April 29, 2008

Having reservations

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I want to thank again all of you that left comments on my last post. The choices are really helping with my decisions on where to stay when I go on my trip.

I don't know why I am freaking out over where to stay. Well I do know. It is because it is the first time I will be doing it alone and not meeting anyone at the end of my journey. Airplane reservations are just so much easier. LOL!

My training will be in Phoenix. I lived there once, for a year. Of course that was 20 years ago. LOL! At least I have a pretty good idea on how to navigate the city. I just don't know which parts of town are safe to stay overnight.

I had pretty much narrowed it down to one hotel but I think it is actually in a bad part of town so now it is between that one and another which is on the opposite side of downtown.

One hotel is remodeled and is near a mall and food establishments (how is that for a fancy word?). But it is in central Phoenix and may not be a good option. The other choice is actually downtown and even though there are not food places around the hotel, they give you free breakfast. I am good with free.

April 25, 2008


*booga*booga* {282/365}
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I need to get a more exciting life.

I was looking thru some past posts and noticed that I sure did have a lot more people commenting on what I wrote. I am trying to see what is different than before. I still complained back then so it cannot be that. LOL! Geez! Even my own friends don't stop by anymore. I think maybe the idea of having a blog is so popular now that there are just too many of them out there. The novelty is gone. Maybe I should give something away. Ya know...buy some friendship. LOL!

Any of you familiar with the online reservation sites? Like Orbitz, Hotels.com, Travelocity, etc? Which one is the best? In the past, I have only used online reservation sites for airline tickets. Now I need to make hotel reservations for my BUSINESS TRIP! I am so happy to say that. At my previous job there were always hints that I would eventually be sent on one but it never happened. I have only been at my current job for a short time and I already get to take one. Of course it will probably be the ONLY trip I get to take but it is still a trip!

I am SO happy today is Friday. How about you?

April 21, 2008



Is Flickr really down? What am I to do? Like I wasn't already way behind with uploading my 365 day photos.


The Face of Boe? Really? Now that is the only thing we came away with after watching the Dr. Who finale. That was great! LOL!


Who ever heard of the grocery store not carrying caramel apple dip? I seriously see it there every time I walk by the apples but never had the need to buy it. Until today. I wanted to make a cream cheese and caramel apple dip for a work potluck tomorrow and can you believe the store did not have any? I asked and was told that they no longer carry it. Seriously now! That sucks!

April 19, 2008

Out with the not so old...

It seems that now that I have a faster online connection I am not finding myself using it all that much. Maybe because I am on the computer all day and just don't feel like turning it on at night. Or it could be that this computer is so darn slow that it gets frustrating. Since my home computer is a Dell there is no way to update it. If we want faster, we will need to buy a new computer. But since the husband bought this thing the other day, it will be quite awhile before we can afford a new computer.

There was nothing wrong with the old one. It was only a few years old but I guess that does not matter when it comes to dumb video games and how they need to be in hi-def. Oh my, does this sound like a rant or what? I probably would have gotten over the idea of owing for the new TV but then of course we needed a couple of special cables each being around $50. Then there is the upgrading of the cable box which will add only $6 more a month to the cable bill but we already increased it by going with the cable internet connection. So now the husband has his hi-def and the wireless connection for his games and I guess I am just feeling a bit down at not having anything hi-tech and new of my own.

On another note, last night I watched the season premiere of Dr. Who on SciFi. I don't know what I thought about that show. I really was not that impressed with the episode and hope that they get better. I have not even seen the season finale from last season. That is on tonight well in half an hour, but on BBC America. I am looking forward to watching it, but what I really want to see is the finale of Torchwood. Now that is an awesome show!

April 17, 2008


Today I graduated.

I have officially completed my training.

Well it was more like I was given my certificate of completion but it was more like an empty envelope with a letter stating that my certificate was coming in the mail. :)

I cannot belive I am finally finished. It feels good. Now I just have to concentrate on the degree I need for my job and after that...certification!

So even though I have finished my schooling, it was only the first chapter. I still have a ways to go and I am looking forward to it.

April 12, 2008


Today we went to run a couple of shopping errands. While leaving the first store I totally missed a step and down I went. If it were for the fact that there was a car at the curb in front of me, I probably would have landed on my face instead of my knees. The husband says he doesn't think anyone saw. I told him, dude, everyone saw! LOL! I do find it funny that once he helped me up and we walked to the car that we never even looked back at the store. Talk about embarrassing.

Now I need to work on my taxes. I really do need to do them but I am starting to feel a bit tired and kind of ill. I wonder if I am making myself feel this way because I really don't want to do my taxes.

This past week has been an extremely long week.

Work is going well. Nothing new to report about that. I do find my desk to be quite cold (I sit directly under a vent) and when I get cold I get sleepy. Add to that the fact that I stayed up later than usual this past week and by Friday it was so hard to concentrate, much less stay awake.

This past week also marked the anniversary of my Uncle's passing. I really do miss him.

April 8, 2008

Appreciate Me!

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This week is National Cancer Registrar Appreciation Week.

I actually now have a job that actually has a national appreciation week. Now that is cool.

So who is gonna get me flowers? Take me to lunch?


I'm waiting!

Anyone? Anyone?

April 7, 2008


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Finally! After years and years, the hubby and I now have high-speed Internet! Of course it is not without its issues. It was supposed to have been turned on last Sunday (yesterday) but ended up being today. Then we find out that they only allow one cable connection to be active so the darn cable is plugged into the living room wall and snakes all the way across the house to get to the computer. I am not too happy that it will cost over $40 in order to get the cable connection to work in the bedroom. The cable company tells us we are eligible for free cable in the bedroom but we have to pay if we want to get it. I wonder if I can get the owner to pay to get the plug activated?

This past weekend was not a good one. At. All. Today was a little better. Hopefully by the end of this week all will be well again. :) I sure do hope so 'cause the stress is starting to get to me.

April 5, 2008

It's sad really...

*purple helix*
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I have all these ideas of what I want to write about and post on the blog but then I never get around to doing it. Some days I don’t even get around to turning on the computer. I miss reading all the blogs I used to read. And message boards? Heck, I don’t even know the last time I visited one. I am so behind on uploading my daily 365 photos and I am surprised that I even remember to take one each day.

I really have not been feeling all that well lately. I am looking forward to the time when I have insurance and can go to the doctor. I really do need to find out what is causing all my issues. I just know it cannot be all in my head like my prior doctor told me. Geesh! He sure was an idiot. Can you believe that when I complained about a prescription he had given me, he had the nerve to tell me that he did not give me the RX and it was all in my head. He said that since he did not have it written in my chart that it never happened. It did not matter that his darn name was printed on the actual RX. I really don’t know how he stays a doctor. I need to find me one that is not an idiot, that’s for sure.

Today, the B and I will be going to Target. Speaking of Target. I went the other day and was happy to see all the new scrappy stuff out on the shelf. What I did NOT like was seeing that they now carry the storage bag that I bought after Christmas and that it was $10 cheaper than the local scrap store ($15 less than the new scrap store). Kind of a bummer.

I did notice one thing that made me laugh. Last year or so I jumped on the Target $1 spot bandwagon and bought these plastic document storage thingies. They were all the rage on the message boards. I bought what I could and hoped that Target would come out with more. They did and they sucked! They were such poor quality. I still have a bag of empty ones in the closet. I notice that whenever something sells really well that Target usually will replace it with something a lot cheaper in quality. Well when I was looking at all the new scrappy stuff, I noticed that they had the original plastic storage thingies on the shelf. Of course, they are now more expensive than a mere dollar. Target knows what it is doing. They saw how big these items were and they are now selling them themselves for a profit. Very Greedy!

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