January 5, 2006

Lack of motivation

There was no scrapbooking last night. If we could all have a moment of silence please. ………

Okay. Silence done. I had planned to complete a page last night but instead B and I watched “The Wedding Crashers”. It was a funny movie. Afterwards I tried to get my supplies together but it just was not happening. I got to bed earlier than the night before and actually slept better but it was still hard for me to get going this morning. After putting up with a tantrum this morning care of B, I got out the door and headed to work. I cannot even remember the drive. I was so out of it. Once here at work it was really hard to get motivated. The day is half over and it is still hard for me to get motivated. It does not help that I have a sinus headache that is starting. I hope the fact that I took something now while it is small helps to keep it small. Going home is not an option as B is there and he always complains if I go home early on his day off (great guy huh – he sure does tick me off). I could be deathly ill but that does not matter. He always thinks I go home early because he is there. Sorry to break it to you honey but you are not the center of the universe! Oh but you know….I could always go ‘looking’ at the scrapbook store. I say ‘looking’ because I am poor but knowing me….’looking’ usually ends up being ‘spending’. I have to wait until payday though as my Christmas money went to bills and I have nothing left to spend. Then of course if I leave early due to a sinus headache do I really want to go window shopping?

Last night, dinner was made in the crock-pot. It was so nice to get home and have dinner all ready to eat. Each year I tell myself that I will use the crock-pot more but I never get around to it. I guess it is because I only have a couple of things that I know how to make in the crock-pot and I need more ideas.

Do you have any crock-pot recipes that you have made and liked? I know there are tons of sites out there with recipes but I want some that people have actually tried and liked. Can you share? Please? Pretty Please?


  1. You totally have to get the Fix it or Forget it cookbook. We have made many recipes from there and they are delicious! Sams and costco usually carry it...

  2. I have a good recipe for a pot roast that was on the back of a Campbells soup can. Get a pot roast that will fit into your crock pot. first add baby carrots and cubed potatoes to the bottom of the pot first. add pot roast. next mix together one can of cream of mushroom soup, half of a can of beef broth and one envelope of dry onion soup mix. Pour over roast. cook on low for 6-8 hours or high 4-6 hours. about half way through I like to flip the roast and pour the gravy over the top. during the last 30 minutes I also like to put in some frozen peas that have been thawed. its really good, I like to wipe the gravy off the plate with some buttered bread. let me know how you like it if you try it.

  3. Hope you felt better for the rest of the day. Sorry the hubby was such a pita. I wish you a peaceful evening and weekend of scrapbooking!

  4. A - I bought the book. I will let you know how it goes.

    Hunny - thank you for the recipe. I will have to try that.

    R - I did feel okay but ended up staying home on Friday.

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