July 26, 2005


10 things that make me happy today:

1. My friend's orange shoes (wish I had a photo of him wearing them but he refuses – still makes me happy though)
2. My work load is quite slow today (shhh don’t tell anyone)
3. The work day is half done
4. Today is Tuesday (one more day closer to the weekend!)
5. B let me drive the Honda (even though the fender looks like crap – worse than before) and he drove the devil car.

6. Frozen chocolate covered bananas
7. Library books
8. Clouds
9. When co-workers stop by my cube just to say “Hello” (and I don’t think it is because of the sign that says “Please someone stop and say hello – soda not required”
10. That I am not this girl – Ouch!

It is good to get the happy stuff out of the way.

That way this post is not a total gripe. I have a huge pet peeve/gripe with hubby. He accuses me of being a picky eater. Ummm have you seen me lately? I don’t think I am picky! In fact due to my Mexican upbringing I eat and have eaten some things he will never touch. However if I ever say I don’t like something, that is me being picky. I hate that I have to tell him my past experiences with a particular food in order to be legit in my not liking a particular food. I am an adult. I know what I do and do not like to eat. I also know if I have never tried something, I will try it before passing judgment. For example, asparagus. Can you believe I never had asparagus growing up? My mother-in-law always makes it. I tried it. I love it. It is now one of my favorite vegetables. Liver? I had it as a child, I will NOT try it again as an adult. I already know I hate it.

Hubby loves to cook and has worked as a chef. Heaven forbid I don’t like something he makes! Oh and you have to tell him it is good before even taking a bite - well not really but that is how it seems to me and I have teased him about that.

One of my nephews grew up as a picky eater. You could count on one hand the only foods he would eat – favorite being cracker and ketchup. Now as he has gotten older he is eating normally. My parents made sure he got what he needed and the doctor said he was fine. Well he is skinny and that just bugs hubby. Hubby thinks there is something wrong. It could not be because his mom and dad are as thins as weeds? Ya know…..genetics? So because of this, hubby has made comments about when we have kids. He likes to say ‘No kid of mine will be a picky eater!’ and ‘If the kid doesn’t eat what we give him, too bad’. (Thanks for jinxing our future kid, honey.) I think this is what he went thru growing up.

So fast forward to last night (and the whole reason I typed this whole history). I leave work in a fantastic mood and stop by the grocery store that is on the way home. Walking into the store I call hubby and tell him where I am and that I was buying him milk and did he want anything else. His response “you are at THAT store aren’t you?” Okay THAT store was just fine to shop at when we lived right next door. “Well don’t buy me any of THAT store’s milk, buy me only Shamrock” All of a sudden he has this huge aversion to the milk from this store, that is both brands that they sell. They do NOT sell Shamrock. I thought Shamrock was a namebrand milk? I asked (actually griped too) a couple of employees and they told me they have never heard of it. Argh! So I end up driving to ANOTHER grocery store OUT of my way, just to buy Shamrock milk!!! Then I still had another errand to run. I got home much later than I had planned and was not in a very good mood (and my frozen chocolate covered bananas were no longer frozen). Hubby didn’t quite think that my using the analogy of him being a picky eater was correct. Yeah right! He just doesn’t like it when I call him out! Because of this milk aversion we cannot shop at my favorite store. We have to shop at the new fancy store. I must tell you that I do have a fun time at the new fancy store. Especially when he is looking for his favorites and the new fancy store does not carry them. Oh Darn! :-P

July 25, 2005

I had a blast

I actually feel like I accomplished something this past weekend. I scrapped and got some knitting done. Soon oh so very soon there will be crafty content posted again!

Saturday I cropped with Rachel and Amber and had a fantastic time! I don’t know why I don’t do this more often. (wink wink)

Reading my friend Jenn’s blog today I came across her listing the top 10 things that make her happy right now.

Here are my top 10 (not in any specific order):

1. My day is half over and then I get to go home
2. My work load is extremely slow today
3. I work in an air-conditioned building (poor dh only has a swamp cooler and yet he works for a company that sells A/C’s – go figure)
4. I work with very nice and happy people
50% OF EMPLOYEES ARE GETTING (cannot divulge anymore than that since co-workers read my blog – heck the ones that read it probably wouldn’t care but it is that whole work confidentiality thing).
6. That my co-worker tells me this morning that he wants to call me Liz today. So every time I see him it is “How are you today Liz”, “Good to see you Liz”. I have been laughing all day! He just made my day so much better.
7. That I can make ice tea for free at work
8. That my face is not like an oil slick today (long story short – change in rx has caused some changes, plus the car has no A/C).
9. I am happy to have some girlfriends to scrap with that I really like and looking forward to getting to know better
10. I am SO happy not to be on the phones at work!

July 20, 2005

The weekend cannot come fast enough

I cannot wait until Saturday night. On Saturday night I will be getting out of the house and going to the lss (local scrapbook store) to scrap!!! I have not scrapped in so long. The twins are now over one year old and I have yet to scrap any of their pictures! I doubt I will scrap any photos of the twins but at least I will get something done. (I am keeping my fingers crossed as I am famous for attending crops/retreats and barely scrapping one page)

B ticked me off last night so I went for a drive and ended up at the super JoAnn’s. That place is so big and there is so much to see. I kept putting things into my basket and taking them out again. :-) I was good in the scrapbooking section and only bought a pack of white Bazzill cardstock.

They also had some yarn for sale. In fact they had a color that I have wanted to buy for my rectangle shrug but I did not have any of my patterns with me and I knew they did not have enough (3 of one dye-lot/2 of another). Yet again…. Lots of yarn went into the basket and all the yarn came back out of the basket. LOL! The sales were good but there just was not enough of one color.

I then wandered over to the cross-stitch aisle and I was looking at the cross-stitch kits and thinking I would make something for my mother in law for Christmas. I only saw 2 Native American designs and settled on the smaller of the two which was 5x7 in size. (B was no help as when I spoke to him on the phone he told me to choose whatever – Sheesh!) As I was walking away my eye caught on another kit (that would be it over there on the left). It was not a name brand and was sort of buried with everything else. It is so pretty but it is also big. I grabbed it and took it home with me. I opened it up last night, pulled out the pattern and said ‘S***!!!!’ LOL! This pattern is huge! It is 2 pages. The finished size is 11x14. This pattern has so many color changes (that is what the S*** was for). It is going to take me forever! I then started counting the floss and I have been shorted on pretty much every single color. I really want to make this pattern but I don’t think I will finish it by Christmas. I am going to call JoAnn’s and see if they will accept it as a return even though it has been opened. Then I am going to decide on if I want to return it for the smaller kit.

20 days until my job goes away.

July 19, 2005

When to stop tanning

All I can say is DANG!

A friend sent this picture to me today. Talk about sun exposure! Looking at it here at work a few of us have noticed that although she is wearing a bikini – the top is more at her waist than where it should be.

I stopped laying sun-tanning back in high school. After seeing this picture I will NEVER lie out in the sun again!


I love being right. When I got home last night B had the back windows on the car down. I told him that we needed to roll up the windows as it was going to rain. At the time there was only wind and lightning. He kept telling me that we did not need to roll up the windows because there was no way it was going to rain. I went out and rolled them up myself. B kept harping on how it was not going to rain. I told him not to burst my bubble.

Fast forward about 2 hours. Yep! You guessed it. Rain! It poured for about 5 minutes (no longer than 10 minutes). B and I each opened a door to look outside as soon as it started. I looked outside and said ‘Darn! I guess it is not going to rain today’. LOL!

Hurricane Emily is supposed to bring lots of rain our way. I am excited about the possibility of rain but feel bad as I have an online friend that is with her family vacationing in Mexico. I hope the storm does not ruin her vacation as it looks to being heading straight to Mexico.

Knitting update: There is none
Crochet update: Nope nothing there either
Scrapbook update: Scrapbooking? What’s that?

I am so lame.

21 days until my job goes away.

July 18, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Why is it I make such high goals for myself to complete on my days off of work and when the time comes I do absolutely nothing? I had such high hopes for this weekend but I ended up doing nothing. No laundry, No dishes, No cleaning of any kind. I had goals to finish a couple of projects – nope those did not get finished either. I didn’t even turn on my computer the entire weekend until 11pm on Sunday night and that was just to download email.

I don’t know why I don’t feel like doing anything. Then I feel guilty because I don’t do anything. In my mind I guess I just cannot win. I had been blaming it all on the heat. I never go outside. I stay inside and still don’t do anything. It is hot inside but not as bad as outdoors. If the weather
channel says 30% of rain……..is that good? Does that mean there is 70% chance it will rain? Or does it mean there is a 70% it will NOT rain? I am not good at those weather percentages. We don’t have need for them all that often. LOL!

This weekend was NOT a chick flick weekend. So that hubby would not complain I made sure that the next few movies we received from Netflix are strictly horror films. This weekend we watched Cursed and Darkness. Hubby saw Cursed in the theatre and said he did not like it. He said that the unrated version we saw this weekend was much better. I thought it was an okay movie. Kind of predictable. I have a problem with Christina Ricci's super duper round head. As for Darkness…..this movie was a bit predictable as well. Since I am personally afraid of the dark I don’t like movies that have things hiding in the dark. LOL! The movie must not have been that bad as I did not have any nightmares over it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

As for some chick content……Last week I was able to watch Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I loved that movie! It really touched me and very few movies really do. This weekend I was also able to finish reading Safe Harbor by Luanne Rice. Very nice book. I just discovered this author and this is only the 2nd book of hers that I have read, but I am planning on reading them all. For now my next book to read is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I am thinking I should take lunch now so I can get started. :-)

Is it just me or does the new Blogger images suck? I have only been successfull twice in uploading photos this way. I am sure I have already used up my bandwidth just trying to get photos to post. :-( It either gives an error or tells me it is succesful but there is never a photo in the post. As usual Blogger says there is no problem. I guess I cannot complain if it is free, however it would be nice if it worked properly.

July 14, 2005

Am I weird?

Please tell me if I am the only one that is like this. When I buy something new, it takes me forever to use it. I am especially this way with clothes. I will buy or get something new and it will sit in my closet waiting for a special occasion. I also do this with candles. Heck! I do it with most things. Is that weird?

I think my time on vacation has ruined me for work. I just cannot get into the grove. Maybe I should have come back to work slowly and started out with just half-days. :-)

Maybe I feel this way because it is just too darn hot outside!!! At least it is cooler here at work than back at home! Don't let the hint of scattered showers make you think it will actually rain. I think that is just a hoax so that we don't get too bothered about the heat. The weathermen like to keep us hoping for rain. Heck! Today is the 31st straight day of temps over 100 degrees!

Last night B fell asleep at 7 o'clock so I got the television all to myself. I was able to watch the 2nd disk of season 1 of The 4400. I think I am liking this show and have been catching the 2nd season episodes on Sunday nights. I find it weird that the entire first season only has 5 episodes. Talk about a short season. I am interested in seeing where this series goes.

July 13, 2005

Some days...

Some days I wish I led the life of a cat.

No worries and I would get to sleep all day. My life would be much simpler that is for sure.

I am most definitely not in the mood to work today, but am I ever? I guess I am just not in a very happy mood and that is really not like me. I just feel like griping today.

It is lunch time and I am hungry. I am on a diet and cannot eat. What I can eat is just too sweet for my taste buds today but I am still eating it. I guess that diet Dr. Pepper this morning was not too bright of an idea. I am thinking that is why I am craving 'real' food. It is my own fault really as I only brought fruit for my snacks today. I am sure as the day goes on I will start to feel okay.

Last night I watched Jersey Girl (the new one w/Ben Affleck). This has been on my list to rent for so long but since it is a chick flick it kept getting put at the bottom of the list. B went out last night so I got to stay in and watch it. I thought it was a good movie even though I would have liked a little more. I think this is one of the first movies that I got in the mail, watched that night and returned the next day (today). Now the next on the list is a horror for B so he does not complain about the chick flicks and the television series disks (The 4400 & Scrubs) I have been watching lately. Now when I say lately, I don't mean recently. I could rent a chick flick months ago and that would still be too soon and too many for B. Men! Sheesh!

July 12, 2005

Not so new anymore

My car is no longer new. :-(

My Honda may be a 2000 but it was in perfect condition and new to me when I bought it last year. It is no longer perfect. :-(

B was pulling into a friends house the other day and another friend's wife was backing out. B stopped the car while still in the street and honked his horn. He says she did not even apply the breaks and did not look in her rearview mirror. She was peeling out and going the wrong way. I won't even go into the fact that she had a young child in the car with her. B said she just slammed into the car - that is what stopped her. We are very lucky that the only damage was the bumper and small dents above the wheel. So far the estimates are coming to $750.00.

Of course this had to happen on Sunday AFTER my week of vacation. So now, if we want to get it fixed I have to somehow get more time off of work. I have the hours available, it is just convincing my manager to let me take the time.

I have only been at work a little over 3 hours and I am already ready to go back home. I am so slow starting today and cannot get into my groove.

(click to see a larger pic)

July 11, 2005


It appears that Photobucket (where I host my background images etc) is temporarily down this evening. I am sorry if you stop by my blog and find it to be more boring than usual. LOL! It sure is blah without all the color.

July 6, 2005

Should I worry?

I have a counter on my blog that tells me where people came from to visit my blog. I have had a lot of hits (from Europe mostly) to a photo I have of the twins. It is from a google image search and there are many visits in a day. Should I be concerned? These are photos of babies and since I posted them with Blogger I cannot delete them from the Internet. The people that come to my site via this photo do not stay any longer than a few seconds. There are a couple that seem to come all the time and at first I wondered if they were just using the google search to sort of bookmark my page but that is the only page (the archive page with the picture) that my counter shows as being visited.

Any ideas on what I should do? Am I just being paranoid?

If you are visiting via this photo please leave a comment and let me know.

July 5, 2005


B and I have lived in our apartment for over 5 years now. We have been lucky to not have anyone live in the adjoining apartment for 4 of those years. Well.....it is all over now. Someone just drove over the curb and thru the complex and parked in front of the door by ours and they are MOVING in! Well so much for the peace and quiet.

I normally would not be too concerned but there has been a really bad element of people that have been moving into this complex recently. I remember when we first moved in and were told they did not run specials because specials (free rent, reduced rent) brought in bad elements. Well they started with the specials and I guess the bad element is moving in. In fact I had to call the cops yesterday because some tenets decided that the street belonged to them and parked on both sides (both sides being firelanes) and cars could not get thru. This is the 3rd time this street has been blocked due to these new tenets. And to think I was the idiot that decided to renew the lease! I sure hope these newbies don't make alot of noise late at night.

I guess all in all I don't like other people knowing our comings and goings and when our apartment is empty. The picture is taken from our patio and faces the one that now has the new neighbors - that should show you how close they will be. If they are outside then can look right into our living room. Not a very good picture I know but it is all I currently have and it is a much prettier picture than a plain ole apartment picture.

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