October 31, 2005

The eyes have it

I have always thought my best feature were my eyes. Anyone that has complimented me has always complimented me on my eyes. A person's eyes are the first thing I notice. As for men, it is first the eyes that attract me. I am partial to green, hazel and the icy-est of blue but for some reason I have always dated and then married those with just plain brown.

You could really learn a lot about someone just by looking at his or her eyes. I remember my first photography teacher telling me to always focus on a person's eyes. I find that I still do that to this day and not just when taking a picture either.

My eyes are mostly blue and yet at times they are green. They seem to be green whenever I am at my happiest or I like to tell people 'my eyes are green because I am in love'. All my favorite photos of myself are when my eyes are green (well except for a few b&w's). They change dependant on my mood and sometimes what I wear.

As I have posted before I was the only person in my family (until last year) with eyes that were not brown. A lot of attention has always been made about the color of my eyes. I guess that is what makes me feel pretty special about mine and yet I hide them behind my glasses.

October 27, 2005

All is well. For now anyways.

I am a happy knitter again.

Although I can still see where I messed up, I don’t think anyone else can. Last night I laid my project down and dh could not tell where I messed up. So that makes me really happy. Here is an updated picture. I am a few rows into my second skein. I would love to give more photo updates but since it is just a boring rectangle of stockinette I will save you the pain and only show you updates after massive progress has been made. Of course I say that now but I will probably change my mind tomorrow.

So combine the fact that I was able to save myself from starting my project over and the fact that this should be my last week giving my neighbor a ride to work, I am surprised I have not exploded in my joy. No more having to put up with someone pulling my iPod adapter out of the socket because he does not want to listen to my music. No more listening to him state that my music is violent and angry - please tell me how The Killers are violent and angry? I admit to playing MCR A-LOT and LOUD but hey! It makes me happy. Yesterday I had to drive the devil car and the FM transmitter was full of static but did that stop me from playing my music? Heck no!!! I am looking forward to not having him change every conversation into politics or religion. Everything is related to politics and religion in his mind. I don’t even talk politics with my own husband! Asking a simple question on how he liked a movie or show and he will not tell you what he thought of it but how it relates to politics and religion.

Okay….this is turning into a rant. But trust me, the average person can only take a small dose of this guy and I think I have had my fill.

October 25, 2005

Okay. So now what?

So here is where I am with my project. This first photo is what I ended up with when by a freak of nature 4 stitches fell off the needle at the beginning of a new row. I tried to fix them and got this. You can see the individual stitches but what the heck is that long piece there all by itself?

So I followed some advice from the knitty board (thank you ladies) and watched a video on how to put the stitches back on my needle. Easy enough but I still had that weird long piece of yarn. So I got my crochet hook and acted like it was a rung from a dropped stitch. So far so good and I decided to start my new row. But if you look closely this is what I have now. The distance between the stitches on this row compared to all my previous rows is WAY off. Do you think it will tighten up as I work it? Am I being anal to be worried about this little 'wonk' in my fabric? This part that I am knitting is the sleeve so it is something that I will see but not too much as I do have to stitch this area together. So from what you can tell in these pics....am I good to go? Do I try and start the row over or just continue on?

Knitting Sucks!!!

So how is that for a title?

I have been in lala knitting land and my goal was to post with my wonderful progress and have everyone “ohh” and “aww” but that will NOT be happening!!!! I am so upset that knitting may be put on the backburner for now. I was doing so well and then I dropped a few stitches. Dropped stitches no problem you say? Well I dropped 4 and they are not in the middle of my work but the first 4 stitches in a new row. Poor B just watched me calmly (weird for me I know) put my work back in the bag and just sit and pout. I guess I shocked him that I did not throw a fit. I just told him I was not good enough to fix what I did and I guess it does make me feel good that – that made him a bit sad. I thought I caught them so I tried to fix them last night and now it is even worse. I am not good enough yet to fix them myself and I am so sad that I have to start this ENTIRE project over. I cannot even figure out how to just go back a few rows (which I have done before) as my stitches are stockinette and I can’t figure it out! The stitches I dropped were garter. Is it possible to fix the first stitches of a new row? If so how? Please help.

On a good note…..my carpooler will soon be history!!!! Yay! More of that to come later. I promise.

October 12, 2005

Houston, We have cast off!!!

Well more like cast ON but you know what I mean. I was very excited to find out my gauge was spot on so I started my new project today. It is the rectangle shrug from Family Circle Easy Knitting Winter 2004/2005 issue. Instead of using the worsted weight alpaca that the pattern asks for, I am using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in Spice. I really like this yarn. It is very soft and I don't think I will have problems with it being too itchy. It definately does not fit on the straight needles though. I need to move it over to some circulars but since I needed to gauge it first I did not want to buy the wrong size and not get to use them (well on this project anyways). Now that I finally got this project started (after 3 starts - I did not leave enough of a tail for my cast on) This is one project that I know will be perfect for mindless knitting while watching television. The entire pattern is just garter stitch and stockinette. I don't have to count rows at all and it is all by measurement. I am already enjoying this project. Now if I can just figure out which is the right side on my garter stitch and I will be all set to start that stockinette! If I did a long tail cast on which would be the right side of my garter? Would the tail be on the left (cast on row is right side) or on the right (first knit row is right side)? Please help...

Oh and here is some cuteness. Those eyes just get me everytime! Here is a secret about me. I always fall for the eyes first and I have always liked a guy in makeup. :-) Well that is two secrets actually.

My mom just used to tell me that I could hang out with them (the guys) all I wanted but I was just not allowed to kiss them. LOL! Talk about strict. She was no fun. Good thing my dad was the one that would go out and buy me my converse and other cool stuff after she would say no. Of course he was the one that totally freaked when I really chopped all my hair off in high school. Funny thing about that hair cut. I thought I was cool but when I started my first day back, I found that I had the same haircut as many of the boys. LOL! Man! I need to go and find those pics.

October 11, 2005

Here is my swatch (no not the watch)…

…isn’t she purty? Okay. I think I have dated myself with that title. LOL! Instead of finishing any of the million projects I have taking up space in my place, I started a new one. Go me! Well I did not really start one but I did start my first swatch. I have finally decided to make one of the first patterns that I fell in love with and got me wanting to know how to knit. I finally went out and bought the yarn. The color is a bit more rust than orange but you get the idea. I know that stockinette stitch is not that exciting but it is MY first stockinette stitch so I am thrilled that is looks so good (and is so fast and easy). I just have to find out if my gauge is right (keep your fingers crossed). More details later when I actually start it - that is if I ever do actually start it.

October 10, 2005

Would you like some typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery with that?

On Saturday, I got my butt out of bed to make it to the bank before they closed. On the way home I decided to stop by McDonald’s for one of their Crispy Chicken Caesar salads. I had purchased one before and thought it was very good. Once at home I was already to eat my lunch when I noticed that this salad looked a little bit different than the one I had before. My first salad had nice small tomatoes and fresh lettuce. Before I even took off the cover I could see that this salad had NO tomatoes (not that I eat them anyways) and was just wimpy lettuce with a sliver of a carrot. I took off the lid and nearly lost it when climbing around the wimpy lettuce was a FLY!!!! Yep! A FLY!!! In my salad!!!! I WILL NEVER EAT AT MCDONALD’S AGAIN!!!!! I put that lid right back on that trapped fly (it looked to be on its last legs) and took that salad back! I got lots of funny looks and whispers from the people that work there but I did get my money back. I was not in the mood to eat but I was hungry so I stopped by Arby’s and bought one of their Martha Vineyard Salads. Let me tell you!!!! This salad was wonderful!!!! It was HUGE!!! Arby’s now has all of my loyalty for fast food salads.

I am proud to say I got some knitting done last week. Now it was only two rows on my shawl but it was something. I was afraid I had forgotten how to knit since I have not picked up any projects in months but it came right back to me. Of course DH had to complain that I was not working on UFO #1. I really need to work on that too. I really have to work on some more wearables as my new office is freezing. Update (with photos) hopefully to come soon!

So basically that has been all that I have been up to. I did NOTHING this weekend. No knitting. No scrapping. No reading email. I basically managed to veg out and listen to Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance (one of my favorite albums). Yet another album that makes me feel old (I really need to stop feeling old). I think this one is a cutie and he is 28 so that is older than the other cuties that are out there. :-) I used to always go for guys like this so I am pretty surprised at ending up with dh.

You know (you probably didn’t but anyways) they were in concert the week of my vacation and I really wanted to go but changed my mind at the last minute. I have not been to a punked out concert in years. I wonder how I would do? I already know that with me being short, I do not go anywhere near the front. That will never change. LOL!

October 1, 2005

What font are you?

Well I am happy. This is actually one of my favorite fonts too!!!

Lucida Calligraphy - You tend towards the arts.
You tend to stand out in a crowd and have your
own style. Be careful not to be too aloof,

What Font Are You? (Standard Fonts)
brought to you by Quizilla

LO: Grow

Supplies used:

Patterned Paper - Flavia
Eyelets - set via the Silent Setter
Letter stickers
Cactus - c/o my Mom's house

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