September 1, 2009

September has begun

I had high hopes of starting a new monthly photo project today but sadly I have not even listened to a single song today.

The networks went down at work again today. When it happened last Friday, we were sent home after 2-hours. Today I ended up staying 2-hours past my shift. Today I got to prep charts, in-patient and ER. It is not hard work but once you get the process down it can be kind of mind numbing. It is also hard on the back. It sure did keep me busy. I had no problem with staying awake today. I also had no time for breaks and lunch was really late. The husband had to work open to close again today so we did not get home until 7pm. 12-hours away from home, 2 days in a row, is pretty tiring.

Tonight I managed to upload only one Project 365 photo. I got distracted while uploading (and writing this post) and ended up listening to a song. Of course it ended up being one I have only listened to (according to Last.FM) only 8 times. Although not as creative as others that had their photos (and songs) already planned, I think I may have something that I can use. I HAD to do it. It was just too weird NOT to take a photo today.

I can't believe it is September already. It always seems to sneak up on me. Maybe because my Dad's birthday is the 2nd. Hey! That's tomorrow!

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