May 16, 2005


Sometimes while searching the web (say using Google for instance) I will select the images option. I have been lucky to find some online pictures of my friends this way. It is really weird when it happens to you though. Sometimes people get to my site by the photos that are found thru Google images or photobucket images. The results have not been very exciting pictures (like my first attempt at knitting). However this past week someone came to my blog via Google images and it was by searching for the name of the photo. This particular photo was taken by a co-worker and I just uploaded the photo using the name he saved it under (Steph1). It is weird to see my own face looking back at me from search page #3 (and it is not even a good picture).

What determines if a photos if found by a search engine or not? Not all of my photos are found if I search on the name.

Well.....I have a feeling that I may be renaming my photos to just numbers in the future. It is just too freaky.


  1. I don't understand that either. People keep finding my dad's slippers and my naked sock monkey, and neither of them are named...

    Oh, and the picture of Lucy's eyeballs.

  2. Ok, so I had to try it. I typed my maiden name and it took 10 pages before there was a picture that was even related to me and it was of Elias! Haha. There does happen to be a harp player who has exactly the same name as me.

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