September 29, 2009

titles hinder creativity

I still have not unpacked all my crafty stuff but that did not stop me from starting to scrap a page. It has been awhile so I thought I would start off easy. I decided using a sketch was the way to go. I only have a few printed photos to scrap but I was able to find a few that would work with the sketch. . . This was over a week ago (maybe longer). I have been slowly working on it but now I am stuck more than ever. And what is it that has me stuck? A title. A one-word title.

Titles have hindered my creativity in so many ways. I take too long to blog because I am thinking of a title. I take weeks to upload my photos to Flickr all because of a title. Then there is scrapping. . . not that every page needs a title, but sheesh! Creativity should not be this hard.

The hubby and I have been off of work since last Friday. We took some time off to celebrate our anniversary. We had many different ideas about what we were going to do during our time off but we ended up doing none of them. We were quite the lazy couple. It will be hard to go back to work tomorrow, but even more so since the hubby still has the rest of the week off from work.

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