August 12, 2007


Time sure does pass quickly when you have a reason to leave the house for the day. I cannot believe it has been a week since I last updated.

School is going well so far. The courses I am taking are not like traditional courses. They are all self-paced. I work off of packets. When I finish a packet, I take a post-test. Then I think there is a final test for each course. I am not sure yet. It is all pass/fail. This week, I worked on MS Word and Medical Terminology. I already completed one Word packet and took the post-test. I got 100%!! I should be finished with the 2nd Word packet on Monday. I also finished the first packet (chapter) for Medical Terminology. I took the post-test for that on Friday. I think I did okay but there were some terms that I am sure I did not answer correctly. I am worried that I did not do too well. I hope to find out on Monday (tomorrow).

On top of being busy with class-work, I have spent my days off this week, (Thurs & Sat) getting this house in order. I have finally found a place for all the toiletries (the new place does not have as much storage) so that cleared out a couple of boxes. I can officially say that the bathroom is finally all unpacked! It is such a nice large bathroom (compared to the old one where you could not even close the door, it was so small). It is nice to have the counter all cleared. The only boxes left to unpack are my scrapping supplies and my sweaters (which will stay in the box for quite awhile).

Saturday, my brother and sister came by to visit and check out the new place. I was SO excited! I have not seen them since my sis came for a visit (she was living in France) back in March. It is so awesome being able to have people over. At the old place, I hated to have people see how icky it was. I am looking forward to having lots of visitors now that we are living in such a nice place.

Today was a lazy day. B and I basically did nothing. We watched a couple of movies; The Hills Have Eyes 2 (which sucked) and Shooter (which was actually pretty good). B went out to get us some take out for dinner from Mimi’s CafĂ©. It is so nice to have one close by to our new place. Time to go – 4400 is on!


  1. Hey Stef!
    Glad to hear you're settling in and happy with your new place!

  2. Yes I read your myspace bulletin, so I stopped by to say hi.

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