January 10, 2005

It was a Monday

The day seemed to be very long and work dragged very slowly, which is weird since we were so busy. I was so happy when I finally got to leave. There is one co-worker that likes to argue with everyone about everything and anything and he started in with me today. He did something wrong because he did not read the training. So far, I have found two wrong accounts and it was left to me to clean it up. It was a very bad experience for the customer. Moreover, with how busy we have been it is unneeded extra work. I told him that he had done the first one wrong and he asked me to show him how to fix it. I started to show him and off he went on a tangent of how stupid the whole database was and he did not care and that the database needed to be changed completely blah blah blah. I never got to show him the correct way to do it. The database is working just fine and he would know this if he read the training. I told him that I think a person who has completed 2000 records (me) would know more about the database and what can and cannot be done than a person who has completed a total of 107 records (him). This is a guy who told me he argued with his high school English teacher because she said Shakespeare wrote in English. He said he told her she was wrong and stupid. Poor lady was put thru the wringer. This is how he is at work. Everything is a debate with him so our manager just avoids him. I am waiting for him to stomp on too many toes so he gets himself booted. My only consolation is that I make a lot more than he does and I am sure it irks him to no end.

As for my thread project…………well ummmmmmmm I may need to start that over. I was doing so well too. I finished a couple of rounds but all the time was feeling that it was just not right. At the end of the 5th round, I am supposed to have 64 dc. I did not have 64 dc so I took that round out and started it over. This time I got a bit closer but the pattern is not matching up. I will probably rip out all the rows back to 1 or 2. The only problem with this pattern is it does not tell you how many stitches you should end up with after each round. After completing the 5th round is the first time a stitch total is listed. Now I do have a question and I may have to ask on the crochet boards but when I join I always join in the ch 3. I am wondering if I am doing that correctly.

Well that is my update. I hope to have a lot more accomplished in the craft department tomorrow. However I do have a lot of errands and house stuff on my plate. Hey I never posted what our Christmas present was. I may just have to do that.

Good night.

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