March 28, 2009

Too short

The weekend is just not long enough. It will be over after tomorrow and I am not ready for it to end.

We did not end up going anywhere today. We stayed home and watched a couple of movies and I even attempted to get my scrap on but a lovely migrane headache had to intrude on any attempts at craftiness. So not much of anything really got done today.

I have gotten even more behind in uploading my daily photos. I have such a hard time deciding which photo to use. Even photographs of the weeds in our backyard are not exempt.

I hate making decisions

I will probably go with the middle one. But then again.....I am not sure.

The other day I started reading Midnight Sun. Have you read it? I have only read the first chapter but I have to say that I do like it so far. A different view point is always nice at fleshing out a character. I hope that one day Stephenie Meyer will change her mind and publish it.


Well I did it. I went ahead and ordered some prints of my Project 365 photos. I am one step closer to scrapping them. Well...I say that now but being known as the slowest scrapbooker in the world and one that rarely seems to actually complete a page, it may still be a dream and not a reality. I also did not take the photos with the intention of scrapping them so they are kind of a mish-mash of stuff that may be hard to scrap.

I ordered my prints from Snapfish. They have always been my favorite for the quality of their prints. But is has been quite awhile since I have ordered from them and now I am not too sure they still hold that status. I am surprised at the thin, flimsy quality of the paper and the colors are NOT very pleasing. The photos look a hundred times better on Flickr. I was thinking of getting some reprinted elsewhere to compare but now I don't know if I want to go thru with the hassle.

I had hoped to maybe start scrapping this weekend but it looks like I may be doing a bit more organizing and tossing of stuff. Although the husband did say something about going to a movie on Saturday.

March 22, 2009

That which is Twilight

Yesterday, I did what most people did. I went out and bought Twilight, the movie. I did not see it in the theatre and was waiting to watch it on Blu-Ray. When I got home from the store the husband had a friend visiting. I did not want to watch the movie with 2 men putting in their comments so I had to wait. As soon as the friend left though that movie was put in the player and strict instructions given to the husband that no comments were allowed. As expected the husband fell asleep soon after the movie started so I did get to enjoy it on my own. I have to say that I really did like it. This is definitely one that I will be able to watch over and over.

This morning the husband watched it while I was still asleep. His first comment made after seeing the movie was "I wonder how much product Edward has in his hair." Me thinks someone is jealous of that hair. I sure do like a man with good hair.

I would have to say the movie was a success in this household as it was put away in the main movie drawer (aka movies the husband deems as decent and good) as opposed to all the other movies I own (aka chick flicks) that have been put on some bottom shelf that I cannot even get to at the moment.

I look forward to the sequels. I hope they are just as good if not better. I hear that New Moon should be out either the end of this year or beginning of the next (2009/2010). So it looks like I won't have long to wait.

That which is Twilight

March 21, 2009

Please pardon my dust

As you can see I am in the process of making changes. It has been a long time in the making but I have been unsuccessful in the past on finding a blogging template that would work with uploading my photos from Flickr. All the regular Blogger templates cut off part of the photo.

So while fooling around last night I found one that appeared to work. I started working on it with the intent to have it all uploaded first thing today. But then this morning I had to go buy Twilight (of course) and I had to watch a movie with the hubs and his friend ( NOT Twilight). Then while the boys were distracted with Rock Band I finally got back to editing. I didn't get too far as you can see before the hubs needed me to help out with something. So off I go.

March 19, 2009


Can you hear that? That is time just rushing on by. Before I realize it, another weekend has come and gone.

I don't want to say that this month has been busy but I sure have been doing a lot more than the normal for around here.

I got to hang out with some awesome old friends. This is the 2nd time so far this year that we have been able to get together. These are friends from high school so we are talking over 20 years of knowing one another. One, I actually see every week but the other travels. I mean she travels, a lot. She came for a visit back in January and we had a wonderful time catching up. She then came back this past week. It really is hard to tear myself away from it all.

I have been calling 2009 the year of reunions. I was supposed to have my 20th high school reunion last year. It never happened. But no worries. It seems like there will be reunions up the wazoo this year. Not only have I been able to spend time with some lovely ladies (and you too Andy) but in April there is an informal reunion that spans different graduating years. There are quite a few people that will be attending and I am excited to go. Then there is another in December that will be super cool. But between those two parties there are other reunions being planned. I am so happy that I still live in town and won't have to travel to attend any of them.

Work has been pretty steady. I am slowing working on upping my pace. Some days are more productive than others but I think I am finally starting to get my rhythm. It has been a year so it is about time. I still have to teach myself new stuff everyday though and I just hope that I am doing it right. I really need to start taking my classes too. Hopefully this weekend will see me signed up for the first class in the program. I need to finish up the classes in time to sit for my certification test. I had hoped to test this year but it looks like it will be more like 2010.

Sadly, not much going on around here in the creative department. Although I still am taking a photo-a-day. Which reminds me, I have not taken my shot for the day and it is already 10:30. I guess I had better do that so I can get myself to bed.

-- Good night.

cat napping

March 8, 2009

...and so ends 2008

I have done it!

I have finally finished uploading my Project 365 photos for the month of December and the year of 2008. Let's just hope that it doesn't take me as long to upload my 2009 photos. I really do hate getting so far behind.

I do credit my getting caught up with finally being able to install Photoshop on the new laptop. This thing is FAST! The only thing that I don't really like is that the pictures don't look as good. They seem to be sort of flat looking. But I guess that is one thing I can put up with if it means I get to actually upload my photos in the same year that they were taken.

December 2008  [project 365]

March 4, 2009

My Hero


This was fun to make. Although making these things always drives me a bit crazy. I think I worry too much about looking cool. I can't believe I worry about making the wrong choices over a silly thing like this. How silly is that?

That being said...I wonder if I should have chosen the sword?

March 3, 2009

Home. Alone.

Tonight the husband had to go to a meeting after work. Poor guy was away from home the entire day from 7am to 10:30pm. So that meant that I would have some alone time. Ideas flowed thru my mind all day as to what I could do with this time, my time. Maybe I could finish that scrapbook page that has been sitting on the table for about 2 weeks now. Maybe I could get caught up on uploading my Project 365 photos to Flickr. Maybe I could clean something. Before I could even make up my mind I picked up a book to read for just a bit before eating dinner. The next thing I knew it was 10:30 and the husband was home. Dinner...totally forgotten. Oops!

Although I did not accomplish anything that I had thought about doing I did find that what I ended up doing was the perfect thing. Total relaxation.

March 1, 2009

No wonder...

I am so tired.

I can never get on this computer until after 10pm and by then I really don't feel like doing anything. This laptop has turned the husband into a computer junkie. He NEVER used to use the computer. When we were at the store looking to buy he even told the sales guy that all he uses it for is his iPod and the occasional viewing of a webpage. Well all that has now changed. He is constantly on it. Of course I have to be honest and say he is using it to fill up his iPod. I cannot wait until that this is full so he no longer needs the computer. Of course he is thinking of starting a Facebook page so I still may not get any computer time.

Oh have I even mentioned the whole iPod thing? I know I mentioned that I got one as a birthday gift. What I didn't mention is that the husband had to buy himself one too. Not AFTER my birthday but at the same time. Why do men to that? Or is it just mine?

In other news, I have lost a bit of weight this past month. 12 pounds down so far. I have NO idea why it is coming off so fast. I know it is bound to slow down very soon. As long as it does not stop I will be happy. The husband wanted steak tonight. I am sure it will be reflected in my weigh-in tomorrow. Well there is always next week, right?

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