September 23, 2007

scrappy goodness

I have been a busy girl. A busy scrapping girl.

This weekend I met with a couple of the Scrappay Divas to crop. It felt good to get out and do something creative. I actually even finished a page. For me that is an accomplishment. Just a simple page but even the simple ones seem to take me forever. I think the most time spent on this layout was looking for the perfect shade for the title. Thanks to Amber, who found the PERFECT shade of green paper or else I would have been wandering the store the entire night.

Last week’s Diva challenge was to use a billboard for inspiration. Here’s my layout for the challenge. The billboard I used (and the other Diva layouts) can be found on the Scrappay Divas site. I had fun making this page. I LOVE when scrapping is fun. It makes me want to scrap even more. I think actually having a dinning room table is helping just a bit as well. Have I mentioned recently how much I love our new place?

This week’s challenge is to “color on your page.” I had fun making that page too! There is also a RAK for the person who completes the most challenges. Go here to see my layout for this week’s challenge.

September 17, 2007

Thanks *Ü*

I really appreciate the comments I have received regarding the calendar I made for my 365 day photos. Actually, I appreciate all my comments. It really makes my day that you took the time to say something about what I shared.

Thank you.

Those that commented wanted to know how I made the calendar. I posted the instructions on how I made my calendar in the comments on that post. You can read the steps I took to create it – here.

September 15, 2007


Back in 2001 when B and I made a trip to Skagway, Alaska, we stopped at the Skagway Brewery Company. B ended up buying a t-shirt that became a favorite. It is now 6-years later and the shirt is finally kaput! I have looked before to see if I could buy another shirt online but everything I found told me that the gift shop was not online and I guess in 2002 they shut down the brewery. Our 10th anniversary is coming up and I thought I would try again to see if I could find him another t-shirt. From what I have come across so far, it looks like the place may be open for business again; but all the phone numbers I have found are different. It would really be a miracle if I ever found him another Skagway shirt without having to travel there to get it.

Well, Torchwood is on. I missed the first ½ hour when it was on earlier so I guess I had better get myself to the T.V.

September 13, 2007

The Diva's are back!!

It has been awhile but the Scrappay Divas are back!

Come on over to the Scrappay blog and check out our new challenges. This week's challenge is billboard inspiration. I would love to see what you all come up with. Come scrap with us! :)

September 6, 2007

It's ALL about ME!

Back in July, I mentioned this little challenge.

Well I am proud to say that the challenge is going great. I guess I really do like myself so much that taking a picture a day is just my thing. LOL! Of course, I started in July, it is now September, and I have barely finished uploading my July pictures. As with everything else in my world, procrastination is rearing its ugly little head.

So, without further ado, here is a little snippet of me and my world from July. Enjoy.

If you would like to see them up close and personal you can visit my 365 Flickr set.

September 3, 2007

simple scraps

As you can see....I made a card. Just a simple card for my Dad's birthday.

I have tons of projects that are "in process" at the moment so it feels good to actually finish something. It feels even better that I used up some scraps for this card. I told myself that I will only use my scraps when I make cards. That way it does not hurt so much to give them away.

September 1, 2007

It is starting to feel like home

Sunday, B's parents will be coming over for dinner.

So, today I finally put out the knick-knacks and photo frames. We have been here a month, so it was about time that I made the place a bit more homey. I am not finished, but it will do for now. At least the shelves are no longer bare and the pile they were in is gone. I hope to get more decorating and some cleaning done tomorrow before our guests arrive.

B has been working the past few days on making homemade sauce and other goodies. It really has smelled quite yummy in here. I can’t wait to see it all put together. Forget see, I can’t wait to eat it! I am so excited that we finally have room to entertain. I really do love our new place!

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