May 31, 2008

So disapointed

No. Let me rephrase that. I am actually pretty ticked. I was just screwed by Alltel and there is nothing I can do about it. The day before my trip, I had to buy a new cell phone. My first cell phone finally bit the dust and I needed a phone for my trip. So we head off to the nearby Alltel to get a new phone. The rebate offer helped to seal the deal. They even printed out an extra receipt and paper clipped it to the rebate offer. Also, paper clipped to this was some other offers and the sales person's card. We were told we had 60-days for the rebate and the rebate form also had this boldly printed on the bottom of the form.

So, I leave the next day for my trip. I am now back and decide to fill out the information for the rebate. I remove the sales person's card and find that she had covered up a very important piece of information. The rebate ended on May 29th. The sales person never mentioned an ending date and in fact when she talked to us in detail about the rebate she had already had her extra stuff paper clipped to it so there was no way at that time we would have noticed that we only were given a week for our rebate. I am so disappointed to be out of pocket for this money. At least I can still take the phone back and I will be so very sad to do so but it may end up being the only option. It may actually be the best option. Then I can head on over to Best Buy and see what phone they offer for free. I was told by a co-worker that she got her phone (the same as mine) for free from Best Buy when her carrier wanted her to pay for it. So much for customer loyalty.

May 29, 2008

Where did May go?

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Whew! The month of May just seemed to rush by. I cannot believe it is already going to be June. So much has happened this month.

I of course got the hairs cut. I am now learning the concept of having a bad hair day. This also means I have to actually spend time on my hair and comb it. It had been a year since my last cut. I knew I had bad split ends but the gal that cut my hair was supposed to take care of that. I told her to cut off as much as she needed at the bottom. She kept it pretty long though and I am finding so many split ends that I am afraid to color my hair. Hair does not look pretty when the ends are white. I am wondering if I should call her and ask her to trim the ends. It has been a couple of weeks since I got the cut so I wonder how much she will charge me. Have any of you done that? Gone back to the hairstylist to get the original cut ‘fixed’? This is a first for me. Makes me miss my Uncle even more. He would know exactly what to do. But of course he would not be afraid to chop off all the bad ends to begin with.

This month I have also had my first job review. I have made it to my 90-day mark so now I am eligible for health insurance. Well on the 1st I will be. I.CANNOT.WAIT! My body is starting to fall apart and I SO need to go to the doctor. Well first I need to find one. Ever since my last doctor (if he could even call himself that), I have been quite leery about going. I am overwhelmed at finding a new doctor. I just don’t want to make the wrong choice.

Last week I had the opportunity to go on my first business trip. I had to go up to the State Department to get some additional training on the main part of my job. It was nice being out of town for the week. The drive up was a bit hectic. What should have taken about 1 ½ hours took nearly three! There was construction and cops all the way up and once I hit the capitol it all came to a standstill. Then came the fun of driving downtown looking for the building and parking garage I was supposed to use. It all worked out and even though I was late I ended up not missing a single part of the presentation except for the introductions. I got to stay at a nice hotel, in a super huge suite, where I was pretty much the only girl there. I have also learned that traveling business men can be kind of loud.

I was excited to come back to work this week and get started on this backlog of cases but the system has been down the entire week. So I have been a bit bummed about that. I hope I get to use what I learned before I forget it.

May 26, 2008

There have been some changes

Lots of things happening around here.

Lots of changes. Lots of learning. Lots of traveling too. But for now, I am home. It feels good to be back but I kind of wish I could leave again.

May 14, 2008

How should I feel?

How should I feel?
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I came across this today. I guess I really don't know how I 'feel' about it. I thought at first it was kind of cool. The website is a neat idea. But then I noticed that you could save the photos. Then I found that many people have uploaded these photos into their own Flickr account. The website mentions Creative Commons copyright but this picture of mine sure is not and the same is true for quite a few pictures I came across.

I know there are a lot of sites out there that gather pictures from Flickr and all over the web but those usually take you right to the original photo page when you click on them. The website may have a link back to my original photo on their page but it also altered the photo and added their own info. If the photo is downloaded from the site then they have no way of knowing who it originally belonged to. Plus there is a reason I edited the picture the way I did. This just makes me feel totally different about it.

May 12, 2008

This is me.

I got the link to this survey while visiting a friend's blog. I thought the results were pretty interesting. I would have to say that it is pretty accurate. Surprisingly accurate. Especially in the career choices. :) Now that was interesting. I used to want to be a vet when I was younger.

You Are An ISFP

The Artist

You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).

You enjoy spending your free time in nature, and you are good with animals and children.

Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms and live for the simple pleasures in life.

Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs.

In love, you are quiet and sweet yet very passionate. You love easily.

You have an underlying love for all living things, and it's easy for you to accept someone into your heart.

At work, you do best in an unconventional position. You express yourself well and can work with almost anyone.

You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

How you see yourself: Sympathetic, kind, and communicative

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Incompetent, insecure, and overly sensitive

May 10, 2008

They could be my cats! LOL~

The picture from yesterday's post was one from my 365 project set. One of the comments I got on the photo was about corporate cuddling and included a link to this video. This is seriously the funniest thing I have come across in the longest time. Watching these cats is like watching my own! I showed it to the husband and he could not stop laughing. Of course he had to immediately try out the cat yodeling. LOL~

So do engineers really only eat peanut butter and jelly? LOL~

May 9, 2008


*help!*  {298/365}

I cannot believe that I have been captured! I have been given the most terrible torture of all. The cuddle torture. I must stay brave. I must not be weak for this goes against everything that makes me the cat that I am! I will only be touched when I want to be and NEVER NEVER will I be held!! I will never let the giants win! I will not let them hear me purr. I will never let down my guard. I will bravely live the rest of my 9-lives in this prison.

With all the braveness in the world.

Your faithful feline,

Stinky McStink Butt

p.s. Please send help soon!

May 5, 2008

*If the sandal fits...*

Since I have had to buy new clothes for the J.O.B. I have been forced to buy new shoes as well. ;)

I found these. They are really cute and have a bit of a heel. So they probably won't get worn to work that often. LOL!

The only problem...I cannot walk in them. I have never been able to walk in these slip-on type of sandals. I seem to be always griping my toes so that either the shoes don't fly off while I am walking or so I don't trip. I always seem to be drag my feet when I wear them. Well at least one of my feet. Not a very graceful look I assure you. LOL!

May 2, 2008

I missed Grey's for this?

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Saturday is National Scrapbook Day. All the scrappy places are having sales and the local scrapbook stores are no exceptions. Last night, I had the opportunity to go to the local scrapbook store's sale before the sale. It was a special pre-sale for all of us that spend way too much money in the store. I have never been to one of these special events and decided it was about time that I did. Especially since I probably won't make the 'special' list this year. I was hoping to find some cool new things to buy but there really wasn't much that I HAD to have. There really wasn't anything new. I did manage to buy the 12-inch platform for the QK Revolution but they did not have any of the new 12-inch dies. I am still debating that particular purchase, by the way. I still managed to spend alot and came home with Stickles, which I have never used before and a few bottles of very over-priced glitter. I just could not resist those pretty colors and all that sparkle.

During the sale we played Bingo. I was excited to actually win one of the Bingo games. I was given a nicely wrapped present which I waited until I got home to open. I shook it and it sounded like chipboard and I was hoping I won something that was new and exciting. Imagine my surprise, okay really, my disapointment when I opened my prize to find that it was in no way scrappy related. It was not even something sold in the store. It was just a puzzle. :(

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