October 12, 2005

Houston, We have cast off!!!

Well more like cast ON but you know what I mean. I was very excited to find out my gauge was spot on so I started my new project today. It is the rectangle shrug from Family Circle Easy Knitting Winter 2004/2005 issue. Instead of using the worsted weight alpaca that the pattern asks for, I am using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in Spice. I really like this yarn. It is very soft and I don't think I will have problems with it being too itchy. It definately does not fit on the straight needles though. I need to move it over to some circulars but since I needed to gauge it first I did not want to buy the wrong size and not get to use them (well on this project anyways). Now that I finally got this project started (after 3 starts - I did not leave enough of a tail for my cast on) This is one project that I know will be perfect for mindless knitting while watching television. The entire pattern is just garter stitch and stockinette. I don't have to count rows at all and it is all by measurement. I am already enjoying this project. Now if I can just figure out which is the right side on my garter stitch and I will be all set to start that stockinette! If I did a long tail cast on which would be the right side of my garter? Would the tail be on the left (cast on row is right side) or on the right (first knit row is right side)? Please help...

Oh and here is some cuteness. Those eyes just get me everytime! Here is a secret about me. I always fall for the eyes first and I have always liked a guy in makeup. :-) Well that is two secrets actually.

My mom just used to tell me that I could hang out with them (the guys) all I wanted but I was just not allowed to kiss them. LOL! Talk about strict. She was no fun. Good thing my dad was the one that would go out and buy me my converse and other cool stuff after she would say no. Of course he was the one that totally freaked when I really chopped all my hair off in high school. Funny thing about that hair cut. I thought I was cool but when I started my first day back, I found that I had the same haircut as many of the boys. LOL! Man! I need to go and find those pics.

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