May 2, 2008

I missed Grey's for this?

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Saturday is National Scrapbook Day. All the scrappy places are having sales and the local scrapbook stores are no exceptions. Last night, I had the opportunity to go to the local scrapbook store's sale before the sale. It was a special pre-sale for all of us that spend way too much money in the store. I have never been to one of these special events and decided it was about time that I did. Especially since I probably won't make the 'special' list this year. I was hoping to find some cool new things to buy but there really wasn't much that I HAD to have. There really wasn't anything new. I did manage to buy the 12-inch platform for the QK Revolution but they did not have any of the new 12-inch dies. I am still debating that particular purchase, by the way. I still managed to spend alot and came home with Stickles, which I have never used before and a few bottles of very over-priced glitter. I just could not resist those pretty colors and all that sparkle.

During the sale we played Bingo. I was excited to actually win one of the Bingo games. I was given a nicely wrapped present which I waited until I got home to open. I shook it and it sounded like chipboard and I was hoping I won something that was new and exciting. Imagine my surprise, okay really, my disapointment when I opened my prize to find that it was in no way scrappy related. It was not even something sold in the store. It was just a puzzle. :(


  1. I was playing bingo yesterday too, round at a friend's house! But my prize was a bit better - 10 Things I Hate About You on DVD.

  2. Wow Lis! I like your present much much better. Especially since it has a cute guy in it. Do you wanna trade? ;)

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