April 29, 2008

Having reservations

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I want to thank again all of you that left comments on my last post. The choices are really helping with my decisions on where to stay when I go on my trip.

I don't know why I am freaking out over where to stay. Well I do know. It is because it is the first time I will be doing it alone and not meeting anyone at the end of my journey. Airplane reservations are just so much easier. LOL!

My training will be in Phoenix. I lived there once, for a year. Of course that was 20 years ago. LOL! At least I have a pretty good idea on how to navigate the city. I just don't know which parts of town are safe to stay overnight.

I had pretty much narrowed it down to one hotel but I think it is actually in a bad part of town so now it is between that one and another which is on the opposite side of downtown.

One hotel is remodeled and is near a mall and food establishments (how is that for a fancy word?). But it is in central Phoenix and may not be a good option. The other choice is actually downtown and even though there are not food places around the hotel, they give you free breakfast. I am good with free.

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