August 30, 2006

Whoo Hoo! People like me!

I am excited today.

Why do you ask?

Because my Birthday Party layout (the one over there <--) was chosen as layout of the day at CMK!!! I am excited because I did not think this layout would be noticed by anyone since it is plainer than what is popular out there. I almost did not even let anyone see it. I am very very happy that I did. Thank you Happay Scrappy for letting me know!

I am also happy because my email was fixed at work. It took my boss calling in to find out that the guy was not even accessing the correct account. He was working on an account that does not even exist on the server. Well no wonder it was not working when he told me it would. The only downside to it getting fixed is that I now HAVE to work. No more excuses.

August 29, 2006


So today has only been semi-productive in the work department. I am getting work done but not the work I want (or need) to get done.

I am an Admin of an email box here at work. In the past other people have had access to this box but now only 3 of us are allowed to use it. Every so often, I get evidence that others are using the box. You know like responses to emails that are sent out that I did not send out.
So since talking to the supervisors of these other agents does not work I have submitted a ticket to get everyone but 3 of us removed from this box.

So wouldn’t you know it…..they removed all of MY permissions from the email box. Yeah help desk is not too bright. I have been unable to contact customers all day. I had really wanted to get caught up in this queue too. I keep being told to try again in 45 minutes. Well it has now been 6 hours and still…..nothing.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to do some work. I sure hope so because working on the same thing all day is kind of boring.

August 28, 2006

It just has to get better

I sure do hope this week is much better than last week. This past weekend was not too great.

This is a long one… hold on if you can.

On Saturday, I dropped B off at work and headed off to an appointment. I was early and had planned to stop off and buy a smoothie. Well I did not think the place was open so I kept on driving (yeah they were open – I am so dumb). So since I was hungry and it was early, I decided to stop to get something. I stopped at the drugstore because I figured I could get something to drink and then just look around. I did not have my purse with me, just my ID and debit card. Well I got out of the car and my hands were full with my cell phone and iPod in one hand and my debit card, ID and $20 in the other. I put the money and cards in my back pocket and walked into the store. I was not inside more than 10 minutes when I headed to the cash register. I had found makeup on sale and had my hands full. While at the register, I put my hand in my back pocket to feel for my debit card and the only thing in my pocket was my ID and the $20. I told the lady that I probably would not have enough money to buy what I had and that I think my debit card was outside by my car. Well she took her sweet time ringing me up (she hand entered everything and did not scan) and the total came to $19.96. Whew! So I run outside to my car and there is no debit card. I searched all over my car just in case but did not find it. I went back into the drugstore to see if anyone turned it in. The lady made me wait and then she went to check. No card. No problem. I had my bank number so I called to report it lost. I selected the option for reporting a lost/stolen card and I received a recording asking me for my password. Well since I was never asked for an account number I did not know what they meant.

So I used the bank password for my online account – did not work.

I used my pin – did not work.

I used my account number – did not work.

I just kept getting a recording asking for my password. So I hang up and call again. This time I don’t select anything and just stay on the line thinking I would be transferred. Nope. I just got the same voice asking me for my password. There was no option to get to a person at all! So now I am ticked. My mom just happens to call at that time. I asked her to call and cancel my appointment. She said she would but then said something about not worrying about the card and I totally lost it. Considering that my Dad is still trying to recover from identity theft I could not understand why she would not be more understanding. She kept telling me that I would not be liable for any charges etc. But I could not get her to understand that it was my DEBIT card and not my CREDIT card. I had just deposited B’s paycheck and if that is gone we have no money.

Since I could not get anyone from the bank on the phone, I drove to the branch. There are only 4 in town and I just happened to be near one. There was a really nice lady that helped me out by giving me the 800# to call off the back of her debit card. She could not figure out why the main number was asking for a password.

It took a bit of time but I got everything taken care of. My card was cancelled and no charges had yet shown up. Now I just have to wait a couple of weeks until I get my new card and I have to change all of my online payments this week to something else since my old card # will not work.

So basically that was my weekend. Losing my debit card just put me in a weird mood and I think I am getting sick on top of that. Basically I just have an overwhelming feeling that no one likes me and I just want to hide out in my room.

Maybe last week was sucky because I didn’t get to listen to any music. How much does this chart suck? Not the usual artists either. I must have been in a ‘mood’ or something. Oh yeah…. That is my ENTIRE list from last week – not just the top ten artists. Yeah that sucks!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

August 24, 2006

Two + Three = 27 to go!

I am getting closer to my goal.

Last night I finally found some time to get some scrapping done.

I finally finished the layout I started last Sunday. I don’t know why I had so much trouble with this one. I think it may be because the background is plain ‘ole boring off-white. I kept trying to find ways to fill it up. I could not find any patterned paper in my stash that would go with the colors I wanted to use.

I am just happy that these pictures are finally scrapped. It is amazing how much a child can grow in just one year. The previous year he still looked like a baby. No so in this new layout. Sadly this layout is of pictures of 2004 so he is not really 2 but will be 4 come this September. So he really looks different now. WOW! Just one month away and I will be taking pictures for this year’s birthday. Time sure does fly! I guess I better get busy and scrap his birthday photos from last year (2005).

{p.s. Sorry for the crappy scan. The chipboard make the layout quite bumpy and hard to scan}

August 23, 2006

Is it Wednesday already?

It has been a few days since I posted. Boy, where does the time go?

Having only one car right now is taking time away from being online darnit! I have to work the same schedule as B and have to figure out how to make up the time I am missing while driving B to and from work. Hopefully I won’t have to work on Saturday. :(

Yesterday, I got no work done. As soon as I got to work I had to attend a one hour meeting. Then I had a training class from 1-5.

On the scrapping front…..I have not completed anymore pages. I hope maybe tonight I can finish another page or two since I get to leave work earlier today. I hope I don't have shopping withdrawals when Friday night/Saturday rolls around.

On the yarny front……I have been working a bit on my rectangle shrug. It takes me about 15 minutes or so to complete a row so it is slow going. Hopefully I will have it finished by the time colder weather comes. I need to upload a more recent picture to show my progress. I just need to find a way to make stockinette stitch look exciting. LOL!

Hmmmm. I guess I listened to more music than I thought last week. Here are my top ten.

August 20, 2006

One down......

....and 29 left to go.

29 and I think I have already hit the wall.

That mojo of mine sure is fleeting. I finished that layout over there today. I have never scrapped my fish before. LOL!

Right now I am working on a birthday boy layout. I don't know why I am having such a hard time at it. I think maybe because I am scrapping older photos and those pages are 8.5x11 and not 12x12.

I used to just scrap 12x12 for vacation photos but since the twins (and the digital) came along there are a lot more pictures to scrap so I made the decision that starting with my 2005 photos, I would scrap the larger size. I really do like the larger size but I think I am finding it difficult to go back to the smaller pages. Especially when I have a lot of photos to scrap. I think I know where I want the photos to go but it is trying to decide on colors that I am having problems with.

Well I better get back at it. I hope to have at least another layout completed by tonight or at least almost completed.

August 19, 2006

Let the challenge begin

Today did not end up being anything near what I wanted it to be. I had huge goals of staying home (since we are down to one car) and getting it done! It being basically everything. I had wanted to wash some dishes, wash some laundry and then scrap the rest of the day away. It is funny how waking up with a sinus headache can put everything on hold. I woke up early and had to go to the store for some medicine. I was very surprised to find the pharmacy closed and had to wait in order to buy what I needed. Once home, B left for work and I vegged in front of the tele until my head felt a little better. I was tired so I headed back up to take a nap. I had only planned to sleep an hour or maybe two, just until I felt better. Well a little before 4pm I got up. I felt like doing nothing. I did manage to wash some dishes but after that B came home and I just vegged. We watched V for Vendetta and now I think I may head up to bed.

Okay - I have to admit something. Last night after work, I stopped by the scrapbook store. Yes, I just HAD to have those purple Bazzill flowers. I was not going to buy them but then I saw that they had sold out of 2 colors already and the purple only had 4 packs on the shelf. The store did not have much new stuff in. in fact nothing new that I could see except they put out some Bazzill and had some Heidi Swapp foam flower dots (yeah, I bought those too). I guess that is a good thing because I sure was not tempted to buy much. I was hoping to see some new Queen & Co but the gal said that they probably won't get that much in as they feel it is too expensive. So now I need to find an online dealer (LOL! dealer!) for Queen & Co stuff.

Now for details on "The Challenge."

I have decided that I will indeed try to challenge myself. I have decided to scrap 30 layouts pages before I shop for anymore scrapping supplies. I just have to get it out of my head that I have to complete all of these layouts before the end of the year. I don't know why that is stuck in my head. Maybe because I cannot see myself NOT shopping for supplies after the new year starts.

The other thing I am worried about it running out of cardstock. You see, I just started scrapping 12x12 this year and have a very limited amount of 12x12 cardstock - patterned paper on the other hand is a whole 'nother story.

Here are some conditions I put on myself about this challenge.

* Adhesive - adhesive does not count. I don't keep extra on hand so if I run out I give myself permission to buy more. I think I will buy at Target though as not only is it less expensive but then I won't be tempted to buy anything else.

* CKC - Now, if I do end up going to CKC, I have given myself permission to shop. Usually when I go to vendor fairs, I don't buy much. I usually only buy stuff I have never seen at the local store. So I am not too worried about buying tons of stuff if I go.

So I think that about covers it.

Oh and the challenge?

It starts right now. :)

August 18, 2006

Hey everybody! It's Friday!!!

Well today it Friday. It is about time too. Hmmmm don't I seem to say that EVERY Friday LOL!

The icky car still won't start. Hopefully the fix won't be too bad on the pocket book. So this morning, I had to drop B off at work and will have to pick him up this evening.

Some of the co-workers are getting together for margaritas at 4pm today. Well THEY are having the margaritas....I am just gonna watch. We have a co-worker visiting from India and we are taking him out! I should have about an hour to hang out before I have to leave to go and pick B up. I had not planned to go and in fact look pretty hideous today but everyone wants me to go and I can always blur myself out of the photos, right?

Now if only I could be motivated to get some work done before 4pm.

As for the challenge. I think I am going to go ahead and do it. I will start this weekend. My only problem is that CKC is next month.So Happay......what say you about that? ;)

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last layout and my decision to take the challenge. I answered all the comments (in the comments). I don't know if you all know that I do that. :) Well what the hey....I will just post the responses here too. :)

  • Happay - Rach, you are right. I know the purple flowers will be there. I think it is more the Queen and Co that I want to go and get and the worry of running out of sticker letters (I don't know why as I have a drawer full). I know I can do this but what about CKC? If I go to CKC I will have to be able to buy something.

  • Stefanie - Thanks for the comment on my layout. I know what you mean about hubby finding something new purchases. I have started to organize and now that everything is starting to be all together instead of hidden all over, he will start to REALLY realize how much I have.

  • Falwyn - Thanks Sam. This is the first time I finally used KI. I have the stuff but never have used it.

    I may have to check out the other yahoogroups you are on. Maybe I can get some ideas and use up the stuff I have. I don't think the problem is using it up, I think the problem is that I am AFRAID to use it up. LOL!

    I think it would be great to be on a no shopping kick for awhile. So the next time we get together to scrap at the store, we can watch each other and make sure we don't fall off the wagon. :)

  • Brooksba - Thank you. I really do need to reduce the amount of space my stuff takes up. DH and I rented a 2 bedroom and that 2nd bedroom has all of our stuff. Not just my scrapping stuff, but my other crafts, the computer and desk and all of DH's art stuff. His comics and other toys cannot even fit in the room. That is why I am trying to consolidate. We need to make room for the comics because DH will not give up buying them. Sigh.

  • SB - When I came across the challenge on your blog I just knew that this was something I had to do. I don't really have a problem with QVC but going to the scrapbook store lately on Fridays after work seems to be my problem.

    So with these 2 LO's you finished.....what does your total come to now?
  • August 17, 2006

    I'll take this challenge

    Here is another layout I realized had the wrong year on it AFTER I scanned it (Man! Why do I keep doing that?). So I tore off the wrong date and put on the correct one. I like this one a bit better as the original had my own handwriting and this one I used a rub-on for the date.

    Do you think this layout is plain? I do. I don't know why. Maybe because I compare myself to others? Maybe because there is not alot of STUFF on the page? Or maybe not alot of NEW stuff? I have decided that my style is very definately 'straight.' I don't know how to do 'messy'.

    I love this picture of my Dad and Nephew. Little Sammy just has that stare that looks right into you. I think I may have to enlarge the top photo and frame it not just for my Dad but for me as well. All the pictures that I ever enlarge and frame I end up giving away. I have yet to print out any for myself.

    While reading blogs yesterday, I came across this one Just a bunch of nothin': can I do it?

    I too have a problem with having too much scrap crap. I wonder if I could take the challenge and not buy anything until I finish a certain amount of pages. My problem though is that I am such a slow scrapper that if I decided not to shop for any scrap supplies until I completed .....say 36 would take me a year (or longer). On the other hand it may even motivate me to scrap faster.

    I don't see a problem with not buying new scrap items as I mainly scrap from home, but what happens when I crop at a store? I seem to bow to peer pressure when it comes to buying stuff I normally would not buy, but then this peer pressure has opened my eyes to using stuff I normally would not and I love that.

    I have a problem with using my stuff. Silly isn't it? I am always afraid of running out of something or using something that may have looked better on a different layout. I really need to change the way I look at using my supplies. On one hand I really want to use up my supplies but on the other hand it freaks me out to think that once I use them, they are gone.

    I am worried if I don't buy new stuff that all of my layouts will look the same. I don't know why I feel this way as even when I buy new stuff my layout still look the same. LOL!

    I think I want to start this challenge now but I was really looking forward to payday tomorrow. There are some purple flowers I really really want which is silly because I don't use flowers too often on my pages.

    Leave it up to me to want to stop shopping just when all the new CHA products are hitting the shelves. So this is what I will do. I will start this challenge AFTER this weekend. AFTER payday.

    However, can I count this layout I finished last night as layout #1 towards my goal?

    Is this post a list of excuses or what??

    August 16, 2006

    1.29 inches!!!

    Make that 2.5 inches!!!!

    This morning B had to go into work early. It was his day to drive the icky car and I am so happy he was not in the Honda.

    Happy because I got a call from him shortly after he left to tell me that while driving thru a major intersection, the car was hit by a lot of water and stalled out. The water was over the bumper! He said he had to climb out the passenger side and water got into the car. Once outside the car the water went up to mid-thigh. If it were me the water would have probably been almost to my waist. I could not believe it. He was only a few miles away from our home and when I looked outside it was dry. He told me that it was totally dry until he got to the intersection and then all of a sudden it was pouring. He had to call work and have a work truck come and push the car out of the water (not looking forward to checking out the bumper when I get home). He was almost off to the side of the road when the engine conked out. According to the article below the Fire Department had to rescue people. I am glad he was not the only one that had this happen and that he made it out okay.

    B just called. The car does not work and he had to tow it home. Bummer.

    here to read the entire article.

    Here are the highlights, ummmm I mean the important parts of the article. LOL!

    Morning storm fills washes, floods streets

    Arizona Daily Star
    Tucson, Arizona Published: 08.16.2006

    The heaviest flooding was in the eastern portion of the Tucson metro area, with the Alamo and Arcadia washes running the fastest.

    A trained weather observer near East Speedway and North Craycroft Road reported 2.5 inches of rain. Several other observers in the Tucson area were reporting at least 0.6 of an inch of rain up to 1.6 of an inch.

    Firefighters helped about six people out of their cars after they became stuck in the area of Speedway and Craycroft, McDonough said.

    Several weather gages reported heavy rainfall across the area:

    - Beverly Avenue and Hawthorne Street, 1.61 inches.
    - Pantano and Irvington, 1.42 inches.
    - Speedway and Craycroft, 1.29 inches.
    - Ventana Canyon and Sunrise Road, 0.79 of an inch.
    - Kolb and Golf Links, 0.75 of an inch.
    - CaƱada del Oro Wash at Coronado Camp, 0.47 of an inch.

    I cannot believe how much rain we have been getting. You can read more about it (and see pictures) here.

    August 15, 2006

    Well, hello there good looking.

    I have talked before in previous posts about my facination with eyes and especially their color.

    here and here (check out the blue eyes on this one!!!) Just to share a few.

    I don't know what it is with green/hazel/blue eyes on a man but gosh darn it why can't I ever meet someone with eyes like that?

    Wait....I take that back. I have. When I was in high school, I went to summer camp and my summer camp boyfriend had black hair and the bluest of the blue eyes. Sigh.

    But you know......I think I really like the green/hazel the most. The lighter the better. Oh and if that awesome color changes depending on mood or clothing makes it even better.

    There was another guy in high school that had lovely hazel/green eyes. I LOVED taking pictures of him! Hmmmmm I wonder if I should post pictures? I wonder if he would mind?

    I always seem to end up with the plain brown-eyed guys. Not that they don't have lovely eyes (B has wonderful brown eyes) but I always wonder why I always end up with the opposite of what I am attracted to?

    August 14, 2006

    Am I late for homeroom?

    Today is weird.

    Am I back in High School and no one told me?

    No one seems to be talking to each other in the office and yet they all say they are not mad at each other. You would think I was back in high school and not in a corporate environment. Seriously. All I did was miss work on Friday and I am so totally out of the loop.

    If the rest of the week continues like it is going today, I should have tons of music running thru my head this week. I didn't listen to much last week but what I did end up listening to seems to have been an 80's flashback. Weren't the 80's awesome???? Maybe that is why it feels like I am back in high school? I really do need convert all my albums and cassettes over to CD's though so I have more to listen to. I miss all the old songs.

    August 13, 2006

    Not so good

    This weekend that is.

    I woke up Friday, sick, so I stayed home.

    Saturday started out okay but then B got on a tirade and told me, I could not do anything that day (of course, now he denies it). I had made plans to scrap with some friends starting at noon. So, I planned to go to my morning appointment, come home and do the things B wanted done and then go scrap with my friends later in the afternoon (around 3 or 4) since that is when the other gals were going to get there. Well instead, the scrap-together was cancelled and that made me feel really bad as Saturday was chosen because I could not make it on Friday. I did not mean for it to be cancelled and now I feel everyone hates me.

    So, I just came home. I did some laundry and then tried to put up with my headache. I went to buy me some medicine at what I thought was a 24-hour pharmacy but they were closed. Now that it is illegal to buy stupid Sudafed off the shelf, I am out of luck. I guess I am only allowed to be sick during business hours and I cannot even buy extra in case I run out, as the law limits how much you can buy. Stupid drug addicts!!!! They make it worse for the rest of us!

    So now, it is Sunday. B is pissed because we have no money and that I check the balance online and tell him about it. He does not like to know and says that normal people don't check the balance. He is an idiot. So now, thanks to him, I will not be able to afford anything for this headache until my payday on Friday. I also don't know how I will get to work this week as there is no gas in the car and I don't even know if it will make it to the gas station as it is totally empty and B never puts gas in it. My cell phone does not work and other bills are due. B does not feel they are important enough to pay. I am so glad that his comics are so important because we would not want him to go a week without buying the stupid things.

    August 10, 2006

    It didn’t work :(

    The backlinks will not show on my blog. :( They show up on other blogs, just not mine.

    I used the Blogger default info and even tried some of the template hacks out there but I am still not showing any links. I even created a new blog and used a default template and still....nothing. I wonder if it is my account that is messed up?

    If any of you Blogger template gurus know what I did wrong please help.

    ****edited****** oh and if you could help me figure out why my posts don't show on sites like Technorati or BlogSearch even though I ping them....that would be nice too. ********

    August 9, 2006

    Showing the blogging love

    I have been blogging for quite a few years. I have noticed some changes over the years now that everyone seems to be blogging. I remember when I first started my blog, I was told that if you wanted people to visit your blog then you needed to comment on other blogs. I remember old time bloggers always returning the favor by stopping by my blog to say hello. Bloggers now-a-days don’t seem to do this – well not that often. Sadly, I too have been guilty of not commenting when stopping by a blog or visiting those that comment on my blog as often as I used to.

    Another thing I remember was trackbacks (or backlinks as they are called in Blogger). Trackbacks are another way to show other bloggers the blogging love. I love leaving trackbacks. I used to do it more often but lately I am lucky if I even have time to post on my own blog.

    Trackbacks is when you post to your blog and someone else posts to their blog about your post (and includes the link). This other person’s post will appear (title and summary) on your original post by the comments, if you have trackbacks/backlinks enabled (I love when people have them enabled). It is so cool to see other people talking about you and it makes me feel good letting people know I am talking about them too. :) And heck it is cool if people visit your blog because of a trackback you left on someone else’s page.

    Since Blogger never had the trackback ability in the past, I was never able to see if anyone actually liked me enough to write about me. Now isn’t that sad? But now that Blogger has backlinks it is so cool to see.

    For an example of how a trackback/backlink looks on a post go here. Look down at the bottom under the comments. See the links? Click on the arrow. See the summary? How cool is that?

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Oh and if I edited my template right you should see a trackback link on this post as well.

    If your blogging software does not allow you to leave a trackback you can use online trackback forms like this one.

    ****edited****** Oh and I forgot to tell you all about Technorati. Do you know about it? It is not just a blog search but you can also enter your blog address and see everyone who is linking to you. You may be surprised who is advertising your blog. *****edited******

    August 8, 2006

    Mojo, I have found thee.....I think

    I think my mojo may have found its way back home. I am not quite sure yet but I am just saying.

    It is amazing how just a little bit of organization makes me want to scrap. I am very surprised. Really. I am. Just don’t tell B that. I am surprised at how much stuff I actually have. I had hoped though that with having all my stuff together I would know exactly what I have. Not so. I went to the scrapbook store the other day and wanted to buy some large Bazzill brads but could not remember if I already had that particular color. Now I can understand this happening but the sad thing is that I only own 2 colors of these particular brads and could remember the colors, but for some reason I thought I had another one. So I put the brads back (last pack on the shelf) and went home. Yep. I don’t have that color. So I hope they are still there whenever I get a chance to go back.

    I did this layout last night for this week’s Scrappay Divas challenge. I am so happy I got it done. I may have stayed up past 1am but I finished it. It is rare for me to actually start AND finish a layout in one sitting. Don’t believe me? Just ask those that scrap with me.

    August 7, 2006

    I made a pocket

    I scrapped this weekend. Even amidst all the cleaning and organizing I managed to scrap. Well not really scrap per se but I did make this pocket. It is kind of boring actually but it is part of a progressive contest that I thought I would attempt to try. Each week we get a different item and at the end everything gets put together. Thing is you don’t know what the final result will be and you cannot alter anything once it is completed. So this pocket……yeah it stays the way it is. Hopefully it will all come together in the end. Tuesday (tomorrow) we find out what week #2 will be.

    If today is any indication of anything I sure do hope that the rest of the week goes much smoother.

    This has been a real Monday for me. I got to work and immediately had something thrown at me that should not have come to me and should have warned me of the day ahead. I do not like people calling me and then when I don’t tell them what they want to hear they then have their supervisor call me.

    Then an hour later I had to go to a baby shower for a co-worker. Well I did not HAVE to but wanted to. After the baby shower it was back to my desk to deal a bit more with the situation from the morning and to help out another co-worker.

    Every Monday morning the first thing I do is run reports of the work done the previous week. Well I did not finish that until 2pm!!!! I actually did not do any of my ‘real’ work until after 2pm!! I cannot believe how fast the day goes when you don’t do actual ‘real’ work. I did not even turn on my music until after 2pm. I have a feeling that I will be music-less this week.

    Speaking of music…..last week was another week of not listening to that much. I get so busy at work lately that I never seem to have time to listen. We have to wear our earphones so if I am needed I have to keep one ear open. That is one of the reasons I like working late. Everyone leaves, I am all alone and I can then put in the earphones and go to town. I get tons of work done when I can listen to my tunes which makes me one happy camper!

    (photo brought to you courtesy of Photobucket - cause Blogger sucks!!!!)

    August 3, 2006


    Even though I don’t scrap as often as I like or as fast as I would like, I do consider myself to be a scrapbooker. I hope to one day be less of a collector and actually use all the stuff I buy. I was surprised to see how many layouts I have done so far this year. I don’t know how many I have completed. The picture is just a few of them. I used to count how many pages I would do and even set goals for myself. I stopped doing that. I did not like feeling like I was failing when it came to doing something I enjoy. So now, iScrap when the mood hits me. I just need to figure out how to make that mood stay awhile. :)

    August 2, 2006

    Today is better

    Tuesday ended up not being a very good day for me. It was another day of very little sleep. I think I only got 2-3 hours. Work was actually very productive but I found that I had both sets of keys with me and since B was going to run some errands for me, I took an hour lunch and drove home to drop off the keys. Because of the long lunch that meant I had to stay late so I did not leave work until 7pm. So I call B to let him know I was on my way home and found out he did not do the errands that he offered to do for me. Yeah, I was ticked. So instead of driving home I had to stop by Target to pick up a few things. Oh yeah and I also picked up some extra things just for me, like shoes on sale for $3.64 and something for my hair and a new bra. Yep! I guess when I am ticked I shop. Then on my way home from Target I stopped to get us something to eat. I totally forgot that there are some TV shows I like to watch on Tuesday (I kept thinking it was Wednesday) and I got home at 8:45pm!!!! I was tired, cranky, hungry and had a terrible headache!

    Oh but here is a funny. I caught the end of the show ‘Dead like Me.’ The main gal on the show is working in an office and they all scrapbook. The end of the show had all these people around a table with scrapbook stuff. They told the main gal to show them her book and she just had photos in it like a photo album. Her boss tells her ‘that is a mistake that many beginners make, they try to make a scrapbook look like a photo album.’ Now I find that funny cause isn’t that what a scrapbook is?

    So now it is Wednesday. I actually slept last night – FINALLY! Of course I did not want to wake up this morning. I am also finding it hard to get motivated at work to. So much so that I did not even get to my Weight Watcher meeting today. I just did not feel like driving over to the other building.

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