September 29, 2009

titles hinder creativity

I still have not unpacked all my crafty stuff but that did not stop me from starting to scrap a page. It has been awhile so I thought I would start off easy. I decided using a sketch was the way to go. I only have a few printed photos to scrap but I was able to find a few that would work with the sketch. . . This was over a week ago (maybe longer). I have been slowly working on it but now I am stuck more than ever. And what is it that has me stuck? A title. A one-word title.

Titles have hindered my creativity in so many ways. I take too long to blog because I am thinking of a title. I take weeks to upload my photos to Flickr all because of a title. Then there is scrapping. . . not that every page needs a title, but sheesh! Creativity should not be this hard.

The hubby and I have been off of work since last Friday. We took some time off to celebrate our anniversary. We had many different ideas about what we were going to do during our time off but we ended up doing none of them. We were quite the lazy couple. It will be hard to go back to work tomorrow, but even more so since the hubby still has the rest of the week off from work.

September 17, 2009


All the buzz at work the last couple of days has been about the Swine Flu. It's here. Not that it ever went away.

AZ is currently listed as one of the few states with widespread occurrence. So that being said, yesterday there were some new rules put into effect at work. The main one being no children 13 and under allowed. Oh and if you come to the ER you are not to come inside the building but to use the phone outside first.

There were meetings all day on how the hospital is going to handle any issues and what we should do if we happen to get sick. The meeting was pretty informative. I learned that I need a manual can opener (got two) and I need to practice social distancing (min 6-feet from others). As you can see in the handout below, these items are in bold which I think pretty much means they are important. ;-)

It is expected that 30-40% of the population will get sick. There were quite a few people (in my department) that stayed home today, it was really quiet except for the occasional sneeze (myself included). Since I work around a limited number of people, rarely leave my desk and I never really go out anywhere after work, I am not too worried about getting sick. Well at least not with the flu. I have been a bit under the weather this week but I can attribute that to allergies.

However....the husband is sick. He is never sick. He came home early from work and now he is asleep. Hopefully he will feel better in the morning.

September 15, 2009

it's so basic

Basic Grey cardstock.

Have you seen it? Is it new? Has it been around awhile?

Basic Grey now sells their plain patterned paper (you know the "plain" side of their patterned papers) in separate packages. I took a quick trip to the local scrappy store yesterday and happened to come across it. I saw it and just had to have it. I limited myself to just one package though, as with anything Basic Grey it is quite pricey. Well that and the fact that I need more paper like I need a hole in my head.

Okay....WOW! While looking for a picture to share ('cause my camera battery will not cooperate) I came across Again, let me just say WOW! The site lets you select a color scheme based on the item (or uploaded picture) you have selected. Now that is just too cool.

September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009: 09-09-09

Now what kind of blogger would I be if I did not post on this memorable day in history, 09-09-09. Albeit the day is pretty much over but I made it just under the wire.

This month has already shown itself to be a whirlwind of activity, but to be honest September usually is a busy month around here. I was lucky to have this past Labor Day weekend off from work, sadly the husband did not. I am actually pretty happy the weekend is over. There are parts of it that I want to remember and some not so much.

Saturday we had my parents over for dinner. It was the first time having them over for dinner since we moved into our house. The husband grilled steak and made his famous Whiskey Bread Pudding. It is times like these that I love being married to a chef, especially when he does all the cooking.

We had some bad news this weekend. My cousin's husband had a stroke. 37-years old is too young to have a stroke, especially when one does not have any of the risk factors. I spent some time on Monday (Labor Day) & Tuesday visiting at the hospital. He is making progress and we pray that he gets better quickly. It really does make you think though, especially since he is younger than the husband and I.

Yesterday I found these awesome 1 gallon mason canning jars. I thought they would be awesome to use in my new crafty space. That is if I ever finish unpacking the boxes. I thought it would be cool to fill them with something . . . now I just need to decide what to put in them. One of the ideas running around in my head was to fill them with foam letter stamps but I wonder if there may be a better use for them. What are your ideas? What do you think would be the perfect thing to use to fill them?

September 1, 2009

September has begun

I had high hopes of starting a new monthly photo project today but sadly I have not even listened to a single song today.

The networks went down at work again today. When it happened last Friday, we were sent home after 2-hours. Today I ended up staying 2-hours past my shift. Today I got to prep charts, in-patient and ER. It is not hard work but once you get the process down it can be kind of mind numbing. It is also hard on the back. It sure did keep me busy. I had no problem with staying awake today. I also had no time for breaks and lunch was really late. The husband had to work open to close again today so we did not get home until 7pm. 12-hours away from home, 2 days in a row, is pretty tiring.

Tonight I managed to upload only one Project 365 photo. I got distracted while uploading (and writing this post) and ended up listening to a song. Of course it ended up being one I have only listened to (according to Last.FM) only 8 times. Although not as creative as others that had their photos (and songs) already planned, I think I may have something that I can use. I HAD to do it. It was just too weird NOT to take a photo today.

I can't believe it is September already. It always seems to sneak up on me. Maybe because my Dad's birthday is the 2nd. Hey! That's tomorrow!

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