August 7, 2006

I made a pocket

I scrapped this weekend. Even amidst all the cleaning and organizing I managed to scrap. Well not really scrap per se but I did make this pocket. It is kind of boring actually but it is part of a progressive contest that I thought I would attempt to try. Each week we get a different item and at the end everything gets put together. Thing is you don’t know what the final result will be and you cannot alter anything once it is completed. So this pocket……yeah it stays the way it is. Hopefully it will all come together in the end. Tuesday (tomorrow) we find out what week #2 will be.

If today is any indication of anything I sure do hope that the rest of the week goes much smoother.

This has been a real Monday for me. I got to work and immediately had something thrown at me that should not have come to me and should have warned me of the day ahead. I do not like people calling me and then when I don’t tell them what they want to hear they then have their supervisor call me.

Then an hour later I had to go to a baby shower for a co-worker. Well I did not HAVE to but wanted to. After the baby shower it was back to my desk to deal a bit more with the situation from the morning and to help out another co-worker.

Every Monday morning the first thing I do is run reports of the work done the previous week. Well I did not finish that until 2pm!!!! I actually did not do any of my ‘real’ work until after 2pm!! I cannot believe how fast the day goes when you don’t do actual ‘real’ work. I did not even turn on my music until after 2pm. I have a feeling that I will be music-less this week.

Speaking of music…..last week was another week of not listening to that much. I get so busy at work lately that I never seem to have time to listen. We have to wear our earphones so if I am needed I have to keep one ear open. That is one of the reasons I like working late. Everyone leaves, I am all alone and I can then put in the earphones and go to town. I get tons of work done when I can listen to my tunes which makes me one happy camper!

(photo brought to you courtesy of Photobucket - cause Blogger sucks!!!!)

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  1. The pocket is really pretty! I love pockets and tags. Hope work goes better for you today!

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