January 11, 2005

The day after Monday

Today was good, until it sucked. I had to deal with the impossible co-worker again today. He just really ticks me off. This is the guy that has to debate and argue about everything. I have written about him before. He did something really rude and I called him on it. He as usual tried to turn it around into it being all me taking it personal. I am so sick of him always doing this. The others just don't talk to him because they don't want to have him throw a fit. I was not going to let him get away with it this time. So basically I got to throw in the fact that he doesn't know what he is doing and that I had to fix his messes.

My group works on different queues. All the records we work on allow us to lock them so others don't work on them at the same time. The only thing we cannot lock is when we go thru the email inbox for our group. Usually there is only one person in there at a time but when we get busy we usually have more. To claim a record we rename it. So basically if you have an email with a name on it you know not to touch it. One usually will work from the top down and the other from the bottom up. I work in this particular queue most of the day. There are 2 of us that are very proficient at it and we have no problem clearing out the inbox. We had in fact already done it once today. I was the only one working on them when I notice that the subjects are being renamed. I asked who was working in the inbox and it was (oh I really need to think of a name for him so right now I will call him the A@@). This really surprised me as he hates to work in this queue (and all the other queues were high). I asked him if he was working from the top or from the bottom. He did not understand. I explained how the inbox is worked and I told him that I would start at the bottom. He then informed me he was changing all of the emails in the inbox because that is the way 'he does it' (he repeated this alot). I was basically kicked out of working on my queue. I called him on it. I told him he was rude to just do that and not check to see who was currently working on the records. I told him I did not mind if he helped me with the queue. I then proceeded to explain to him that there is no problem with multiple people working on the records but he cannot change them all or no one would know where to begin. Again he answered with his 'this is the way I do it'. I told him that I understood that he has only worked in this queue when he is the only person scheduled for the day (my day off) and I can understand he has a system but when there are all of us there he needs to follow the proper steps. I was going pretty well with stating my point, as he always likes to butt in and take over. I could tell he was getting ticked at that. So he tells me he cannot change it now. I said that was fine but in the future he would need to follow the steps. He then told me that he would let me do them. That he did not want to do them anymore. I told him I would not finish them as he needed the practice and he should finish what he started. I mean he did claim all those records as his. He had the nerve to tell me he did not need the practice. Now this ticked me off. I know that my manager wants him to have more practice because he refused to read the training and screws up. So I basically let him have it. I told him he did in fact need the practice as I had to fix up all his screw ups yesterday (this felt good to say). He did not like that very much and the argument ended when he yelled out 'Bite Me'. This is his answer to any argument he cannot win. I found out later when talking to my manager that he has been told not to keep saying this and my manger talked to him about his attitude again. However I do not like when my manager does this as he will sometimes make me come off as taking things to personal when I do not. I am the only girl on my team. We are very limited in number at my workplace. I am getting tired of everything being blamed on me being a girl. The A@@ uses this alot when he does not get his way.

So basically I came home with a headache that did not appear until after all this drama and stayed home - I did not work out as I had planned. I watched The Amazing Race (of course) and worked on my doily for the Thread CAL. I started it over. I have come to the conclusion that this pattern is incorrect. There is no way that after increasing each round that I still only end up with 16dc for 3 rounds. I just continued with it and did it my own way. It is coming along. It is looking kind of lopsided (as the scan shows) and I hope this is fixed when I continue with the rounds. I am halfway done.

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