July 20, 2011

It's been awhile

I took a month off, maybe more.

A month off from school, the computer, and pretty much anything computer related.

I've enjoyed not having to study. Being stress free and not under any type of deadline really does help a person get a wonderful night's sleep.

I've enjoyed watching the rain. The thunderstorms that pass through most afternoons (monsoons for all you southwestern folks) will forever be exciting to me. I could do without the humidity though.

August 5, 2010: The approaching storm

I've enjoyed watching Battlestar Galactica, the new one. I had never watched it when it originally aired on TV. I thought it was too boring. But thanks to Netflix, I got to watch each episode from the beginning and I have to say, I really did love it. I even loved how it ended.

But my time off is quickly coming to an end. It is about time for me to get back to doing computer things, like sign up for my next class or pay bills or maybe even order some new checks, seeing as I am now down to only three.

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