January 29, 2006

LO: Cherish

I decided to switch to 12x12 pages starting with my 2005 every day pictures album. I like that instead of buying 4 sheets of paper I only need to buy 2 sheets. I like that I can fit more pictures on a page. I have noticed though that I seem to be using mostly patterned paper lately. I think that may have to do with the fact that all my Bazzill is in the smaller size but that will not be for long.

I have decided that scrapping 12x12 is fun!

Thanks for looking.

Supplies list:

  • Patterned Paper - KI Memories
  • White snaps, Rub-ons, paper flower - Making Memories
  • Cardstock - Bazzill
  • Ribbon, Ric-Rack, Chalk

January 25, 2006

I always forget to publish

I was all ready to write about how yesterday was considered the most depressing day of the year and then I never post it. That is the tidbit of news I heard while getting ready in the morning. I must say that although it was a pretty windy, cold and dusty day, I did not find it depressing in any way. In fact yesterday was a good day.

I am spending the morning at work previewing new albums to see if I want to buy the whole thing or just a few songs. One thing that I don’t want to happen is to buy a song and then find out B likes the band and he buys the whole album or in my case, already owns it. B has so many CDs that I have been pleasantly surprised when I find out he already owns a song I want on my iPod. I am even more surprised when song I am thinking of downloading ends up being the free song of the week! Free is the best! I can afford Free!

Here is the site where you can preview and hear the entire album before you buy it. Click Here.

January 23, 2006

Howdy do

Why do I always seem to just post on Mondays? Is it because it is the day that I like to gripe? Even when I don’t plan to gripe I think my posts always turn out that way.

I had a good weekend. How about you?

On Friday night I got together with some friends to scrap. I had a wonderful time and I was actually very productive which is a first for me. Go Me! I am lucky if I finish one page in the hours we spend together but this past Friday I completed (except for minor journaling) 4 pages! Go me again! I had hoped to finish up those pages and scrap more on Saturday and Sunday but that did not happen. Maybe tonight.

Saturday was a nice day. I watched ‘Must Love Dogs’ and I say you Must see this. LOL! I loved it. DH did not see it because he hates John Cusack. He says that he is the same character in every movie he plays. Sometimes I can see that but this movie was not even about him but about Diane Lane. I cleaned the kitchen (I really don’t know why I make it such an ordeal) and when I was finished got my scrap stuff out – however DH was home by then so I did not do anything crafty. We watched ‘Alone in the Dark’. I don’t think that was a great movie. It was kind of boring and predictable to me.

Yesterday (Sunday) we watched ‘Sky High’. Now that was a cute and funny movie. DH will watch anything superhero related so it did not matter it was a Disney movie. After the movie I went to the scrap book store for just 2 items. Since it was only a couple of dollars and I knew that they would not take my debit card for that I looked around. $17+ later I left. I have spent so much this last week on scrapbook supplies. I really need to stop. I think I have officially spent all my Christmas money. LOL! Last night was good TV and it was great! Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Campus Ladies. I really do love Sunday night TV. DH made steak and it was yummy. All in all it was a fantastic weekend.

Now that brings us to today. Monday. I am at work. I really don’t want to be at work. I have a lot to do and my helper went home. So basically I am not in the mood to do anything. I find that on days I wear my contacts I am not as productive as when I wear my glasses. Also when I wear contacts I get really tired by the end of the day. Do any of you have this problem?

January 17, 2006

Here ya go!

Do to intense pressure.....

Here is my update.

Have a nice day.

January 9, 2006

Monday Monday

It is back to the grind for me. Being out on Friday really did make the work pile up. I have tons to do and have a feeling I will be here kind of late tonight.

Last night while walking thru Target I came across the book ‘Fix it and Forget it’ that was recommended by my dear friend Awendybird. I bought the book and was able to look through it just a bit last night. This book is just crock-pot recipes. I bought the regular book but they also had a low-fat version. I am looking forward to being able to have nice meals ready for me when I get home from work. Now to just convince DH to let me cook more often.

I got no scrapping done last night. I just cannot figure out what to do with the page that is sitting on the table and I really don’t want to start on a different page. I did manage to watch some TV but missed the first 3 minutes of Desperate Housewives which sucked because a huge part of the show was about those first 3 minutes. Also Grey’s Anatomy was not new. I really don’t like these recap shows. I guess if I had missed any of the episodes I would like the recap but I really don’t need it when I have already seen it. It did also get to watch the Premier of Campus Ladies. It was not that bad. I really like those two old ladies. There were two episodes on last night but Miranda was only in the first one. I hope to see more of her.

Oh and if you have not visited the wonderful Silver Jewelry Club website lately you will be please to see that they have updated their page to show 4 items at a time instead of one. So instead of one item every 15 minutes, you get a new item every 5 minutes. More chances to buy cool stuff!!!! They also have grouped the matching earrings and pendants together so no more waiting up all night for those earrings you just have to buy to match the pendant you bought. If you buy something let me know what you got!

January 8, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

On Friday, I called in sick to work. Both B and I were not feeling too well. I had a huge sinus headache and thought my head and ear would just explode from the pressure. Saturday was another day of putting up with not feeling up to par and today Sunday was a bit better. I woke up today with a headache (a different kind but a headache nonetheless). But today was different in that I actually left the house. B and I went out for his birthday lunch since we were not able to go on his actual birthday (the 3rd). We went to Macaroni Grill as we did not want to wait 40 minutes for a seat at Stupid Garden. I don't know why we even went there first. Lunch was good and dinner will be too as we are having our leftovers from lunch. After lunch we stopped by The Red Circle Boutique and I bought the first season of LOST and some socks. I don't know what it is with me and socks lately. I have gone years without buying new socks and lately I have been buying tons of cute socks. It must be all those new shoes I bought recently (shhhh don't tell). Although I don't know why I even bought more socks as today was another hot one and I wore summer clothes with my slip-on sandals. I wonder when winter will come? I think I need to change the theme of this blog from Winter to Summer.

Tonight is good TV. My butt will be a potato. Although I may try to scrap while I watch. I think there is a new Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. I love both of those shows. I am also a bit more excited about TV tonight as a new show debuts on the Oxygen channel. It is called Campus Ladies. I want to watch this show for one reason. One of the girls in it is someone I knew from high school. We ran with the same group of friends and although I have tons of pictures of her and remember her well, I kind of doubt she remembers me. I kind of feel that way about everyone I was friends with in High School. How sad is that? Anyways.....if you get a chance to watch it please do as she is a fantastic actress. Good luck Miranda with your new show!

January 5, 2006

Lack of motivation

There was no scrapbooking last night. If we could all have a moment of silence please. ………

Okay. Silence done. I had planned to complete a page last night but instead B and I watched “The Wedding Crashers”. It was a funny movie. Afterwards I tried to get my supplies together but it just was not happening. I got to bed earlier than the night before and actually slept better but it was still hard for me to get going this morning. After putting up with a tantrum this morning care of B, I got out the door and headed to work. I cannot even remember the drive. I was so out of it. Once here at work it was really hard to get motivated. The day is half over and it is still hard for me to get motivated. It does not help that I have a sinus headache that is starting. I hope the fact that I took something now while it is small helps to keep it small. Going home is not an option as B is there and he always complains if I go home early on his day off (great guy huh – he sure does tick me off). I could be deathly ill but that does not matter. He always thinks I go home early because he is there. Sorry to break it to you honey but you are not the center of the universe! Oh but you know….I could always go ‘looking’ at the scrapbook store. I say ‘looking’ because I am poor but knowing me….’looking’ usually ends up being ‘spending’. I have to wait until payday though as my Christmas money went to bills and I have nothing left to spend. Then of course if I leave early due to a sinus headache do I really want to go window shopping?

Last night, dinner was made in the crock-pot. It was so nice to get home and have dinner all ready to eat. Each year I tell myself that I will use the crock-pot more but I never get around to it. I guess it is because I only have a couple of things that I know how to make in the crock-pot and I need more ideas.

Do you have any crock-pot recipes that you have made and liked? I know there are tons of sites out there with recipes but I want some that people have actually tried and liked. Can you share? Please? Pretty Please?

January 4, 2006

Scrap Happy

Today I am tired. So tired in fact that I could not even wear my contacts. It is my own fault really. I stayed up until midnight scrapping. It did not help that I actually started around 10pm and before that I had to dig for all my supplies (well not all but some really important ones). B made a mess of our second room where my supplies are kept and I had a problem finding things. It did not help that I would put one item down to look for another and then when I finally found what I was looking for I could not find the object I put down. Argh! Around 10pm I took the supplies I wanted to use downstairs as there was not a clear space AT ALL upstairs and got to work. I have always said I was a slow scrapper. Last night proved it. It took about 2 hours to finish the layout. Now I can blame my slowness on the fact that the page was 12x12 and not my normal 8.5x11 but I don’t think that is a good enough excuse, especially since I used a sketch to create the page and the page is super simple ~ but I just could not get it to look right. I was so tired that I put all my stuff in a pile and just left the page sitting there with nothing glued down. I had planned to finish it tonight but before I went upstairs I decided it was done and stuck everything down. So I am proud to say I have officially scrapped my first page for this year (2006) and the first page of photos for 2005. Whoo hoo! Go me!! It's my birthday!!

When I finally crawled into bed at 12:30am I could not sleep. My mind turned on and would not turn off. I kept thinking of stuff like creating budgets (more like convincing B to let us have a budget), making New Years resolutions, and I even thought about blogging about not being able to sleep. It did not help that B was taking up a good part of the bed and I had one cat beside me and the other at my feet. I could not move all night.

Work so far today has been calm and looks to be a good day. I have lots on my plate and new stuff is being given to me so I really have to work on my time management but I am not stressed (that is a good thing right?) I guess having a great boss makes it worthwhile. I sure do love my job and coming to work – even on the bad days although today the coffee is a be ewwww!

January 3, 2006

The holidays are over

Today it is back to the grind. I got to work around 8:30am after driving in the heaviest traffic I have seen in the morning (all roads had construction and I came across one accident and 2 school zones) I also saw the most garbage trucks ever on the road today. Once I got to work I had to run some reports (something new for me to do) and let me tell you I hate having to create things when I know the data is not correct. I did not get to start on my real work until after 11:00. I guess there will be no lunch for me today (and no W/W meeting). I have a meeting at 12:30 and I am happy it is by phone. It is one of those meetings where you really don’t know if you are supposed to be there. I am basically just there to listen. I hope that it is not a waste of my time. Actually I like knowing what is going on so I hope I learn something new.

Yesterday I had to call the management company of my apartment complex to put in a noise complaint for the girl next door. When she first moved in she played her music loud but it was always off by 10pm (on weekdays) so I had no complaints. B always plays his music loud so I was not about to complain about hers. Well lately the music does not even come on some days until 10:30pm and then it stays on. I have to turn the television on super loud and it still does not drown out the bass beat coming thru the wall. On New Years Eve it was on ALL night. What gets me is that they sit outside and no one can even hear the music going on inside. I had no problems with New Years Eve although around 2am B banged on the wall to let them know enough was enough. Then we got to listen to them yelling outside the entire night. Why is it when people are drunk they always yell “I love you” to everyone? On the 1st she had the music on until 1am. What ticked me off is that they were in the parking lot and not even in the apartment. Because of this I called it in. I was home yesterday and she put on her music around noon (so up went my TV). It was not long before she turned it off and then it did not come on again at all. All night it was peace and quiet…well except for her SLAMMING her door every hour or so. I guess she was a bit ticked. I guess I am getting old but I am not a fan of underage parties and music all night long right outside my front door.

Today is B’s birthday. The poor birthday boy has to work today and we are not able to go out to dinner tonight. I feel bad that we cannot celebrate his birthday tonight. I think he is having friends over late tonight so hopefully they will take him out for a good time since he has the day off tomorrow.

I am still thinking on what goals I want to make for the New Year. Hopefully it will not take me all year to think of some. :-)

January 2, 2006

Happy Day after New Years Day

I really am alive. Really I am. See that is me over there on the left. Hi there. How ya doing? I have been so out of touch with everything lately. I have neglected my blog, my friend's blogs and basically everything. I have been kept so busy at work that the time (like breaks and lunches) I used to take to read a blog or update a blog just isn't happening. I don't even seem to take my lunch break anymore at all. Argh! Since when did I become a work-a-holic? I sure wish some of that working energy would rub off at home cause I live in a sty! It doesn't help either that instead of picking something up B will just throw it into the second room and leave it for me. Then he gets mad if it isn't done immediately and yet it isn't even a mess I made. Sheesh! Sometimes I wish I lived alone. Sometimes.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Mine was good. Christmas Eve was spent at my parents’ house as usual and it was nice seeing all the family. I did miss not having my brother and his kids there as they spent the last 2 weeks in Hawaii (ooh lala – must be nice). My favorite uncle also was absent as he was not feeling well. All I can say is the Posole was AWESOME!!!

Christmas day is usually spent at home doing nothing while B plays whatever video game he got. This year was different. I left B at home with his video game and went to my Aunt and Uncles for tamales, menudo and ham.

New Years Eve (day) I got to spend with my brother's kids and watched them open their Christmas presents. Poor B had to work.

New Years Eve (night) we did nothing. We are becoming boring in our old age. Sheesh! B fell asleep while I watched the ball drop and listened to the SUPER loud neighboors next door. Man! That girl parties almost every night!

New Years Day (evening) was spent at the in-laws. We had a yummy dinner (my mother-in-law does know how to cook a good meal) and watched Serenity (the movie). Not so bad of a movie. I never really got past the first two episodes of the TV show though. It sure was a hot day and it was weird dressing in summer clothes. I wonder if I will ever get to wear my nice sweaters and my new jacket anytime soon.

It is now the New Year. I cannot believe how fast this past year went. Of course everyone seems to say that and I don't mind joining them. I have never been one for making New Years resolutions/goals. I remember one year making some and I forgot them the very next day. So if I am going to make some resolutions/goals they have to be biggies and maybe I should write them down. ;-) I guess I am afraid of failure and so I don’t put myself in a situation (such as making goals) so that I don’t fail.

What are your goals for the New Year?

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