August 20, 2006

One down......

....and 29 left to go.

29 and I think I have already hit the wall.

That mojo of mine sure is fleeting. I finished that layout over there today. I have never scrapped my fish before. LOL!

Right now I am working on a birthday boy layout. I don't know why I am having such a hard time at it. I think maybe because I am scrapping older photos and those pages are 8.5x11 and not 12x12.

I used to just scrap 12x12 for vacation photos but since the twins (and the digital) came along there are a lot more pictures to scrap so I made the decision that starting with my 2005 photos, I would scrap the larger size. I really do like the larger size but I think I am finding it difficult to go back to the smaller pages. Especially when I have a lot of photos to scrap. I think I know where I want the photos to go but it is trying to decide on colors that I am having problems with.

Well I better get back at it. I hope to have at least another layout completed by tonight or at least almost completed.


  1. It seems like 8.5x11 is coming back into style, if you look at some of the magazines, Simple Scrapbooks especially. Maybe look on their website for ideas. Also, don't forget to make 2 page LOs, it's big like a 12x12 page, right?
    Also, landscape (11x8.5) is big, and you can even put it into your regular album, though it might mean you have to turn it... but I like the proportions of it, at least for some photos.

  2. Sorry, I'm just all kinds of yappy today.
    About picking colors: I read an interesting idea somewhere. Take a photo, and pick a piece of patterned paper (or maybe embellishmen) that goes with it. Then take that paper and use it's colors to pick everything else: CS, accents, etc. Something to try maybe.

  3. That is funny that you should mention the smaller sizes coming back into style. I have heard that too. 8.5x11 was ALL I scrapped until this year. Leave it up to me to be behind the trend once again. LOL!

    As for the 2 pages - I have to scrap that many as I have WAY too many photos not too. That is one thing I like about moving to the larger size. I don't have to be so choosy about the photos.

    As for the colors. I have picked some ribbon and that is what is giving me fits. LOL! It is trying to match it. I think I can get it to work but the page may look un-finished. Is it okay to ink a 2-year old b-day layout? LOL~

  4. Way to go Stef! It's not too bad once you get on a roll.

  5. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....LOL. You cand do it. I am doing the opposite! Going to 8.5 x 11 and doing some landscape layouts. Just trying to change it up a little! Oh, have you decided whether or not you're going to CKC?

  6. You go girl! You can do it!!!
    Great layout!!

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