January 19, 2005


Yesterday work was hectic. Today not so much. We are short one person and another will be leaving early but I think we can swing it. That means it will just be me and A@@. He came into work yesterday (after screwing us the previous) week and had the nerve to ask us if the work was piling up and what should he know. I am sorry but if it was me that ditched my co-workers during the busiest time of the year I would be ashamed to show my face. I am just looking forward to the time when he realizes he will not get holiday pay since he called in. Wouldn't you think that if you were planning on ditching you would not tell everyone at work about it? January is the only time there is a vacation freeze at work. When you are hired they tell this to you on the first day and it is mentioned many times through out the training. People that don't listen to this have learned the hard way. One guy had planned his wedding during this time and was told he could not have the time off. So when the A@@ asks the boss for time off to go to California he was told no. He has worked here long enough to know better. Well he then started telling everyone he would call into work. He gave different reasons but the main one was that he would not have a ride into work because his roommates were going to California. He made sure to tell everyone that he was planning on staying home the entire time. That since he was told he could not take vacation time he would not be going to California. Yeah right! I am just sure that when all of his friends and roommates left for this huge adventure (as he explained to the boss) that he told them. "oh just go along without me. I will stay home all alone". I noticed that he did not really talk to anyone yesterday but then no one really talked to him. The only thing he said yesterday was to announce really loudly how tired and exhausted he was. One of the other guys caught him on it and said 'how can you be tired when you have been off of work the past 5 days'. He kept to himself yesterday. Okay enough of my work gripes. As long as he does not talk to me I will not bring HR into it.

Yesterday I was a good girl and stopped to work out after work. It has been awhile since I have been in and there were some changes. They re-arranged the whole place (paint etc.) and got some new machines. I had to wait to watch a few ladies before I could use them. Hopefully I will go again on Thursday.

After the work out I watch the oh so entertaining Amazing Race. I am happy to say the Jerk of all time and his wife were eliminated (insert happy dance here). I was able to work some on my garter stitch scarf and I think I am getting the hang of it. I get scared when it comes time to change the colors as I am worried that I will do it at the wrong time and mess up the right side of the scarf. So far it is going well and I am picking up speed. I am carrying the yarn up the side and I have to remember not to pull too hard or the stitches get messed up and the side is not straight. I will have to take an update picture this weekend. I really need to finish this scarf as it is already in the 80's and there will be no need for one soon.

As for my Thread project......I only have 2.5 rows to go. I am excited to finish. I have read some directions but still need to figure out how to block it when I am done. I may wait though to block it when I finish some more thread projects but that may change (the blocking, not the other projects).

I am looking forward to this weekend. I am going to a local crop (YAY!) and I am really looking forward to it. I am also planning on getting some yarn for new projects. I just need to remind myself that if I start too many projects I may not finish the ones I am already working on.

And with Blogger down today I will not mention how long it took me to post! Urgh! That is all I have to say on that!

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  1. Do the happy dance on seeing that idiot come in last place on Amazing Race. I did. I was so pissed a couple weeks ago when he actually shoved her because she had grabbed his backpack. I wrote an email to CBS complaining that I didn't watch the show to see a man hitting a woman. They never responded, but I am happy to note that when they did the 6 week recap show, the scene was cut right before he touched her. The only other thing I can note about this is on Wednesday morning I heard a radio newsperson say "the only interesting couple on this seasons Amazing Race, was elminated last night." I quickly turned the station.

    Good blog today! There is nothing worse then being the person working hard, while someone is goofing off; either at work or by not being there.
    Have a nice day!

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