January 31, 2005

FO: Tote Bag in Blue

I thought it was about time I shared this finished project.

I crocheted this tote for my sister-in-law for Christmas. The picture with the flash shows the real color of the pretty blue. I was looking for purple but this was the closest I could find. This was my first time working with cotton. The bag works up pretty quickly.

Pattern - Easy Crocheted Bag

Yarn - Lion Cotton "Morning Glory Blue"

This first picture will show you the shape. Sorry it is so dark. I don't know why it looks so dark as it looks fine on my system.

This second picture shows the true color of the yarn. It is such a pretty blue!

January 28, 2005

FO: Bounty

I am finished! I am finished! Yippee! I finished my first thread project ever that I did for the Thread CAL. Sorry for the dark picture but the flash inside was making the detail go away and I took this outside (it was overcast). I am looking forward to starting on my next project. I have it narrowed down to two. I just need to decide which to start first.

Pattern - Bounty
Aunt Lydia's Size 10 crochet thread in Natural
Size 7 crochet hook

January 27, 2005

Look up your house

You can look up your house. You can see what your roof looks like. How cool is that?


Nyquil daze

Yesterday just seemed to drag on forever. After work I should have gone home but instead went to Michael's. I bought some yarn. It took me forever to decided on what to buy and I ended up with 2 different colors and styles. I am planning on making a couple more scarves to practice my stitches. I don't know why I bought more yarn as I am not yet finished with my current projects and we will not mention the projects still in the closet that I started years ago. I was thinking I could use a smaller knitting needles so I did not buy any, but since I bought bulky yarn I should use my size 10 needles. I only have 2 needles so far (7 &10) and the 10's are being used right now so I did not start any new projects last night. I almost bought some pink thread to make a heart doily but changed my mind and put it back. Then of course I bought a big 'ole stack of patterned paper when I already have tons. I DO NOT NEED ANYMORE PATTERNED PAPER!!!! I will never learn though. I bought this stack and I do not even know what is in it - so I hope I like it. LOL! So now I am feeling totally guilty for buying stuff that I should not have.

I took some Nyquil last night so today I am a bit loopy. Being loopy at work is fun. Talk about not being able to concentrate. If I thought my typos were bad before.....well today it is worse. I am sure that if I close my eyes I will fall asleep immediately.

I am going to finally post the pictures of some recently finished projects. I have been stalling because I made some of them for gifts and one of my sister-in-laws has not yet received hers and I think she may read my blog. I have also posted some recent layouts on the sidebar and will post info on them soon.

But for now you can go here for a huh? type picture. I find this picture funny but also wonder what they were thinking? Since I live in an extremely warm climate I am sure I would be freezing to death. Is this just something the cold does to a person? Seems kind of loopy to me. LOL!

January 25, 2005

Works-in-Progress pictures

I have been taking pictures of my works-in-progress. Of course, I never shared them and end to end up taking even more pictures since I have been working on them. So here are some updates to my current projects.

First is my garter stitch scarf. It is actually straight but I think I was holding it at an angle and looks tilted. It was a bit larger than what is showing here but for some reason after about four stitches something went wacky and I could not fix it. So I tried to follow the steps to frog a couple of rows. I put a needle in certain stitches and then pulled the yarn out until I got to those stitches. I did not do it right as my needle was left with just yarn rolled around it and not attached to my work. I was able to catch the loops and put them on the needle. I surprised myself by being able to put them back on the needle the correct way (well I am not sure yet as I have not continued with my work but they look correct). Since the needle was facing the wrong way, I just had to transfer the loops to the other needle. I think I am back on track. I took apart maybe 5-6 rows so that is what is missing from this picture.

Now I like the front of the work (that picture up there). B is telling me he likes the wrong side (with the stripes from changing colors). I like it too actually but I am a bit bummed as I decided to carry the yarn and not just switch it out. So now I have that icky little trail of yarn up my piece. Being the perfectionist I am, I am trying not to dwell on it. LOL!

As for my thread project……it is still not finished. Here is where I am so far. I keep misplacing the darn pattern! LOL! I hope to finish it sometime soon so I can then figure out how to block it and then start on another one. They are fun! Now are they supposed to not be flat until they are blocked?

January 24, 2005

HEY! Grrrrr...

Shoot-out at the LSS!

Well I survived the crop! It was pouring rain when I left and it was slow going thru the flooded and dark streets. I finally made it there at around 7-ish. I started right in on scrapping and managed to finish 2 pages (one layout). Then I was super tired. I guess the week caught up with me. I started working on the second layout when there was a drive-by shooting (that was pretty much the consensus). The crop area in the store is right next to a huge plate glass window - in the front of the store. The store owner locked the doors and made us all go sit at the back of the store (I am hoping I can convince them to give me a copy of the photo that was taken). We were not allowed to go to the front (hence why I did not have my own camera). We were told to stay in the back until the police said it was okay. So we worked on a Make-n-Take (how is that for a scraping diversion). Finally the police let us go back to our cropping. Our call to the cops ended up being call #10. I ended up staying until midnight and although I only finished the one layout I did get some good ideas for the other pages I had planned. Hopefully I will get those completed sometime this week.

I took pictures of my works-in-progress but on Saturday I ended up knitting quite a bit on my scarf so I need to take new photos. I am already planning what my next project will be - I just need to decide it if it will be for me or B. If I make something for me I need to decide if it will fit or if I will have to make adjustments. I am interested in making a shrug (instead of the poncho). I need to decide if I have to make it wider or not. Why are all patterns make for the smaller set? It should not be too hard as this piece is just one rectangle and the sides are sewn to make arms. I am sure if I just make it longer it should work.

January 21, 2005

The weekend is almost here

Do you ever have one of those days/weeks/whatever where you just don't have enough hours in the day and when you do have a free hour you are so exhausted you don't want to do anything. That has been me. Although it has been actually a short week with Monday being a holiday, work has made the week feel longer. I am working my required overtime today and I am looking forward to getting out of work at noon. I have so many errands to run and I want to attend a crop tonight where I hope to actually scrap and not gab. It is sad when the one thing I have to look forward to is sleeping in tomorrow (Sat).

My uncle is sick. I was very upset yesterday to find that he has a malignant tumor but after speaking to my mom we don't know if we should believe everything he says. I think he is trying to see who looses it the most.

I have not done anything really crafty this week. My thread project has not progressed but I have completed a couple of rows in my garter stitch scarf, usually while watching a little TV before bed. I think B is disappointed that it takes longer for me to knit. He wants his sweater now! He asked me if he should put in his order for next year. I told him 'probably so'. LOL!

January 19, 2005


Yesterday work was hectic. Today not so much. We are short one person and another will be leaving early but I think we can swing it. That means it will just be me and A@@. He came into work yesterday (after screwing us the previous) week and had the nerve to ask us if the work was piling up and what should he know. I am sorry but if it was me that ditched my co-workers during the busiest time of the year I would be ashamed to show my face. I am just looking forward to the time when he realizes he will not get holiday pay since he called in. Wouldn't you think that if you were planning on ditching you would not tell everyone at work about it? January is the only time there is a vacation freeze at work. When you are hired they tell this to you on the first day and it is mentioned many times through out the training. People that don't listen to this have learned the hard way. One guy had planned his wedding during this time and was told he could not have the time off. So when the A@@ asks the boss for time off to go to California he was told no. He has worked here long enough to know better. Well he then started telling everyone he would call into work. He gave different reasons but the main one was that he would not have a ride into work because his roommates were going to California. He made sure to tell everyone that he was planning on staying home the entire time. That since he was told he could not take vacation time he would not be going to California. Yeah right! I am just sure that when all of his friends and roommates left for this huge adventure (as he explained to the boss) that he told them. "oh just go along without me. I will stay home all alone". I noticed that he did not really talk to anyone yesterday but then no one really talked to him. The only thing he said yesterday was to announce really loudly how tired and exhausted he was. One of the other guys caught him on it and said 'how can you be tired when you have been off of work the past 5 days'. He kept to himself yesterday. Okay enough of my work gripes. As long as he does not talk to me I will not bring HR into it.

Yesterday I was a good girl and stopped to work out after work. It has been awhile since I have been in and there were some changes. They re-arranged the whole place (paint etc.) and got some new machines. I had to wait to watch a few ladies before I could use them. Hopefully I will go again on Thursday.

After the work out I watch the oh so entertaining Amazing Race. I am happy to say the Jerk of all time and his wife were eliminated (insert happy dance here). I was able to work some on my garter stitch scarf and I think I am getting the hang of it. I get scared when it comes time to change the colors as I am worried that I will do it at the wrong time and mess up the right side of the scarf. So far it is going well and I am picking up speed. I am carrying the yarn up the side and I have to remember not to pull too hard or the stitches get messed up and the side is not straight. I will have to take an update picture this weekend. I really need to finish this scarf as it is already in the 80's and there will be no need for one soon.

As for my Thread project......I only have 2.5 rows to go. I am excited to finish. I have read some directions but still need to figure out how to block it when I am done. I may wait though to block it when I finish some more thread projects but that may change (the blocking, not the other projects).

I am looking forward to this weekend. I am going to a local crop (YAY!) and I am really looking forward to it. I am also planning on getting some yarn for new projects. I just need to remind myself that if I start too many projects I may not finish the ones I am already working on.

And with Blogger down today I will not mention how long it took me to post! Urgh! That is all I have to say on that!

January 16, 2005

Some current projects

I thought I would write an early post today. B has gone hiking for the day and I get the whole place to myself. Yippee!!!

Here are photos of the two projects that I recently started. I am planning on adding more projects cause you know you cannot have just a couple. I still have a couple I have been working on from last year and previous years but I am only concentrating on new projects right now.

So far I am halfway finished with my thread project. Here is my progress so far. See I got the lopsidedness out of it. I had missed a ch5 and it threw the whole thing out of whack. I hope to finish this one and maybe start another sometime this weekend.

I have officially started my first knitting project. It is not anything fancy. Just a garter stitch scarf. I really think I am finally getting the hang of it. I tried to work on it some more this morning however but my fingers hurt too much. I am sure I will get used to it though.

I am using LionBrand Wool-Ease in Black and Oatmeal (I am loving this yarn!). The colors go well together I think. Of course everything goes well with black. This tiny bit (except for 2 rows) took me all last night (probably about 3 hours). I realize that knitting goes a lot slower than crochet and I am prepared for that. B is not prepared. He does not understand the difference even though I have mentioned it over and over. He wants his sweater now! LOL! I keep telling him that I only know one stitch right now and his sweater will have to wait! I guess I can take it as a compliment that he is already expecting me to be far more advanced than I currently am.

I plan to spend the rest of the day scrapping, reading my favorite blogs and cleaning (just a bit - I don't want to over do - LOL!). I am really looking forward to having the place to myself all day. I hope that does not sound mean but since B is not currently working he is always home. I do not get a day to myself anymore. Since I get 3 days off - one weekday and two weekend days I really looked forward to that weekday to do stuff for me.

January 15, 2005

Finally get to relax

After a very busy week that included lots of extra work and overtime, I was so happy to be able to sleep in this morning. It felt so good!

I really did not do very much today. Threw some beans in the crock-pot and planned to scrap the day away. I just could not get in the mood to scrap though. I could not get in the mood to do anything.

B usually goes out with the guys on Saturdays so I had planned to watch a chick flick and scrap. He ended up staying home so we watched Troy and I started to knit my first project. I am just making a garter stitch scarf with two colors. I think I finally have it down. I must say though that my hands are killing me. Not only do the tips of my thumbs and index fingers hurt due to the points but my entire right hand kind of spasmed up. I may be holding the yarn too tight or I just may not be used to it yet. I can say I am pretty pleased with my progress so far and I was able to cast on a new color with no problems. That was not the case last night or any of my prior attempts. I was so frustrated last night. I think it is because I am a perfectionist when it comes to making something. I am sure knitting will not be an exception. I am working with LionBrand Wool-Ease and I love it! I have another project I want to start that uses this yarn so I am glad to be able to 'test' it out first. I am not one to pre-buy yarn but I told B tonight that I am going out to buy a big plastic bin to store my left over yarn and any I may decide to buy. I also warned him that the yarn store has so many pretty colors. I do not think he was paying attention though.

As for my thread project, I have not worked on it for a couple of days. I plan to work on it some this weekend though. I am halfway finished with it so I need to find another one to start.

I will be sure to post my progress on all my works-in-progress this weekend. I am just so happy the work week is over and now I get to relax! Yeah to a 3.5 day weekend!

January 11, 2005

The day after Monday

Today was good, until it sucked. I had to deal with the impossible co-worker again today. He just really ticks me off. This is the guy that has to debate and argue about everything. I have written about him before. He did something really rude and I called him on it. He as usual tried to turn it around into it being all me taking it personal. I am so sick of him always doing this. The others just don't talk to him because they don't want to have him throw a fit. I was not going to let him get away with it this time. So basically I got to throw in the fact that he doesn't know what he is doing and that I had to fix his messes.

My group works on different queues. All the records we work on allow us to lock them so others don't work on them at the same time. The only thing we cannot lock is when we go thru the email inbox for our group. Usually there is only one person in there at a time but when we get busy we usually have more. To claim a record we rename it. So basically if you have an email with a name on it you know not to touch it. One usually will work from the top down and the other from the bottom up. I work in this particular queue most of the day. There are 2 of us that are very proficient at it and we have no problem clearing out the inbox. We had in fact already done it once today. I was the only one working on them when I notice that the subjects are being renamed. I asked who was working in the inbox and it was (oh I really need to think of a name for him so right now I will call him the A@@). This really surprised me as he hates to work in this queue (and all the other queues were high). I asked him if he was working from the top or from the bottom. He did not understand. I explained how the inbox is worked and I told him that I would start at the bottom. He then informed me he was changing all of the emails in the inbox because that is the way 'he does it' (he repeated this alot). I was basically kicked out of working on my queue. I called him on it. I told him he was rude to just do that and not check to see who was currently working on the records. I told him I did not mind if he helped me with the queue. I then proceeded to explain to him that there is no problem with multiple people working on the records but he cannot change them all or no one would know where to begin. Again he answered with his 'this is the way I do it'. I told him that I understood that he has only worked in this queue when he is the only person scheduled for the day (my day off) and I can understand he has a system but when there are all of us there he needs to follow the proper steps. I was going pretty well with stating my point, as he always likes to butt in and take over. I could tell he was getting ticked at that. So he tells me he cannot change it now. I said that was fine but in the future he would need to follow the steps. He then told me that he would let me do them. That he did not want to do them anymore. I told him I would not finish them as he needed the practice and he should finish what he started. I mean he did claim all those records as his. He had the nerve to tell me he did not need the practice. Now this ticked me off. I know that my manager wants him to have more practice because he refused to read the training and screws up. So I basically let him have it. I told him he did in fact need the practice as I had to fix up all his screw ups yesterday (this felt good to say). He did not like that very much and the argument ended when he yelled out 'Bite Me'. This is his answer to any argument he cannot win. I found out later when talking to my manager that he has been told not to keep saying this and my manger talked to him about his attitude again. However I do not like when my manager does this as he will sometimes make me come off as taking things to personal when I do not. I am the only girl on my team. We are very limited in number at my workplace. I am getting tired of everything being blamed on me being a girl. The A@@ uses this alot when he does not get his way.

So basically I came home with a headache that did not appear until after all this drama and stayed home - I did not work out as I had planned. I watched The Amazing Race (of course) and worked on my doily for the Thread CAL. I started it over. I have come to the conclusion that this pattern is incorrect. There is no way that after increasing each round that I still only end up with 16dc for 3 rounds. I just continued with it and did it my own way. It is coming along. It is looking kind of lopsided (as the scan shows) and I hope this is fixed when I continue with the rounds. I am halfway done.

January 10, 2005

It was a Monday

The day seemed to be very long and work dragged very slowly, which is weird since we were so busy. I was so happy when I finally got to leave. There is one co-worker that likes to argue with everyone about everything and anything and he started in with me today. He did something wrong because he did not read the training. So far, I have found two wrong accounts and it was left to me to clean it up. It was a very bad experience for the customer. Moreover, with how busy we have been it is unneeded extra work. I told him that he had done the first one wrong and he asked me to show him how to fix it. I started to show him and off he went on a tangent of how stupid the whole database was and he did not care and that the database needed to be changed completely blah blah blah. I never got to show him the correct way to do it. The database is working just fine and he would know this if he read the training. I told him that I think a person who has completed 2000 records (me) would know more about the database and what can and cannot be done than a person who has completed a total of 107 records (him). This is a guy who told me he argued with his high school English teacher because she said Shakespeare wrote in English. He said he told her she was wrong and stupid. Poor lady was put thru the wringer. This is how he is at work. Everything is a debate with him so our manager just avoids him. I am waiting for him to stomp on too many toes so he gets himself booted. My only consolation is that I make a lot more than he does and I am sure it irks him to no end.

As for my thread project…………well ummmmmmmm I may need to start that over. I was doing so well too. I finished a couple of rounds but all the time was feeling that it was just not right. At the end of the 5th round, I am supposed to have 64 dc. I did not have 64 dc so I took that round out and started it over. This time I got a bit closer but the pattern is not matching up. I will probably rip out all the rows back to 1 or 2. The only problem with this pattern is it does not tell you how many stitches you should end up with after each round. After completing the 5th round is the first time a stitch total is listed. Now I do have a question and I may have to ask on the crochet boards but when I join I always join in the ch 3. I am wondering if I am doing that correctly.

Well that is my update. I hope to have a lot more accomplished in the craft department tomorrow. However I do have a lot of errands and house stuff on my plate. Hey I never posted what our Christmas present was. I may just have to do that.

Good night.

January 9, 2005

Lots of goodies

I did not plan to go shopping today but I did end up with a few goodies. I stopped by the scrapbook store and bought some supplies (even though I probably did not need any). I have been on a roll with scrapping some pages and I hope to continue. I will post some to my blog soon.

B and I went out to eat at Chili's (Yay for gift cards)! Afterwards we stopped by Barnes & Noble (of course it is the other book store I have a gift card to) and looked around. I bought myself the Knit It! Magazine and Stitch 'n Bitch. I was going to buy the 2nd one (Stitch 'n Bitch Nation) but will save it for my gift card. I so already love this book and I can honestly say I have already learned some things on what not to do.

I joined a crochet Thread CAL (my first CAL). Did I mention I was doing this? This is my first time to using thread and a tiny hook. I started tonight and so far, I think I am doing okay. I do have to get used to the thread twisting

For my first project, I chose to make a doily – Bounty. I think it is very pretty and I am hoping it is not too much for my first thread project. I have only worked on it for a short time (last half of Desperate Housewives) but I have completed 3 rounds. At first, I thought I might have been doing the third round wrong but it seems to look okay. This is what I have completed so far (I will have to use a dark background next time).

I have a few finished projects I need to post and the pictures are already uploaded so maybe I will do so tomorrow.

Well the weekend is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I have not been in to work since Wednesday as I was not feeling well on Thursday & Friday. I hope it is not too busy. I better head to bed.

January 8, 2005


The desert rarely gets snow. We have one small mountain (with ski slopes nonetheless) that gets very little snow. When it does snow, it is a big deal. The last time B and I saw snow was on our cruise to Alaska we took in 2002. We wanted to get out today so we decided (well I decided) to drive up the mountain as far as our little no 4-wheel drive/no chains Civic would take us. We stopped a little before the cut-off for chains and found an area that did not have too many people (just one family of four). It was nice. Of course, as you can tell in the photo B liked to cover me in snow. It was non-stop. What I find funny is even though there was snow on the ground it was not cold. We did not need to wear our jackets and B was only wearing a t-shirt. I did end up getting very wet though.

Now I do admit it (and I even mentioned to B). I can now scrap SNOW pictures!!!!! You do know that is the only reason we went right? :-)

Afterwards we stopped at Marie Calendars for lunch/dinner with my very wet pants then headed home. Now it is SCRAP time and I am hoping to get a lot accomplished.

January 7, 2005


Today was the day I decided to get some yarn for some projects for myself. I have four projects picked out that will be just for me. Three are crochet and one is knit.

I started my adventure by stopping by Michael's since they are the only store that carries Frenzy by Bernat. This yarn is for the poncho that I finally decided to make. They had it but not all the colors I needed. At over $5.50 a skein, this poncho will sure end up being expensive since I need 10 skeins total. Since they do not carry all the colors used in the pattern, I have to decide if I still want to make it (heck yes!) so now I need to find a place to buy online I guess. I also need size 11 knitting needles, which they were out of by the way. The next project I want to make is a crocheted afghan. This afghan calls for LionBrand Wool-Ease. Since this yarn is much cheaper, this may be my next project. However, the store did not have all the colors I needed. Okay to be honest they had one of the five needed colors. So off I went to look for yarn for pattern #3. It is a crocheted capelet using Berroco Suede. It was a no go with finding the Berroco either. Now while I am looking I find a free pattern for a knit poncho. It says beginner but the pattern looks like there is more to it, as I would have to use three different needle sizes, including a circular for the neck. I even looked for the needles and yarn and they did not have it. So, I decided to look for the crochet thread and needle for the thread-along I am joining. Would you believe that they did not even have that! So I said good-bye to Michel's and drove across the street to the super Jo-Ann's.

Jo-Ann's was not much better but I did have a little bit of success. Jo-Ann's does not carry the Frenzy and they were out of size 11 knitting needles. They did manage to have two of the colors for the crocheted afghan but that still was not enough. I looked for the items needed for the free pattern I got at Michael's and they did not have any of the colors. As I expected they did not have the Berroco Suede. I was able to find the size 7 crochet hook I needed and the crochet thread. As I was waiting to check out the woman in front of me handed me a 40% off coupon so all was good!

On the way home I decided to stop by Ben Franklins. I do not know why as they never have anything in stock. I am always disappointed when I go in there yet I keep stopping by. I can say that the only thing they had was the Berroco brand! Of course they did not have the Suede. As I was leaving the store they had a table advertising 25% off the Christmas scented Yankee candles. There were three scents (Christmas cookie, Home for the holidays and Holiday Bayberry). The Bayberry is my favorite. I took the candle to the register and was promptly told it was not on sale because it was not a 'holiday' scent. They are such idiots. Needless to say I did not purchase it.

Now I am home and I think I may start on the thread crochet, look online for yarn or finish up some already started scrapbook pages. I plan to post some finished projects to my site as well.

January 5, 2005

To tired to think of a title

I have been asked to clarify more about a previous post. I guess I really did not explain it too well. which is a problem of mine. My thoughts are so much more detailed yet when I write I skip things.

I was asked the following:

If she had $50 (or even withdrew $50), then deposited $600, as you said in your
post, wouldn't her account be positive, not negative? I'm just curious, since
spending $50, then depositing $600 doesn't come out negative on my end. Could
you clarify?

The account in question was not a bank account. It was the cash drawer of a store. The customer took in $50.00 cash in sales. Her deposit at the end of the night to the bank should have been for $50.00 cash. When she entered her deposit into her computerized accounting program she entered it for $600.00 cash. This made the cash drawer a negative amount. The customer does not know the real amount she deposited to the bank and had to look at her receipts. I hope that clears up any lingering questions - I am good at math I promise. Explaining it fully with out going off topic is another thing. LOL!

The calls really do not bother me and if they did I am sure I would not have lasted as many years as I have here. I can understand that some people do not see things right away and need extra help (my dad is a great example). But when the person on the other end is yelling that it is our fault, that we do not understand that the account is negative and must be fixed immediately and does not give you the info you ask for (after multiple requests) to resolve the issue then the calls do get frustrating.

By the time I left work last night (an hour after my shift) there was no evidence of any police activity. It was a long work day (12 hours work - over 1 hour travel) and I was tired. It is sad when more time is spent at work and travel then spent at home. I was happy to be able to watch The Amazing Race but it was really gross last night. I will not go into it but B and I were almost sick. Who would have thought that a person's gag reflex is alive and well by just watching or thinking about it. The website does a really good job of narrating the episode but they did not write about the really gross part. I guess that is a good thing. I will not mention it here as just thinking about it makes me sick. Leave a comment and I will respond. I don't remember much after the show was over and I think sometime afterwards I headed up to bed. LOL!

This morning I woke up 3 minutes before the alarm. I have always hated that. I am one that loves my sleep. It drives B crazy. Once he is woken up there is not going back to sleep. I do not have this problem. I can even get out of bed but I can go right back to it too.

Today is another busy day. I think I do prefer it that way. The company is providing free lunch today so I think it is time I went to lunch.

January 4, 2005

Working Late

Well it appears I will be working late tonight. I had kind of planned on it but I just got a phone call from B asking me if I was on my way. I told him I would leave soon and he told me something was happening in are apartment complex - in the parking lot in front of our apartment. He says there are tons of cops, including a helicopter. He told me he saw them when he took out the trash and was yelled at by a cop to get inside and out of the crossfire! Well I guess I will just stay here a bit longer.

The holidays are over

....and it is back to the grind. No time off for awhile.

Work is starting to pick up. My team alone has hundreds of cases to work on and we are losing one of the guys tomorrow because we have been told that although our job is important it is not as important as people who call into the phones. So since I am skipping lunch on some days my posting to my journal will probably be almost non-existent. Of course I say this now thinking ahead to me being exhausted and tired of the computer but I will probably post as often as usual.

I got to listen to a few calls on the new software yesterday and I must say some people are not so bright. For example, one customer wanted to know why her balance was negative. As she is reading the totals in her account to us she is not getting it. "oh I have total cash sales of $50.00 then I deposited $600.00" Ummmm hello where did you get that extra $550.00? I will not tell you how long the call took. Then we get the customer who could not get a receipt to print. All I can tell you is I have never heard an person more angry when they realized they had to click the print button to get the darn thing to print! That is just a sampling of my day and what I have to look forward to when I start taking calls again on Wednesday.

Monday was B's birthday. I took him out for dinner for his favorite meal of legs. King crab legs that is! Why couldn't I have married a man with not so expensive tastes?

Since today is Tuesday I am hoping to get to watch The Amazing Race tonight. I am not too happy I missed an episode because the network changed the time, but it appears I am not the only one who missed it so now I feel better. I want to go work out at Curves tonight but need to check the show times first. How sad is that? TV before exercise? Well it will not be the first time.

Since my life is not that exciting and who knows when I will post next, I leave you with a prior post to waste away the time. Be sure to post your longest time! Enjoy!

January 2, 2005

What a way to relax

I spent my day scrapbooking. However, I really did not make a dent in my huge stack of photos as I have been working on only one layout. Granted it is 2 pages but it is taking me forever to complete. I am hoping that once this layout is finished I will be able to start cranking them out. All in all today was very relaxing for me.

Monday starts day one of our busy season at work. It will be hard to do anything fun this month as I am sure after 50 hour weeks I will be exhausted when I get home. To help out I have to take inbound calls for about 3 hours a day. I am not looking forward to that. I hope that our busy season is not busy at all so I can just do my regular daily stuff. Especially since we are expecting our daily load to double this month.

I plan to upload some pictures of finished projects soon. I am also looking forward to starting some new projects as well.

January 1, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy 2005!

Doesn't that look yummy? This is what B made for dessert last night. I thought it was very good.
Today was a good day. B and I went to my parents' house and got some baby time with the newphews & Niece. Well I got the baby time, B I don't think was as excited as I was. I will post pictures soon.

I hope you all had a great New Years. I am looking forward to a great year ahead!

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