October 11, 2005

Here is my swatch (no not the watch)…

…isn’t she purty? Okay. I think I have dated myself with that title. LOL! Instead of finishing any of the million projects I have taking up space in my place, I started a new one. Go me! Well I did not really start one but I did start my first swatch. I have finally decided to make one of the first patterns that I fell in love with and got me wanting to know how to knit. I finally went out and bought the yarn. The color is a bit more rust than orange but you get the idea. I know that stockinette stitch is not that exciting but it is MY first stockinette stitch so I am thrilled that is looks so good (and is so fast and easy). I just have to find out if my gauge is right (keep your fingers crossed). More details later when I actually start it - that is if I ever do actually start it.


  1. I like the color a bunch too! Nice swatch. I think you can still get the watch too.

  2. Thanks girls.

    I will have to show it to you the next time we get together. Hopefully I will have a lot more accomplished.

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