January 25, 2005

Works-in-Progress pictures

I have been taking pictures of my works-in-progress. Of course, I never shared them and end to end up taking even more pictures since I have been working on them. So here are some updates to my current projects.

First is my garter stitch scarf. It is actually straight but I think I was holding it at an angle and looks tilted. It was a bit larger than what is showing here but for some reason after about four stitches something went wacky and I could not fix it. So I tried to follow the steps to frog a couple of rows. I put a needle in certain stitches and then pulled the yarn out until I got to those stitches. I did not do it right as my needle was left with just yarn rolled around it and not attached to my work. I was able to catch the loops and put them on the needle. I surprised myself by being able to put them back on the needle the correct way (well I am not sure yet as I have not continued with my work but they look correct). Since the needle was facing the wrong way, I just had to transfer the loops to the other needle. I think I am back on track. I took apart maybe 5-6 rows so that is what is missing from this picture.

Now I like the front of the work (that picture up there). B is telling me he likes the wrong side (with the stripes from changing colors). I like it too actually but I am a bit bummed as I decided to carry the yarn and not just switch it out. So now I have that icky little trail of yarn up my piece. Being the perfectionist I am, I am trying not to dwell on it. LOL!

As for my thread project……it is still not finished. Here is where I am so far. I keep misplacing the darn pattern! LOL! I hope to finish it sometime soon so I can then figure out how to block it and then start on another one. They are fun! Now are they supposed to not be flat until they are blocked?

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