able to start moving in some things a day earlier than we had planned. So, on Friday, we brought over 2-car loads. I was able to bring over most of my scrapping supplies which now I am glad that they came over first thing.

Saturday, I still had use of my mom’s car and was able to go early in the day to drop off another load of stuff. My parent’s flight was supposed to come in at 1:20 and they called to tell me is was on time and to pick them up at 1:30. I headed over to the airport at 1pm ahead of super dark storm clouds. When I got to the airport about 25 minutes later the storm had hit at home and it was a doozie! I had not heard from my parents and so I drove up to baggage claim to see if they were waiting. They were not and I was not even able to stop to see if they were walking out. Security will not allow anyone to stop at all unless your entire party is ready with all baggage – they must be standing at the curb. I was told that I needed to just drive around the airport until they were ready. It was sprinkling by this time. I drove around the airport (along with many others) 4 times until I decided to just drive to a nearby hotel parking lot to wait for a phone call. I am glad that I did since the rain starting really coming down. I finally got a call from my parents. There were here but still on the plane. Because of the storm, the tarmac was closed and they had to wait until all lightning was gone. They sat on that plane for over an hour! What was supposed to be a quick trip ended up taking hours. My poor dad was so nice to get the truck and hand carts ready for me while the rain poured down. I finally got home and continued my packing.

Sunday, B’s parents came over to help us move the big furniture. B and his step-dad really worked hard at moving all the heavy furniture. My in-laws and B made many trips back and forth while I stayed home and packed and moved more stuff down the stairs to have waiting for them. I did get to make a trip over with all the computer stuff and it was nice to get out of the apartment. I still had some things left to pack and B was not too happy about it. The entire day was just so confusing. My packing did not go the way I would have liked. I had it all planned out but then B would want me to stop and start packing something else (or help him with something) and then he would complain that I had not finished packing what I was working on in the first place. He would tell me not to bother looking thru things to throw them away and just throw them in the boxes but then he would tell me that I should not take it all with me. Am I the only one confused by that? I was not too happy with him. He was exhausted though and quickly fell asleep– me on the other hand, I stayed up and went thru the last closet and threw out tons of stuff. Even though I was so tired, I had problems falling asleep. An air mattress on the floor is not very comfy for sore bodies.

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