August 16, 2006

1.29 inches!!!

Make that 2.5 inches!!!!

This morning B had to go into work early. It was his day to drive the icky car and I am so happy he was not in the Honda.

Happy because I got a call from him shortly after he left to tell me that while driving thru a major intersection, the car was hit by a lot of water and stalled out. The water was over the bumper! He said he had to climb out the passenger side and water got into the car. Once outside the car the water went up to mid-thigh. If it were me the water would have probably been almost to my waist. I could not believe it. He was only a few miles away from our home and when I looked outside it was dry. He told me that it was totally dry until he got to the intersection and then all of a sudden it was pouring. He had to call work and have a work truck come and push the car out of the water (not looking forward to checking out the bumper when I get home). He was almost off to the side of the road when the engine conked out. According to the article below the Fire Department had to rescue people. I am glad he was not the only one that had this happen and that he made it out okay.

B just called. The car does not work and he had to tow it home. Bummer.

here to read the entire article.

Here are the highlights, ummmm I mean the important parts of the article. LOL!

Morning storm fills washes, floods streets

Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona Published: 08.16.2006

The heaviest flooding was in the eastern portion of the Tucson metro area, with the Alamo and Arcadia washes running the fastest.

A trained weather observer near East Speedway and North Craycroft Road reported 2.5 inches of rain. Several other observers in the Tucson area were reporting at least 0.6 of an inch of rain up to 1.6 of an inch.

Firefighters helped about six people out of their cars after they became stuck in the area of Speedway and Craycroft, McDonough said.

Several weather gages reported heavy rainfall across the area:

- Beverly Avenue and Hawthorne Street, 1.61 inches.
- Pantano and Irvington, 1.42 inches.
- Speedway and Craycroft, 1.29 inches.
- Ventana Canyon and Sunrise Road, 0.79 of an inch.
- Kolb and Golf Links, 0.75 of an inch.
- CaƱada del Oro Wash at Coronado Camp, 0.47 of an inch.

I cannot believe how much rain we have been getting. You can read more about it (and see pictures) here.


  1. wow and it was dry as a bone at our house! glad he's okay and sorry about the car!

  2. Sorry to hear about the car! I was driving into work praying I wouldn't hit any of the really bad areas. It was a little scary on CClub but nothing like it was down by Grant!

  3. That's the thing Rach. It was dry at our place too and we live only a few miles away.

    A - Country Club is REALLY bad when it rains. Especially in the middle of the road. Now that one really turns into a river.

    As for the still won't start.

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