July 28, 2008

...and so she waits

I should be at work.

But instead here I sit waiting for the locksmith to come.

The husband locked the keys in the car last night and we found out about it this morning as I was trying to leave for work. Poor guy. I know he feels bad about it but one would think that if one has a problem with locking the keys in the car one would be more aware of the fact that the keys are not on one's person. Any who, I just got a call that it will be about 25 minutes until someone shows up to fix it. Not bad. I am used to waiting so much longer for a service call. I sure do hope the day gets better. I am not looking forward to having to stay late at work today but what can a person do?

Oh wait! Someone is here. Wow! That was quick! Gotta go!


  1. Believe it or not - I have had this happen too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! To answer your question - it is Basic Grey.

  2. the other problem with that is how expensive it is!! unless you have AAA or something. :)

  3. Sorry to hear you got locked out! Bummer! But it happens. I love all your new self-portraits! They are awesome!

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