July 31, 2015

icad 2015 :: Index card Nos. 3 and 4 and 5

It's been over a month since I last turned on the computer.

June and July are over and the Index card-a-day challenge has come and gone.

I wasn't very good at creating every day this year. I blame myself and whatever mood I happened to be in, but I have to also blame the weather. It was frustrating working on the challenge this year because nothing dried. I still have damp cards from the beginning of June! I come across this problem every year. I really wanted to be more creative this year and not have to use only markers and crayons. I wanted to do something different that I have never tried before, but I don't know of any other dry medium that I could have used.

I took these photos back in June, but since I never turned on the computer, I never shared them. It also doesn't help that my computer hard drive is so full that I end up spending more time trying to delete things to free up space than doing creative things. In other words, it took me all night just to edit 3 photos and write this post.

I do have a couple more completed index cards that I don't yet have photos for. Even though July is over, I still plan to photograph and share those too.

icad 2015 :: Index card No. 3
index card no. 3

icad 2015 :: Index card No. 4
index card no. 4

icad 2015 :: Index card No. 5
index card no. 5

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