February 21, 2010


I am in the mood to make something.

I want to make something new and something with yarn. I don't feel like working on any of my old projects. The thing is...I am a planner. But I can plan forever and a day and still not start on anything. I want to make a blanket but there are 2 that I want to make and I could not decide which to start first. I finally made my decision. I then spent pretty much all evening deciding on what yarn to use. Since this yarn is for a blanket I plan to use El-Cheapo yarn. I saw that Jo-Anns had the yarn I want to use on sale. I checked to make sure it was not an online only sale and it was not. Since the new sales always start on Sunday I decided to run down to the local store and buy some yarn tonight, that way I could spend Sunday working on my new project. I got to the store 30-minutes before closing and found that this particular yarn was so NOT on sale. I was pretty disappointed. I guess it was okay though since the store was out of the colors I wanted to buy. So it is back to the drawing board. Maybe I will just order the yarn online, but if I do that it will no longer be El-Cheapo yarn. If I have to order online, I may as well just order the good stuff. :-)

And onto other projects. I have gotten behind with sharing this year's Project 365 photos. Not only here but also on Flickr. I hate when I get behind on updating my photos. Of course this is not anything new. I think it bothers me a bit more this time as I am having a lot more fun taking photos this year.

Week 4  (365:2010)

Week 5  (365:2010)

February 15, 2010

a bit of the purple

Well it's a start. Hopefully this blog is on it's way to being non-boring. At least from a color perspective, I cannot vouch for the actual blog content though. LOL!

So what do you think of it so far? It seems a bit purple. Maybe after a few hours sleep and a super long day at work it will look a bit better.

February 14, 2010

So ummmm.....

It appears I have kind of deleted my blog. Oops!

Please excuse the mess while I try to get it back. Yea....maybe I should just go and make dinner.

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