May 27, 2005


I am in pain. Growing older I have experienced little aches and pains. I understand they come with life and they do not bother me. When I was younger it was determined that I have a problem with my ankles. It got me out of gym from 8th grade until graduation. Even though I was not supposed to I still took the dance classes. I was used to my ankles twisting on a daily basis. I still am used to it. Just walking can cause my ankle to turn and I end up limping for awhile. Since this has always happened to me I have learned to live with it. Plus it gives me a valid excuse to sit on my butt. :-)

The pain I am now experiencing is one that is new and very painful. For the past few weeks I would have pain when moving my right arm. The pain is in the front of the shoulder (some say rotator cuff?). It would hurt only when I moved my arm and when I did not move my arm but moved my head to the left (like to look over my shoulder when driving). It was just a inconvenience. So I did not do much crafting (well I admit to knitting last night - I hope that is not what caused this). I have not done much cleaning (and my house looks terrible). I figured I could live with the pain until it went away. Well, now I have decided I cannot live with it. Now my shoulder hurts whether I move it or not! It is a constant pain and hurts even more when I DO move my shoulder. This sucks as now I can barely work. I work on the computer all day. Just typing this post is killing me. Everyone I have spoken to have said that the only way for a torn rotator cuff to heal is to NOT use it. I don't know if I have a torn rotator cuff but how does one NOT use their arm/shoulder? I never realized how much I used my shoulder until now.

Anyone ever have this problem? Any ideas on how to make the pain go away?


  1. I had a similar thing happen to me a couple of years ago. I was at first told it could be either a torn rotator cuff or bursitis. After xrays were taken it was found I have degenerative disk disease and cervical stenosis(narrowing of the space of the spinal cord). Almost all of my pain was in my right shoulder. In my case, I ended up getting shots in my neck to calm the nerves. Most of the time I just deal with it by rest when it acts up, but if the pain gets bad I can go back for the shots again.

    Bottom line....see a doctor. Please don't put it off! Only a doctor will be able to tell you what is really going on, and what you will be able to do for your situation. Hopefully it will be something that is easily treated. I can tell you from many years of chronic pain experience, the longer you just try to live with pain, the harder it usually is to get it under control.

  2. I agree: see a doctor don't assume that it's a torn rotator cuff, as, depending on the cause, rest might be as problematic as overusage.

    I also have extreme pain in my shoulders all of the time, from my syrinx (spinal cord cyst) but also from my Ehlers-Danlos (collagen deficiency that causes joint hypermobility). Don't stress over the first thing, as it doesn't sound like the TYPE of pain that goes along with syringomyelia anyway (plus it's rare, plus there'd be other issues), but your first comments about your ankles did make me wonder if you had joint hypermobility. EDS is also fairly rare, but there's a continuum of joint hypermobility diagnoses, so, if along with your ankles frequently turning out (which isn't diagnostic and certainly could have a whole ton of causes, so, if you already know the problem there and just didn't explain it, nevermind), you also have other places of hypermobility (for example, if your elbows and knees bend backward when you try to straighten them and if your thumbs can bend back to touch your forearms), it might be something worth looking into. But, I don't want to be making a hypochrondriac out of anyone and having you suddenly thinking that you must have these crazy conditions, as you probably don't; it's just something worth considering and, if other features fit, asking your doc about it. If not, nevermind: go to the doc and let him or her figure it out! (Besides, even if it IS a rotator cuff problem or something, they may be able to give you a cortisone injection or something to relieve the pain as it heals).

    Good luck and feel better!

    P.S. I think your background pattern is really cool and I totally love it on its own, but it's absolutely impossible for me to read the text against it (I had to highlight all the text): using a solid background just behind the areas in which you have a text--and letting the textured-looking pink surround the columns--would make it a lot more readable. I hope that doesn't sound rude, and obviously if you want it that way, it's totally your business, but I know that sites often show up differently on different browsers and computers (I'm using Safari on a Mac, btw) and I just figured that, if it's more readable on your own computer, you might just not no that it's hard to read elsewhere.

  3. Thank you both for all the information. As of right now my shoulder pain comes and goes. At least now I can move it. I am trying to be very careful as to how I move it. I know that if I sit up straight and let my hands sit in my lap that this will even irritate my shoulder. If it continues I am going in to see the doctor (as soon as work get the insurance changed over to the new provider). Thank you again for commenting.

    As for the anyone else having problems viewing it? I use IE and Windows. I am wondering if it is a browser issue or system. The red background should only be strips on the sides with the text on a white background.

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