September 15, 2007


Back in 2001 when B and I made a trip to Skagway, Alaska, we stopped at the Skagway Brewery Company. B ended up buying a t-shirt that became a favorite. It is now 6-years later and the shirt is finally kaput! I have looked before to see if I could buy another shirt online but everything I found told me that the gift shop was not online and I guess in 2002 they shut down the brewery. Our 10th anniversary is coming up and I thought I would try again to see if I could find him another t-shirt. From what I have come across so far, it looks like the place may be open for business again; but all the phone numbers I have found are different. It would really be a miracle if I ever found him another Skagway shirt without having to travel there to get it.

Well, Torchwood is on. I missed the first ½ hour when it was on earlier so I guess I had better get myself to the T.V.

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