March 28, 2009


Well I did it. I went ahead and ordered some prints of my Project 365 photos. I am one step closer to scrapping them. Well...I say that now but being known as the slowest scrapbooker in the world and one that rarely seems to actually complete a page, it may still be a dream and not a reality. I also did not take the photos with the intention of scrapping them so they are kind of a mish-mash of stuff that may be hard to scrap.

I ordered my prints from Snapfish. They have always been my favorite for the quality of their prints. But is has been quite awhile since I have ordered from them and now I am not too sure they still hold that status. I am surprised at the thin, flimsy quality of the paper and the colors are NOT very pleasing. The photos look a hundred times better on Flickr. I was thinking of getting some reprinted elsewhere to compare but now I don't know if I want to go thru with the hassle.

I had hoped to maybe start scrapping this weekend but it looks like I may be doing a bit more organizing and tossing of stuff. Although the husband did say something about going to a movie on Saturday.

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