September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009: 09-09-09

Now what kind of blogger would I be if I did not post on this memorable day in history, 09-09-09. Albeit the day is pretty much over but I made it just under the wire.

This month has already shown itself to be a whirlwind of activity, but to be honest September usually is a busy month around here. I was lucky to have this past Labor Day weekend off from work, sadly the husband did not. I am actually pretty happy the weekend is over. There are parts of it that I want to remember and some not so much.

Saturday we had my parents over for dinner. It was the first time having them over for dinner since we moved into our house. The husband grilled steak and made his famous Whiskey Bread Pudding. It is times like these that I love being married to a chef, especially when he does all the cooking.

We had some bad news this weekend. My cousin's husband had a stroke. 37-years old is too young to have a stroke, especially when one does not have any of the risk factors. I spent some time on Monday (Labor Day) & Tuesday visiting at the hospital. He is making progress and we pray that he gets better quickly. It really does make you think though, especially since he is younger than the husband and I.

Yesterday I found these awesome 1 gallon mason canning jars. I thought they would be awesome to use in my new crafty space. That is if I ever finish unpacking the boxes. I thought it would be cool to fill them with something . . . now I just need to decide what to put in them. One of the ideas running around in my head was to fill them with foam letter stamps but I wonder if there may be a better use for them. What are your ideas? What do you think would be the perfect thing to use to fill them?

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