May 30, 2005

The darn thing exploded

I have been hanging out on Blog Explosion a bit too much lately. I put my blog on the BlogRocket and I don't know why that excites me. LOL! Many times during the day, last week I would keep putting my blog back on the Rocket. I even broke my own rule. One thing that bugs me about surfing the different blogs is that some are rarely updated and yet I end up seeing them many times a day (yep I log on at home too). I always told myself that I would never go to Blog Explosion or read any other of my daily blogs I read unless I update my site first. Well......I admit I have not done that. I have put my darn blog on the Blog Rocket many times and I have not updated since last week. How embarrassing. Why did I do it? Was it the excitement of seeing my blog move up the list? No I think it was for the people who visited. It was exciting to see how many people would visit each time I posted my blog. Now granted, I probably got the clicks because there was the reward of maybe winning some mystery credits. C'mon! I know that is it right? Now I have discovered something else on Blog Explosion. It is the Battle of the Blogs. It is a good thing that I don't have enough credits to enter as I am sure my ego could not handle the rejection of losing. Oh who I am I kidding? Even losing I would find myself entering over and over. Darn it! I have better things to do than to spend my day on Blog Explosion. Don't I?

May 27, 2005


I am in pain. Growing older I have experienced little aches and pains. I understand they come with life and they do not bother me. When I was younger it was determined that I have a problem with my ankles. It got me out of gym from 8th grade until graduation. Even though I was not supposed to I still took the dance classes. I was used to my ankles twisting on a daily basis. I still am used to it. Just walking can cause my ankle to turn and I end up limping for awhile. Since this has always happened to me I have learned to live with it. Plus it gives me a valid excuse to sit on my butt. :-)

The pain I am now experiencing is one that is new and very painful. For the past few weeks I would have pain when moving my right arm. The pain is in the front of the shoulder (some say rotator cuff?). It would hurt only when I moved my arm and when I did not move my arm but moved my head to the left (like to look over my shoulder when driving). It was just a inconvenience. So I did not do much crafting (well I admit to knitting last night - I hope that is not what caused this). I have not done much cleaning (and my house looks terrible). I figured I could live with the pain until it went away. Well, now I have decided I cannot live with it. Now my shoulder hurts whether I move it or not! It is a constant pain and hurts even more when I DO move my shoulder. This sucks as now I can barely work. I work on the computer all day. Just typing this post is killing me. Everyone I have spoken to have said that the only way for a torn rotator cuff to heal is to NOT use it. I don't know if I have a torn rotator cuff but how does one NOT use their arm/shoulder? I never realized how much I used my shoulder until now.

Anyone ever have this problem? Any ideas on how to make the pain go away?

May 25, 2005

Hmmmm. Makes you think.

If my weather pixie is down to a bathing suit at 100 degrees what will she be wearing if it gets any hotter?

May 24, 2005

Hidden Camera Dancing

This video had me cracking up big time!!!

Hidden Camera Dancing

Don't you feel like grooving right along?

May 23, 2005

Can you say hot?

This past weekend was terrible!!!! I would think that since I was born here that I would be used to the heat but I do not remember it being this bad when I was a child. It is not even a slight daily increase in the temperature. One day it could be 80 degrees and then Bang! Over 100! We broke tons of records with the heat this weekend.

Broken Records:

Previous: May 21, 1914: 105 degrees.

New: May 21, 2005: 107 degrees.

Previous: May 22, 2000: 105 degrees.

New: May 22, 2005: 109 degrees.


Today: Sunny, high around 105 to 110 degrees.

Tonight: Clear, lows from around 69 to 74 degrees.

Tuesday: Sunny, highs around 102 to 107 degrees.

On Saturday it was just me (Yes! I am loving this hubby working on my day off). I slept in for a little bit and then headed out to run some errands. Leave it to me to leave the house at 1PM (the hottest part of the day) and drive around in my un-air-conditioned car. I had the evil car and due to the fact that the A/C likes to break the alternator and the fact that my hubby does not trust me to NOT turn the darn thing on - he had the A/C disconnected. I was out only a little over an hour but that was enough for me.

On Sunday B and I went to see the first showing of Revenge of the Sith. A lot of people sure do get up early to see a movie. B and I also go to the first show of the day and we were surprised to see how many people were there. Of course that did not compare to the huge line that was waiting outside the theatre when we left. After cooling off a bit at home we took a drive to look at new places to rent. It was after 5pm but it was still too hot. Our new car's A/C is not working for some reason. I have found out that I am not good in the heat. B looked perfect. Myself, not so much. My face was RED! I looked like I was ready to pass out and I was the one drinking the water. Since it is supposed to be 110 degrees today I sure do hope it cools off a bit before I have to leave work for home. I know you did not stop by to read up on the weather. As for crafty things......I did nothing all weekend. It was too darn HOT!

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May 19, 2005

Speaking of Darth Tater.......

I came across this funny (Store Wars) yesterday courtesy of Alannah (go check out her site - she does fantastic layouts). Be prepared, it is a long one. Someone sure had a lot of time to put this movie together. Darth Tater, Obi-Wan Cannoli, Chewbroccolli! Gotta love it!

There is a department here at work that is closing early this afternoon and taking everyone to see the show (Revenge of the Sith that is). Obviously it is NOT my department. Hmmmmmmmmm. I wonder when I will get to see the actual movie? Maybe Sunday. Have you all seen it already?

May 18, 2005

May the Spud be with you

I think I want one.
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Morning shocker!

Walking down the stairs this morning to leave for work I was shocked at what I saw. Hubby had filled his water jug and was in the process of putting it in the fridge. So there is sits. In the fridge. Now the super shocker will be if he actually drinks it!

Well......I am off to do some chugging of my own......

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May 17, 2005

Is it time to go home yet?

Do you ever have those days where the day just drags? Well I sure everyone does at one time or another. Today is one of those days. I sure do get them alot.

I have finished my first jug of water and have started on my second. If only the restrooms were not so far away in this building, not only because they are so darn far away but because everyone wants to talk while I am walking to them. Can't they see I am on a mission?

I do not know what to do tonight as Amazing Race is over. Maybe I can finally attend the stitch-n-bitch. It is held on Tuesdays nights. See I even found a cool new knitting icon Image hosted by I am almost finished with my knitted shawl. I only have one more round to go. I am trying to debate on whether I need to add an extra round. It is hard to tell what the size is as I cannot lay out the shawl to check. I am using the circulars now so I do have a much better idea than when I was using the straight needles. I do have a gripe about the yarn I am using. I am using Homespun for the shawl. It is such a fuzzy yarn. I have worked with it before and I am currently making a blanket with this yarn (UFO #1). The blanket looks great, the shawl does not. The shawl looks all fuzzy and to me it looks like it is sloppy. I guess I will not be using Homespun for anything other than blankets in the future (oh....except that scarf I was going to make).

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Floating away...

I bought myself a 74 oz water jug. One of these (full of water) a day is what I need. I already run to the restroom too much. Now I just know that I will be running to the restroom all the time now. Just something else to be teased about at work. I mean when I have guys coming up to me to settle the debate question of 'why do women have to go to the bathroom so much'. You gotta see I have a fun time with these guys.

I bought one for B too. He can go days without water. I told him that he needed to drink one jug a day. I also told him that he must fill it with WATER only and nothing else. The look on his face was priceless. I doubt he will use it that often.

Well...... the jug is more than halfway empty......I'll be right back.

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May 16, 2005


Sometimes while searching the web (say using Google for instance) I will select the images option. I have been lucky to find some online pictures of my friends this way. It is really weird when it happens to you though. Sometimes people get to my site by the photos that are found thru Google images or photobucket images. The results have not been very exciting pictures (like my first attempt at knitting). However this past week someone came to my blog via Google images and it was by searching for the name of the photo. This particular photo was taken by a co-worker and I just uploaded the photo using the name he saved it under (Steph1). It is weird to see my own face looking back at me from search page #3 (and it is not even a good picture).

What determines if a photos if found by a search engine or not? Not all of my photos are found if I search on the name.

Well.....I have a feeling that I may be renaming my photos to just numbers in the future. It is just too freaky.

May 12, 2005

Are Pigs Flying?

I think either Hell has frozen over or Pigs are flying! A few times during the year (usually after busy season or a catastrophe), a couple of managers will walk around thanking everyone for the work they have done. Sometimes they give you a memento to show their Thanks; usually it is not worth much. During the years I have worked at my current job I have been given juggling balls, Squish balls, water balls (you soak them in water before throwing), a yo-yo (it was supposed to light up), a plastic calculator (did not work) and yadda yadda yadda……. Well, I could go on and on but I don't want to bore you. Basically we got items you can buy cheap and in large amounts. Each year, the Thank You's have been fewer and further between. Well today made up for ALL of those previously crappy toys.

Today I was given one of these……

Image hosted by

Yep! That is an iPod Shuffle!! And it is all mine!!!! I cannot wait to use it. I was so excited when I opened it. I had to beg a couple of co-workers to open their box (they came in a brown shipping box). People thought it was just another lame toy. I would have never have purchased one of these on my own. Of course, now I have to buy a new computer as it only works on Windows XP….and do I have Windows XP? NOPE!!!

Image hosted by

Well I can tell you all that it sure does look real purty sitting in its box.

May 11, 2005


Image hosted by

Image hosted by

What can I say? All is right in the world of reality T.V.!!!!!!!

May 10, 2005


Due to the season finale of Amazing Race this blog will be closed until tomorrow.

DOWN WITH ROB AND AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 9, 2005

Can I still be in the club?

I have a confession to make. I did nothing scrapbook related on National Scrapbook Day. Also, I did nothing scrapbook related the day before NSD or the day after. Should I go to time out?

.....I am so lame. :-(

May 8, 2005

Time sure flies

I cannot believe how fast the weekend flies by when all a person does is sleep. Just like when I was little and on a car trip. My mom would always tell me "take a nap and we will be closer to getting there'. I always thought it was because she wanted my brother and I to stop bugging them. :-) I have not been online or anywhere away from home really since Thursday of last week. I called in sick on Friday and slept most of the day away. Saturday I had to myself and again I found myself sleeping. Today I just slept in as I usually do on a Sunday but did not the entire day. Maybe because B was here. Well I know it was because of him being home that I did not sleep away the day. He would kill me if he knew that I did that. I don't know why there are days when all I would rather do is sleep. I guess sometimes the dreams are so much better than the real thing.

I did manage to get out of the house today. B and I went grocery shopping. We so did not plan this shopping trip and did spend a ton. It was nice though as we have not been shopping in quite a long time and needed everything. I am surprised that we did not buy any junk food except potato chips for our lunches. Oh and yes......a box of bullet pops. B went to see his Mom for Mother's day and I went to visit mine. Since B's parents moved so far out of town, it is not as convenient to just stop by and visit. I lucked out that my brother also stopped by while I was visiting my Mom. It was good to see the babies. The twins are sick and one has pneumonia (thanks to the doctor that said it was only a cold and nothing more). Thanks to the doctor's assistant who insisted there was something on the x-rays and found the pneumonia. I don't know how my sister-in-law does it. She sure does have her hands full.

As for reading, I hope to get back in the mood as I have tons of books checked out from the library. I just finished reading SecondHand Bride by Linda Lael Miller. This was the last in a trilogy. I really enjoyed the series and have checked out some other books by this author. I really like stories of pioneer women. I did luck out and got one of the first copies of Full Bloom by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes. I started this book yesterday and so far so good. Since this book is so popular I need to read it now as I will not be able to re-check it out for quite awhile (already 50 people have it reserved). I am just a few pages into the book and in typical Janet style I am laughing already. If it wasn't for B already being in bed I would be off this computer and reading it right now!

May 5, 2005

I so need to change my life...

I so do not want to be at work today. I think I have Spring Fever. Maybe I am just bored? I actually have a lot to do in my last 2 hours and I just don't want to do it. I am honestly thinking I would like to telecommute to work. There is a position for that available but I would be back to calling customers. But I would be home and could do that in my underwear if I wanted to. LOL! I think though that I would miss being around my co-workers. What would I have to talk about if all I did was stay at home on the computer all day long?

One of the main reasons that is keeping me from having a child is my job. My job is not kid friendly. I would stress way to much if my child were sick and I had to decide on staying home or getting fired. I am thinking if I worked from home I could start thinking of having a baby before it got too late. The majority of the people that telecommute in this position are SAHM's. Sounds like a good idea to me. Plus I would be sent out of state to train and be treated like a human being as this stay-at-home department is headed by the main CFO and has a larger budget. I have been talking with a co-worker that currently has this position. She stopped by work today and has given me a lot of good information on the position.

Do any of you telecommute to work? What do you find are the Pro's and Con's?

May 4, 2005

Blogging scrappers

Ever since I started my blog I searched for other scrapbookers out there who blogged. It is exciting to see more and more scrappers out there starting new blogs. I especially like it when they post their layouts. I have been part of many online message boards and layouts galleries like Scrapjazz and 2peas but with so many layouts posted I usually don't pay as close attention as when I have just one layout in front of me. I also find the personalization of the entries more interesting to me than just reading the message boards.

Oh Scrap!

My layouts are extremely simple (when I find the time to scrap that is). I really admire those that can make awesome layouts, such as this ONE I came across today. I love how it all fits together and how the letter overlaps the photo. Why am I so chicken to try that? And why if I were to try it - would I feel it not look as good?

Then there is my friend LAURA. She was pregnant with triplets and still found time to scrap! She has now had her triplets and she still finds time to scrap (oh and she is doing a separate album for each child!). It is just me, B and the 2 cats and I don't know if I will ever find the time to scrap and I am just working on our own album! LOL!

May 2, 2005


Why is it when kids get caught in a lie they get all defensive and then keep glancing at you with daggers in their eyes?

I had meant to write last week about a young boy who came to my door and asked me if there was any garbage he could take out for .50 cents. Not having .50 cents I told him 'No'. Fast forward to the next week. Same little boy pounding on my door. This time he asked if there was any garbage he could take out for $1.00. Having actually no garbage this time. I again said 'No'. Now talk about a raise. I would love to have a raise of .50 cents from one week to another. :-)

Fast forward to Saturday. I watched as my neighbor walked by my window on her way to walk her dog. When she came back 2 little boys (not the one that has been coming to my door) were following her. I saw she gave them a bag of garbage which they promptly threw over the fence and took off with the money.

I went to my neighbor and told her what happened. She was not too happy and since you can be fined for 'wildcat dumping' I am sure she will not like it if she has a fine due to this bag being thrown on private property (it is fenced and we cannot get to it).

As I was getting my mail I happened to have these two little boys walk by me counting their money. I asked the one who I saw throw the bag over the fence if he was throwing garbage bags over the fence. Instead of asking me what I was talking about he said 'No. No I didn't. Not me!' (Yeah sure!) I told him that I saw him do it and he shut up really quick. As I was walking back to my apartment both boys kept stealing glances at me. In fact as I watched them walk thru the parking lot they kept looking at me like suspiciously. The youngest one even peaked around the dumpster at me (LOL!) I guess they thought I was going to run after them. I guess they thought that since the majority of the apartments in the back are empty that no one would see them throw the garbage over the fence.

I have since found garbage bags in front of the empty apartment next door (nasty ones too) and stashed by other buildings around the complex.

I cannot stand thieving liars. These little boys are not even in their teens. I would say their ages are 8 and 10. I just feel bad for the original little boy that was taking out garbage for money as he has nothing to do with these two little boys. I never even imagined that they would dump the garbage and take off with the money. I think that if they come to my door I will tell them either 'No' (and a few other things)or tell them they have to take the garbage to the dumpster first (while I watch) and then they can get their money. I am hesitant to say anything though as I don't trust these kids not to damage my property as they have already shown to be heading the way of the delinquent. Sad thing is.....their mom probably does not even care!

My brother and I would never have even thought to do something like this (my mom would have killed us). My nephews are even above doing this (my mom would kill them too!). I guess I just expect other kids to be as honest as my family is honest. Of course I don't know why I feel that way. That must be a sign that I am getting old.

May 1, 2005

UFO #1

Image hosted by

I have joined the UFO CAL at Crochetville. It is about time that I finished all of these unfinished objects (UFO's).

My first UFO is an afghan that I was making strictly for US. I think I have found the pattern and now I just need to find my hook! The pattern is worked using two strands of yarn at a time. I have just the skeins showing in the picture to go and then this blanket is finished. I made one for my mom a few years ago for Christmas and I would have been done with ours back then too but I wanted ours to be a bit longer so I still have these two skeins to go. I know the afghan just blends right into my comforter in these pictures but I don't have anything light to put it on.

I don't know why I never finished it. I think one reason may be that it looks all nice and new in the plastic bag it sits in and once I am finished with it – it will be covered in cat hair (do you notice Cleo looking on). Also, I think since B wants something he can cover the sofa with he will be disappointed as this afghan is more lap sized and will probably not cover a person completely. It will be nice to finish though and I hope to maybe finish it tonight while watching T.V.

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