January 5, 2005

To tired to think of a title

I have been asked to clarify more about a previous post. I guess I really did not explain it too well. which is a problem of mine. My thoughts are so much more detailed yet when I write I skip things.

I was asked the following:

If she had $50 (or even withdrew $50), then deposited $600, as you said in your
post, wouldn't her account be positive, not negative? I'm just curious, since
spending $50, then depositing $600 doesn't come out negative on my end. Could
you clarify?

The account in question was not a bank account. It was the cash drawer of a store. The customer took in $50.00 cash in sales. Her deposit at the end of the night to the bank should have been for $50.00 cash. When she entered her deposit into her computerized accounting program she entered it for $600.00 cash. This made the cash drawer a negative amount. The customer does not know the real amount she deposited to the bank and had to look at her receipts. I hope that clears up any lingering questions - I am good at math I promise. Explaining it fully with out going off topic is another thing. LOL!

The calls really do not bother me and if they did I am sure I would not have lasted as many years as I have here. I can understand that some people do not see things right away and need extra help (my dad is a great example). But when the person on the other end is yelling that it is our fault, that we do not understand that the account is negative and must be fixed immediately and does not give you the info you ask for (after multiple requests) to resolve the issue then the calls do get frustrating.

By the time I left work last night (an hour after my shift) there was no evidence of any police activity. It was a long work day (12 hours work - over 1 hour travel) and I was tired. It is sad when more time is spent at work and travel then spent at home. I was happy to be able to watch The Amazing Race but it was really gross last night. I will not go into it but B and I were almost sick. Who would have thought that a person's gag reflex is alive and well by just watching or thinking about it. The website does a really good job of narrating the episode but they did not write about the really gross part. I guess that is a good thing. I will not mention it here as just thinking about it makes me sick. Leave a comment and I will respond. I don't remember much after the show was over and I think sometime afterwards I headed up to bed. LOL!

This morning I woke up 3 minutes before the alarm. I have always hated that. I am one that loves my sleep. It drives B crazy. Once he is woken up there is not going back to sleep. I do not have this problem. I can even get out of bed but I can go right back to it too.

Today is another busy day. I think I do prefer it that way. The company is providing free lunch today so I think it is time I went to lunch.

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