July 6, 2008

That was quick!

I cannot believe that this 3-day holiday weekend is already over and done. Especially since I did not do anything particularly exciting or really anything at all. I cannot even remember what I did. It rained. I remember that. Oh and the Internets went kaputz for about half a day. It has been a very laid back weekend. Lots of time spent sitting outside on the bench on our front porch watching the rain and lightning. One night we even had one of our neighbors join us which was really nice. I got my hands nice and dirty re-potting flowers too.

I really needed this weekend to refresh. Work is not hard but there have been a few cases that got me pretty depressed. It is hard knowing that although my job is extremely important (and I do like what I do), it is also a very sad one as well.


  1. I love that photo!! Glad work is going well. Sorry it is sad. Hope things in life are looking up for you.

  2. Did you take that photo? Your pictures are so darned interesting! I love them!

  3. Thanks Amber. I really try not to think too hard about it sometimes. I think listening to happy music while I work helps a ton.

    Thanks EB! And yes, I did take this picture. :)

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