July 28, 2008

...and so she waits

I should be at work.

But instead here I sit waiting for the locksmith to come.

The husband locked the keys in the car last night and we found out about it this morning as I was trying to leave for work. Poor guy. I know he feels bad about it but one would think that if one has a problem with locking the keys in the car one would be more aware of the fact that the keys are not on one's person. Any who, I just got a call that it will be about 25 minutes until someone shows up to fix it. Not bad. I am used to waiting so much longer for a service call. I sure do hope the day gets better. I am not looking forward to having to stay late at work today but what can a person do?

Oh wait! Someone is here. Wow! That was quick! Gotta go!

July 27, 2008

By Golly! She scraps! NOT!!!

So this evening I was scrapping.....but now I am just freaked out!

I started this page back on June 22nd and as is usual Stefani style, today, a month later I am trying to finish it up. If it wasn't for this picture that I took last month I would not have thought that a whole month had passed.

Anyway, back to the point of my post. I was trying to finish up the page when I smelled something funny. I thought it was maybe the pen I was using. I smelled the pen and it did kind of smell funny but it was weird that it had never smelled before. I got up from the chair and went to the next room. I could smell that same smell. It smelled kind of sweet but also like something was burning. Come to find out, the ceiling fan right above the table where I was sitting was burning and smoking. I am TOTALLY not okay with fire. It is my worst fear (well one of them). We turned off the light and it seems like there is no longer any smoke coming from it but I can tell you, tonight I will not be sleeping.

July 22, 2008

I am sure my computer misses me

Lately I have been pretty much on a computer hiatus. I seem to not even turn the thing on during the weekend and when I do, I don't really do much. I kind of like it but I am finding that it is starting to cause some problems. What kind you ask? Well....for example, I have a MySpace account. I signed up for it in order to keep in touch with my sister while she was living in France. I rarely log in but lately I have been trying to login a bit more often. You know, like maybe once a month. Well now I find that it will probably be much better for me if I login more often. Why you ask? Well twice now I have logged in to find that I have missed an old friend that has been in town. :( So now I just have to figure out how often I need to log in. Just one more thing that I need to add to my list of stuff to do when I get online. Sigh. There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done that I need to get done.

One of the things I did while on this past weekend's computer hiatus was to go and see The Dark Knight.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

The husband and I have decided that after watching this movie we will no longer be going to the movie theatre. We went to the matinée movie at $6.50 each. Then we bought 2 sodas. The total for the movie came out to over $21. Don't get me wrong. The movie was super awesome! I am amazed at the wonderful job Heath Ledger did. But now that we have Blu-Ray/High Def at home we are so spoiled. Last week or so we bought the high def version of Batman Begins. The DVD had the first 6-minutes of The Dark Knight in high definition. Can I just say "Oh Wow!" It was amazing! The detail is the best. So when we went to the theatre this past weekend we could really tell the difference. The movie was so FLAT. It just seemed grey. In high def, the windows on the building sparkle. In high def, you can see the wrinkles on the ass of Heath Ledger's pants. In high def, movies just seem to be a bit more interesting. So, we have decided that we will just wait. Wait for the movie to come out on DVD so that we can watch it at home. It is cheaper, it looks better and plus we can watch it in our underwear!

July 21, 2008

We Are Family Meme

We Are Family Meme
1. Zero, 2. The Sophistication of Mr. Lamp-shade, 3. *belonging* {143/365}, 4. Glacier Reflections, 5. White Dove of the Desert, 6. Mom & Daughter Moment, 7. mother holding her daughter, 8. Black tulips, 9. kitty bw edit, 10. Lucky Number (Day 31), 11. EAT, 12. Sisters

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Well it is about time that I did another one of these. This one sure was a toughie. Now I know that I have said that on each of them so far but this one really was. We could only choose photos from 2 particular groups. I think I found some awesome photos to use though, don't you think? There are some really awesome photographers out there and I think that I chose some of the best!

1. How many kids do you have? Zero. Do the kitties count? How about the husband?
2. Who is the craziest member of your family? That would be my Uncle, who passed last year, he was always the life of the party. Now? Probably me.
3. What is the main cultural background of your family? Mexican
4. Where did you go on your last family vacation? Alaskan cruise. The husband, my parents, my brother and sister-in-law and 2.5 nephews. All together in a van, on a plane and on a floating box. We came home early.
5. What city were you born in? Tucson
6. What member of your extended family do you see the most? Well when I actually leave my house it would be my parents, My Mom in particular since my Dad is always off somewhere working or shopping or whatever else it is he is off doing.
7. Who are you closest to? Again, that would be my Mom.
8. What is the coolest job someone in your family has? Interior Design. Oh and my cousin's partner sets up the photos shoots for Pottery Barn. I think that is pretty darn cool!
9. What kind of animal(s) does your family own? Two cats
10. How many siblings do you have? I have one brother. When I turned 18, I met my biological family and found that I have 2 additional brothers and a sister. Then of course, there are the 27 first cousins (maybe a couple more). 27 first cousins and only 4/5 grew up in a different state. As for the rest, we all grew up together. It is even larger now that we are grown.
11. What fun thing does your family do together? Eat. LOL! What else do large families do when they get together?
12. Who makes you proud? My Sister. She may be 11 years younger than I but I feel that she has done so much more than I ever will.

July 9, 2008

At least it makes the day go by faster

*Cherry Love*
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As I expected today was a pretty tiring and exhausting day. I would not have any other way though as I learned a lot.

Wednesdays are when the gal who was training me comes over and answers any questions I have etc. I guess I am doing well enough that she is now down to coming just 2 times a month instead of once a week. So since I have not seen her in awhile, I had a lot of stuff we had to cover. We also had to submit some stuff to the state so lots and lots to do today. Usually when she comes over it is only for a few hours so I try to jam pack everything into those few hours. Today was no exception. I usually don't take a break when she is there and we get started as soon as I arrive. I got there at 7am this morning and we did not stop until 1:30pm. I usually take my lunch at 11:30 so that should tell you how much I needed a break by the time we were finished. But like I said, I learn so much so it is all good.

I wanted to share my flower pictures today, but when I got home I just laid my head down for a minute and ended up taking a short nap.

Tomorrow will be another learning filled day. I get to go to a 4-hour training class in the afternoon. I get to meet all the other gals that do my job in this town. There are not that many. Less than 10 I believe. Once again I have a job position that is not shared with many others. I think that is kind of cool. :)

~ p.s. And even though today was up to 40% chance of rain, I still did not see a drop! :(

July 8, 2008

She who loves the rain, must live in the desert

I really had high hopes when the weather man said that this week would be the wettest week so far this year. I still had those high hopes when I got out of work and saw the clouds start to roll in. I got even more excited when I walked out of Best Buy and saw a super dark gray wall of clouds coming in from one direction and a sheet of rain coming from the other. I got home before a single drop fell and even though I saw lighting in those dark clouds I turned on the computer for a quick while. Then I cleaned up the back patio so that nothing would get blown around by the wind that I knew would come. Then I went to get the mail. I noticed that the neighbors had a red sunflower. I ran back inside and tried to fix my messed up camera and then ran back outside before the rain arrived and the light was gone. That done, I went over to a neighbor's to see the baby kitties. As I was taking some more pictures, it started to sprinkle. I hurried inside so that my camera would not get wet.

And you know what?

That was it! I don't know where that storm went! The entire sky was covered with gray clouds but no other rain fell. Talk about disappointed. Now just you wait, tomorrow it will rain when I am not ready for it and I will have to swim to my car like I did the last time.

July 6, 2008

That was quick!

I cannot believe that this 3-day holiday weekend is already over and done. Especially since I did not do anything particularly exciting or really anything at all. I cannot even remember what I did. It rained. I remember that. Oh and the Internets went kaputz for about half a day. It has been a very laid back weekend. Lots of time spent sitting outside on the bench on our front porch watching the rain and lightning. One night we even had one of our neighbors join us which was really nice. I got my hands nice and dirty re-potting flowers too.

I really needed this weekend to refresh. Work is not hard but there have been a few cases that got me pretty depressed. It is hard knowing that although my job is extremely important (and I do like what I do), it is also a very sad one as well.

July 5, 2008


Still need convincing?

Take a listen to this.

Into the Galaxy

sigh....I feel like I am back in my first year of college, out dancing with Levi. Marya are you reading this? Let's go dancing! It's been WAY too long! Can't you hear it? The tunes are calling!

July 4, 2008

It's a message for the masses

Sigh. Obsessions are lovely.


So ummm....Just don't visit my Last.Fm profile for awhile or else you will think I have totally lost it!

-- You can catch the full track here.

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