May 1, 2005

UFO #1

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I have joined the UFO CAL at Crochetville. It is about time that I finished all of these unfinished objects (UFO's).

My first UFO is an afghan that I was making strictly for US. I think I have found the pattern and now I just need to find my hook! The pattern is worked using two strands of yarn at a time. I have just the skeins showing in the picture to go and then this blanket is finished. I made one for my mom a few years ago for Christmas and I would have been done with ours back then too but I wanted ours to be a bit longer so I still have these two skeins to go. I know the afghan just blends right into my comforter in these pictures but I don't have anything light to put it on.

I don't know why I never finished it. I think one reason may be that it looks all nice and new in the plastic bag it sits in and once I am finished with it – it will be covered in cat hair (do you notice Cleo looking on). Also, I think since B wants something he can cover the sofa with he will be disappointed as this afghan is more lap sized and will probably not cover a person completely. It will be nice to finish though and I hope to maybe finish it tonight while watching T.V.


  1. oh I bet Homespun is so soft in an afghan!

  2. That blanket looks beautiful. Love the colors you choose. Your cat is pretty too. I know the feeling about having cats get their hair on the blankets. My grandmother made me a couple of blankets and my Rocky always takes them over and I have to wash them from time to time to get all that hair off. UGGGG!!!!!!

  3. Very pretty! What is the name of the color? Oh,and cat hair just makes the afghan more soft! LOL

  4. OMG, I have so many of these projects laying around. Someday they will be finished. I even have a project started with the exact same yarn as shown here! haha! I was supposed to make handbags for my bridesmaids with it and I started it over 3 years ago. I eventually ran out of time! Good luck getting rid of all your UFOs

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